I don’t think shawarma has ever been as popular as it is these days in our post-Avengers world. Honestly, how many of you were familiar with the Arabian dish before the movie? How many of you desperately Googled where you could grab some locally? Shawarma fever struck the nation and all thanks to one man, Joss Whedon. But where did he come up with the exotic food Iron Man craved after falling through an inter-dimensional portal and crashing to Earth? Xander. Or rather, Nicholas Brendon when he auditioned for the role on Buffy The Vampire Slayer all those years ago.

All credit goes to the diligent work of super Buffy fan, J.P. Gagen for unearthing this clip from bonus features for Buffy The Vampire Slayer‘s Chosen Collection. In the clip below listen as Whedon and Brendon fondly remember his audition and the one word that got Brendon the gig,

And, apparently, inspired what was the most talked about post-credit scene ever. That scene, which if you’ve somehow missed, can be watched below. Do think Joss actually recalled that audition when coming up with Robert Downey Jr.’s now infamous line or has he just become a shawarma fanatic since then?

Source: Cinema Blend

Get your superhero news right here! This edition is chock-full of Avengers with a little dash of Amazing Spider-Man, for flavor. Remember earlier this year when rumors were a’buzzin’ Spidey would be making a cameo in The Avengers? Yeah, didn’t happen, but there was a pretty great Spider-Man trailer attached, did ya catch it? And The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t that far away, releasing July 3rd. Just in time for that Avengers high to wear off.

Today saw the release of two more hi-res images promoting Amazing Spider-Man. They feature Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone surrounded by webbing. Not really sure of the implications, if any, but they’re pretty looking. Just look at those pretty actors, posing.

Hit the jump for more, unless your Avenger-ed out, in which case, I don’t know if we can friends anymore.