Violin virtuoso to his neighbours, terrible tenant to his landlady, invaluable embarrassment to Scotland yard and thorn in the side to London’s nefarious underworld, Sherlock Holmes is back at it again. It’s our latest glimpse into the world of the calculating consulting detective, and we can see that this time around things are going to be a lot darker in tone. Sherlock’s past is coming back to haunt him and the normally irascible detective is looking ruffled for the first time. With Toby jones’ Culverton Smith to contend with, could this be one mystery too many for Baker Street’s finest?



It had to happen eventually, there’s only so many ways to avoid what fans clamor for and Screen Junkies finally broke down and took on the BBC‘s hit show Sherlock for an Honest Trailer Treatment. Now as often happens when the Honest Trailer Treatment is given to an honestly fantastic movie or show, it is more of celebration than a burning at the stake as they look at Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. (more…)


Sherlock says it himself, “Something’s coming.” Sherlock doesn’t know what yet, but it’s easy to see the strain he’s put himself under. Could Sherlock be cracking? There’s still a long time to wait until the 2017 return of the BBC series Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are joined this season by Toby Jones, who will be another villainous Arthur Conan Doyle character. Check out the new trailer below. (more…)


Hot on the heels of Marvel‘s Doctor Strange wrapping principal shooting, Mark Gatiss, co-creator of Sherlock, and Mycroft Holmes in the series, announced that Sherlock Series 4 has begun shooting. Its been a long wait since Series 3 ended, even if we did get a “Don’t call it a Christmas Special” special The Abominable Bride last New Year’s Day. Check out the announcement video below. (more…)


Sherlock has to have one of the most challenging production schedules in the history of television, the showrunner Steven Moffat is showrunning another extremely popular and long running BBC show Doctor Who, both stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, are incredibly popular and very in-demand movie stars. How the hell can anyone get their schedules to straightened out long enough to slip in filming a new season let alone a one-shot special? Thankfully someone managed it and the new Sherlock Special, (Don’t call it a Christmas Special Dammit!) is in post production. The BBC has just released a trailer to wet the pickiest Sherlock appetite. (more…)


Many of us that are finely attuned to the pop culture world have already heard the story floating around the internet, but in case it hasn’t crossed your path yet, let me overview it for you: Private Eye, a British satire magazine with a penchant for being spot-on with its BBC-related insider info, is reporting that Doctor Who won’t have a full season produced in 2016, a rumor that surely makes Whovians across the globe grip their sonic screwdrivers tight in angsty anticipation.  While we can’t confirm whether the rumor is true, the news may not actually be as bad as you think.


steven moffat

It is the inevitable consequence that when you’re writing a complex piece of work there are going to be some plot holes hanging around for the finished product. Some of these are real and some are imaginary, only there due to a lack of wits among the viewing audience. Steven Moffat, given that he creates two of the more dubiously air-tight shows in TV – Doctor Who and Sherlock – has been a particularly fine target for those who cry foul. Now, he’s responding to some of the allegations. (more…)

Sherlock: A Study In Pink

You don’t know yet how he comes back. You don’t yet know if he does come back. You don’t yet know how his partner will cope with that emotional roller coaster. But in the end it doesn’t matter because one thing’s for sure: three is not enough for Sherlock. Season three has come and gone in Britain, and even though it hasn’t premiered yet in the U.S., Sherlock is ready and raring to go for a fourth season according to showrunner Steven Moffit. (more…)


After a much-too-long wait, it is finally upon us – the return of Sherlock!  Season 3’s premiere is fast approaching, with just over a week to go (or about a month if you’re in the States).  Luckily, the folks over at the BBC have seen fit to give us a little taste so that we don’t go completely out of our minds with anticipation.  Scroll down to check out a 7-minute prequel to what should be yet another amazing season of Sherlock. (more…)