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Transformers has broken our heart time and time again, but nerds the world over can’t help but give their beloved robots in disguise a second chance. Or fifth. Or sixth. And now the full-length trailer for Bumblebee drops and fans are assuring themselves that this time, this time will be different. This one will be good. And it has signs of a good Transformers adaptation! The original form for Bumblebee that fans have been begging for, a likable human counterpart, and tons of 80s references. But does it have enough to make up for the previous movies?


Looks like Dark of the Moon was the last hurrah for Shia Lebeouf and his giant, talking, transforming robot friends. Along with the announcement Ehren Kruger would be returning to write the fourth installment of the Transformers series it’s been confirmed there’s no Lebeouf. Paramount film group president Adam Goodman spoke with The Hollywood Reporter on the subject of Lebeouf’s return saying,

The story is going in a different direction now. Ehren Kruger [who wrote the past two Transformers movies] is writing it for us, and we’re starting to engage, but I can’t say anything more.

I never saw Dark of the Moon. I was still suffering from post-traumatic Revenge of the Fallen syndrome, a film I try block out when I can. So, I don’t really remember how things we’re wrapped up for Witwicky and co. come the end of the series, but I really don’t care either. I do remember enjoying the first Transformers flick, but I can’t say I’ve watched it much since its release. Personally, I’m enjoying the hell out of Transformers Prime so I’m not really aching for another film. I know it’s a cartoon, which really translates to a 22 minute commercial for toys, but I still believe the characters on Prime are immensely more developed than anybody in one of Michael Bay‘s films. Seriously, check it out.

Anyway, with Witwicky out what would you like to see from Transformers 4? Y’know, besides Michael Bay not returning to direct ’cause I think we’re stuck with that.

Source: /Film

It looks like a couple more Transformers films will be coming our way in the next few years.  Variety reports that Hasbro is thinking of getting Michael Bay on board to film a fourth and fifth flick simultaneously — primarily because that shit saves money and churns out more shit with which to make money.  It’s a bastardly cycle.  So, even though Bay has said in the past that he wants to move away from this franchise after completing the trilogy, it sounds like he might be reconsidering.  Shia LeBeouf is definitely out, though, so they’ve gotta find a new poster boy.  While no offer has been made as of yet, rumor has it that Jason Statham might be the next person to jump in that hot seat.

Ehren Kruger, who wrote the screenplay for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, apparently have some working ideas already.  Even though the majority of us would really rather not see another Bay Transformers flick, I’m sure we can all agree that NOBODY wants to see a Statham Transformers movie.  Really.

Yes, Dark Side of the Moon grossed over $1 billion and sales of Transformers toys have skyrocketed with each film release… but fuck off already.

Source: Variety

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Bean bags as your only furniture make you look like a total hippie burnout. But a bean bag chair shaped like the Millenium Falcon? You’d be the coolest burnout ever! (Geekologie)


Today the first full theatrical trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon went live and, oh boy, is it exciting! It’s Michael Bay at his best, or maybe’s it’s his worst, it’s really hard to tell nowadays. Chocked full of explosions, robots, skyscrapers being ripped apart by giant steel tentacles, Optimus Prime slicing through ‘bots like butter and wait, was that a mother-fuckin’ dragon!?! There’s a lot going on in this trailer and you’ll want a few repeat viewings to let it all sink in.

The good part is you can actually understand the action sequences; they’re not too quick, choppy and hard to follow as in Revenge of the Fallen. Of course, this brings up a rather sore subject. The trailers for Revenge of the Fallen were incredible. The movie? I wanted to gouge out my eyes with the leftover popcorn kernel shells at the bottom of my bag. But my understanding is Dark of the Moon will go back to roots of what makes Transformers awesome, transforming robots. Revenge of the Fallen had us too caught up in the lives of the human companions and I didn’t care. We watch these movies because we want to see giant robots fighting. We want to be able to see them fighting, not just a blur of shiny metal.

We also see Shia Lebeouf and Josh Duhamel for moments, but they’re mostly shown running away with a ‘WTF!?’ expressions. Oh, there’s also whoever the new eye-candy is since they booted Megan Fox for being a giant bitch, umm, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Yeah, she looks hot, especially while in peril so I guess she’s doing the job right. Oh! Plus, Frances McDormand, how cool is that? She even get’s scenes with the Autobot leader himself!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens July 1st and will be in 3D. How will Bay’s frantic camera work and huge hulking robots translate to the third dimension of movie-watching? Who knows, but as long as the action and storyline is sensible and exciting, I don’t think we’ll really care.

Watch the trailer below, but if you’re hankering to see it in glorious HD, Apple has the hook up.

source: /Film