Shia Labeouf


Shia LaBeouf is an angry guy. At least that’s the impression you might get any time you see him do an interview. Now he’s had some controversies lately, but he’s been quietly putting together a series of acting performances that put in the rearview any images of him coking out at Broadway performances, or plagiarizing graphic novels. Well, let it never be said that LeBeouf can’t shoot himself in the foot. And then stick that foot in his mouth. The Beef’s latest interview has him throwing shade on filmmaking legend Steven Spielberg. You know, the guy whom he owes an easy transition from Disney Channel star to movie career. (more…)


Shia LeBeouf is no stranger to performance art and strange goings on. He’s done some crazy stuff over the years, and perhaps this is one of the more sedate of his attempts at performance art. LeBeouf is currently spending 24 hours in an elevator at Oxford Union, talking with anyone who comes onto the elevator, streaming the entire thing. It’s fascinating and there’s no telling what might happen next. The subjects jump around as each person asks their own questions or answers LeBeouf’s questions. Check out the live stream below. (more…)

The Ants Don’t Care


Shia LaBeouf seems like a man who is running through the woods while on fire; his whole world building to an inferno as tears of flame trail behind him, igniting the brush. Maybe LaBeouf can’t see or sniff out the destruction with that bag on his head, but when he finally removes it after he’s done finding out what being on fire feels like, everything that he has made and been given may resemble a pile of ash because nothing is as flammable as fame.

This assumes, of course, that LaBeouf will remove that bag. That he will bounce back and not foul out of life as so many have before, but to assume that, we have to take a leap of faith that this all started out as a controlled burn and that LaBeouf didn’t spontaneously combust a few months ago when he released 50 unstoppable megatons of whatever-the-hell-this-is into the ether.

Personally, I don’t think that LaBeouf is crazy. I buy that this is some kind of bonkers artistic statement — from the anima of that he nicked from Daniel Clowes to the sky apology and this exhibition where he sat like the world’s most over-exposed Buckingham Palace Guard while people visually and verbally prodded at him as he unknowingly or un-caringly sat shiva over his career — but  I really don’t think it matters because weird is weird, this is unquestionably that and it has been judged as such by the masses. (more…)

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It was foretold that there would be a week of unrelenting news, rumors, and numors — a spilled over volcano of headlines about Star Wars, Marvel Studios, DC Comics, and something to do with swiss cheese masturbation. To combat that onslaught, The BastardCast is here to carry you to safety like a rotting piece of driftwood in a poop water flood. Also, there is Taco Talk! (more…)


Let’s face it, Shia LaBeof released fifty unstoppable megatons of the LaBeouf into the ether and we choked on it’s thick brilliance. Nice job planet earth, you saw a unicorn and because you didn’t understand its magic, you tried to snuff if out.

Shia has hung up his comb — no more Mutt Williams, no more bad British accents, no more aping on JC’s look, no more interesting penis shots. He was the very best of us who apparently smelled like the very worst of us.

He was a sky poet, a rebel, a dreamer, an amateur dentist, and an alleged wiener cousin to Brian Austin Green.


Shia La Beouf Retires Over Twitter


That is, Shia LaBeouf retires by means of Twitter–not Shia La Beouf retires BECAUSE of Twitter…

Although, when you consider the things being said about the Transformers franchise star via social media lately, perhaps the latter interpretation is more apt than I thought (more after the jump).  (more…)


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