Shawn Levy


Shawn Levy is a busy guy these days with a new season of Stranger Things and the movie version of Uncharted on the way, but in Hollywood you’re never too busy to revisit past successes. Take Real Steel, a surprise success on the part of Levy, a touching father-son story that was written off as “Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots the Movie,” which was a critical and commercial hit in 2011. Normally when a family film makes $299 million at the worldwide box office a sequel is inevitable, but five years later there’s still no Real Steel 2, so what gives? It turns out that Levy doesn’t find the idea immediately appealing. (more…)


When you’ve heard the name “John Carpenter” in the last several years, it’s been far more likely it’s in regard to someone remaking one of his movies, than about Carpenter making something of his own. Several of Carpenter’s titles – Halloween, The Thing, Escape from New York, The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13, They Live – have either been remade, or they are presently optioned with the intention of being remade. Well, you can add Starman to that list now. The good news is that a major Hollywood director has his eyes on the property; the bad news is that the filmmaker to whom those eyes belong to is Shawn Levy. (more…)

Real Steel

There really are few things cooler than watching giant robots knock the shit out of each other.  This is probably the only reason that Michael Bay’s Transformers series continues to thrive at the box office in the face of critical failure.  Back in 2011, Real Steel used this love of watching giant bots fight as the backbone to a wonderful father/son story that grossed close to $300mil worldwide and fans have been calling for a sequel ever since the final credits wrapped up.  While both director Shawn Levy (Date Night) and star Hugh Jackman signed on for the sequel before the first movie was released, based solely on audience reaction to advance screenings, there really has been no news regarding the proposed sequel.  Levy has finally changed all of that by giving fans an update on Real Steel 2. (more…)

Real Steel is two weeks away from hitting theater screens, but it looks like  Shawn Levy directed film might have a sequel sooner then expected. Who knew Hugh Jackman and rock em’, sock em’ robots would be so damn popular? Actually, that was a stupid question.  Real Steal has no chance of flopping. Especially since three Transformers movies showed that people love robots no matter the quality.

Levy confirmed to Playlist that he is signed on to direct the sequel and that the principal cast members will reprise their roles. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“I will produce and direct again, yeah. Hugh’s definitely in and, certainly, I can’t give away too much, but Dakota [Goyo], Evangeline [Lilly] and Hugh [Jackman] are all a big part of the sequel. It is the same characters, the next chapter. It delves into the fallout of the new fame and money that the Kentons are going to have as a result of Zeus-Atom fight. It also delves into something I thought was a cool aspect of the movie that I didn’t have time to get into, which is the class warfare between the underground unsanctioned world of robot boxing and the monetized corporately funded league. The truth is, it’s not unlike the way boxing saw its popularity contested with the rise of a more violent, less rule-bound MMA.”

So it seems that Shawn, Hugh Jackman and most of the principle cast will return, but that’s only if the film does well on and after the October 7th weekend release. Which again, based of prior robot film success, will be a sure-thing financially.

Levy expects the budget for the sequel to rise as well, allowing for more visual effects and a wider range of metal on metal violence. You can’t just pay fighting robots in lug nuts and WD-40 “massages” after all.

“Real Steel” opens in theaters nationwide on October 7th.

Via: Indie Wire

Wolverine on a Fantastic Voyage

Spandex? Check. An amazing adventure? Check. Hugh Jackman kicking ass? Check!

According to GeekTyrant, there is a distinct possibility that Jackman could end starring in the 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage set to be directed by Shawn Levy (director of Jackman’s upcoming film Real Steel, which I am on the fence about). Jackman and robot boxing? It could be good, or just an absolute train wreck.

The original film was incredible … or day I say, fantastic?

The film was made during the Cold War, and revolved around a team of scientists who are shrunk to atomic size and sent on a miniature submarine to save the life of a defecting Soviet scientist. They then travelled around the body of the scientist, trying to elude the body’s defenses and save not only the scientist’s life, but their own as well. The special effects were incredible back then, and with CGI effects, it could be that way again. The new film will follow the original story, except the Cold War part.

What do you think of this intriguing little rumor?