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Nancy A. Collins, best known as the author of the VAMPS novels, and former Swamp Thing writer Stephen Bissette have called for a boycott of popular nerd convention Dragon*Con until they agree to cut all ties to accused child molester, and Dragon*Con co-founder Ed Kramer.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kramer was arrested in Georgia in 2000 after being accused of sexual assault by three teenage boys. He was found to be incapable of standing trial due to health problems, and placed under house arrest, but later given limited permission to travel to New York and New Jersey to receive medical care and visit his ailing mother. Under the conditions of his house arrest, he was to report his location weekly and was forbidden any unsupervised contact with children under 16.

In 2011, he was arrested in Connecticut after being discovered alone in a hotel room with a 14 year old boy, whom Kramer claimed was his ward. He fought extradition to Georgia, but lost last December, and has been in jail back in Georgia since last week.

Collins, Bissette, and a growing number of writers and personalities are outraged that Dragon*Con profits are going towards Kramer’s continued efforts to stay out of prison. Kramer “officially” resigned from Dragon*Con, which he helped create back in 1987, in 2000–but as a partner he continues to draw over $150k a year from them, and has refused efforts by the ‘Con’s other partners to buy him out.

Herein lies the source of the boycotters’ frustrations. Bissette posted the “call to arms” Collins wrote on Facebook at his website…It reads in part:

“I’d like to test it by seeing if social media can cut off the flow of money from DragonCon to accused child molester (and the convention’s co-owner) Ed Kramer, who has been using the 150K+ a year he receives each year from DragonCon to avoid trial and manipulate the justice system to allow him free reign to prey upon children, even while under supposed house arrest. All you have to do is publicly declare you will never attend DragonCon again as long as Edward Kramer profits from the convention.

DragonCon has had over 12 years to sever ties with this man, but has failed to do so. Although the convention’s chairman has bought enough shares from Ed Kramer to qualify as the controlling shareholder, Kramer refuses to be bought out. No matter what DragonCon does or says, funds from the convention will continue to go to Edward Kramer until either he dies or the corporation that runs the convention dissolves and reincorporates under another name. DragonCon knows what needs to be done, but has been dragging its feet on this matter, and has gone to great trouble over the last 12 years to hide the fact that they continue to fund Edward Kramer’s lifestyle. But now the cat’s out of the bag (in large part due to Kramer’s own decision to sue them for a larger share of the convention’s profits) and there’s no putting it back in.’

Convention fixture and Geek Personality Adrianne Curry has also made her opinion known: The popular cosplayer and first America’s Next Top Model winner is an abuse survivor, and was quoted in The Mary Sue as saying:

 “The founder of Dragon con was arrested for being a pedophile. I will NEVER attend dragon con. Many will argue that the child molester is no longer associated w/dragon con. He helped build it…and as a survivor, I wont ever go.”

As of yet, no petition or other formal request has been presented to Dragon*Con asking for the removal of Kramer from their payroll.


In my chest I have the sensation of a sort of tightness/sucking feeling. It’s most likely a coronary heart thing I should probably have looked at, but I’ll blame the arrhythmia on a shockingly unexpected comic book movie development. Bastards, you better brace yourself. Mr. Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Wrestler) has just left ‘The Wolverine‘. Yep, the Academy Award-nominated director/cinematic visionary, who was brought in to redeem ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ with a sequel, apparently has better things to do.

The Hollywood Reporter broke this very unfortunate news. Here’s what Aronofsky had to say:

As I talked more about the film with my collaborators at Fox, who have been totally supportive throughout my work on the movie, it became clear that the production of The Wolverine would keep me out of the country for almost a year. I was not comfortable being away from my family for that length of time. I am sad that I won’t be able to see the project through, as it is a terrific script and I was very much looking forward to working with my friend, Hugh Jackman again.

20th Century Fox added the following:

While we are of course disappointed that Darren can’t do The Wolverine, we also understand and respect his reasons.  Having done both The Wrestler and Black Swan with Darren, we know he is an extraordinary talent and we look forward to working with him on other projects in the future. Hugh Jackman and Fox both remain fully committed to making The Wolverine.  We will regroup and move forward aggressively

He wants to spend time with his family? I call bullshit! While I technically don’t have a “family” (wife, kids..etc) I know many people that do and they’re miserable. Most folks, as much as they love their family, are always looking for a reason to get the hell away from the nagging wife and screaming kids. I think there is more to this story. Me thinks there must have been a conflict of interests. The studio doo doo heads at FOX are very precise in what they want. Their intentions are to always twist and mangle a iconic comic-book character(s) and ignore the quality of the source material. All to appeal to a wider demographic. Wolverine is a beast. A mad lunatic that kills people. A broken hero. That doesn’t sell well to the kiddies, so they water shit down and fluff-ify it. Shit like that. Anyways, Aronosfky is a director who does whatever the hell he wants. His films are bizarre, complicated and intense. You think FOX was really gonna give him full creative control? Nah, I don’t think so. But, that’s just my opinion.

A more likely scenario for the departure is probably to due to the recent devastation to Japan, which as you know suffered a catastrophic earth quake. “The Wolverine” was to follow Wolverine in Japan, which mirrors the 1982 ‘Wolverine’ miniseries classic, by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. Perhaps the recent natural destruction in Japan had an adverse affect on what the crew had to do there, maybe adding a considerable about of time to the production. That disaster is simply bumming everyone out. I’d lose interest in having to be there for a year too.

So what now? Fox plans to “move forward aggressively”. Is there anyone who is available, and would do it, who could even compare to Aronofsky? FOX, the assholes that they are, will surely and undoubtedly shitt-ify what could have been a great movie by hiring some asshat director, like Stephen Sommers or Brett Ratner. This flick is fucked.


The horn of Gondor has been blown. Military ‘Taps’ plays throughout the land. Yes, today is a sad, sad day. Wizard Entertainment has shut down Wizard Magazine and it’s spin-off mag Toy Fare.

Newsarama got a hold of a press release (which you can read after the jump) from a dude with a funny name, Gareb Shamus stating that Wizard Entertainment print media is dead. The company is being reconstructed under a new flagship entitled “Wizard World Inc.” where it will redirect it’s covering of mainstream pop culture to a new digital magazine.

“Wizard Entertainment is ceasing publication of the print magazines Wizard and ToyFare.  Wizard World, Inc. will begin production of the online publication “Wizard World” beginning in February.   We feel this will allow us to reach an even wider audience in a format that is increasingly popular and more readily accessible.”

The Wizard Word Comic Con tours have not been effected, the tour will go forth as planned, but will now be under the umbrella of a public company.

“This is a very exciting day for Wizard World and the industries it serves,” said Shamus. “Having the Tour produced by a public company provides additional opportunities to expand and grow the Tour. The new digital magazine Wizard World will give consumers the content they want in a magazine format with which they are familiar, but distributed in a form that is always available at any time on any device. It is a natural evolution for us in this market.”

Whoa! This is all too much to process. Magazines that I have been shit reading to since I was 12 are done? Magazines that left a positive impression of nerd culture on me and inspired me to want to become cultural commenter myself. What the deuce!? I understand that since the advent of the Internet media-in-print has been giving the kiss of death, nobody reads magazines anymore when we have instant digital gratification. I also know that Wizard went through tome tough times with management and was victim to some skeevy business practices (I.E. with reports of non-payment of freelancers, mail fraud from the Wizard store, and hefty layoffs). Regardless, this sucks so very much. While I gave up on Wizard a long time ago, I’m sad to see the magazine go. Toyfare I am going to really miss, I’ve been a subscriber since it’s 97′ first issue. I read it cover to cover, regardless if it’s content was broad casted across the net months prior. It was still funny and informative. I’m gonna miss Mego Spidey.

I have very little faith in this new webzine format. They already tried 2 times…and nothing came of it. Oi! I just can’t believe that from now on when I go to the comic store every week there won’t be any magazines for me to buy.



This is just one of those moments that proves just how big Kevin Smith’s brass balls really are (compared to his dick). ‘Red State’, Kevin Smith’s first foray into horror, tells a controversial tale of a preacher who gives a whole new meaning to the term “extreme fundamentalism”. It has gained an
surplus of online attention not only for it’s touchy subject matter, but for the directors refusal to do press, and his battles with bloggers.
Smith brought it to Sundance Film Festival 2011 as a non-competition film with promise of a post-premiere auction for the distribution rights. Now Smith has pulled one of what can only be called the single greatest move since Sundance’s inception. He bought his own movie for $20 and plans to distribute it himself.

$20 for his own movie, what?

He apparently decided against ’studio’ distribution and has now planned to take the movie on the road. That’s not the kicker however as Kevin’s finishing stroke was to pay himself $20 to distribute the movie on DVD under his own “Smodcast Pictures” banner.

“What we need to prove is that anyone can release a movie,” Smith said from the Eccles stage after the movie ended during which he also praised Harvey Weinstein. “Indie film isn’t dead, it just grew up.” Planning for a October 19th release, the now straight to DVD film will not be released in March as originally planned but taken on the road in hopes that this tour will make a percentage of the budget. The 19th also coincides with the 17th anniversary of Kevin’s first film Clerks.

Author Neil Gaiman posted a comment on his Twitter feed saying: “Best thing he’s ever done. Left me shaken & grateful & wanting to make art.” The man known for making his bread and butter off of dick and fart jokes made Gaiman want to make art, that takes not only talent but what people say Smith lacks, skill. Sure, some of his movies were forgettable (that didn’t stop this writer from buying every one), but he’s doing what he always wanted to do and that’s make movies. Getting a career, a hot wife, a daughter and making his own label, he’s making himself happy doing what he wanted to do. He’s right, the Indie film did grow up and it not only turned 40 but it made “snoogans” a household term for a generation that grew up and keep watching his movies.

Where can you see ‘Red State’? Check out the full “Red State USA Tour,” below:



Dumbledore DIES! *Evil laugh* I just spoiled Harry Potter for you. Wait.. everyone knows that now? Fuck, I remember when that spoiler use to mean something. Now all I’m left with is a small penis and jar full of broken dreams.

Anyway, as most of you know there is loads of death in J.K. Rowling‘s Harry Potter novels and subsequent movies. Each one more painful than the last. They’re like the equivalent of watching Bambi’s mother die, while at the same time slamming your genitals in a sliding glass door (ladies, you can play too. Bologna origami. Go!).  Death in fiction and in real life is painful enough as it is. Now why would you go and make it worse? What am I talking about? Well, due to the authors blessing  one of those memorable demises has been tampered with in Deathly Hallows Part 2.

If you are a Harry Potter fanatic there is a good chance the following news will send you reeling, best not to look. For everyone else that doesn’t give a shit, you can just move along.

WARNING: This is a pretty big spoiler. Turn back while you still can!


smith2Where to Stick the Fork?

UPDATE:  Nerdbastards awoke a sleeping giant. After posting this article, our friends from, checked the legitimacy of this story with the fat man himself.  In a slasfilm exclusive, not only did Smith confirm his end to film making, but he spent a fair amount time bitchin Nerd Bastards out. He wasn’t too happy at us making a story out of his retirement, which he insists was known info. Basically, he called us out for headline fishing. He said:

But THIS “retirement” crap? Not news so much as another sad example of how fucking lazy movie press has become: they cannibalize stories by other writers just to have something to post on their own blogs.

I’ve always said (since CLERKS, even) that I’ve got about ten films in me (that info might even be on my Wikipedia page). And COP OUT notwithstanding (solely because I didn’t write it), HIT SOMEBODY is the 10th film I’ve got in me. At this moment in time, I’ve got no other flicks I wanna make.

The author of the Boston Phoenix piece did a really nice job of not hyping that throwaway factoid in the article and turning it into the exact piece of specious bullshit “news” the websites you mentioned are trying to create of it.

Well then, we certainly shit in someones cereal now, didn’t we? Kevin, if you’re reading this, why so mad? It’s not like we made up some lie like “George Lucas Working On New Star Wars Movies”. What we did, was bring awareness to a very sad, and not widely known fact. Not everyone listens to your podcasts or goes to your Q&A’s. You say “I don’t have any more movies I want to make” and not expect someone to run with that? Even if people know it, it is still news. That’s the nature of the beast man.

You’re the last person we want to piss off, and I’m sorry we did…Christ are we sorry, but dude was that smackdown on us so necessary? Are we really the news poop monster you’ve made us out to be? Regardless, Kev (or am I now reduced to calling you Mr. Smith?) we love ya and hope your directing career does not end. You’re our most important nerd.

Kevin Smith announced in an interview by Barry Thompson in The Boston Phoenix  that he is going to: throw in the towel, pick up his ball and go home, or maybe just keep going through the TSA security pat down line for a cheap thrill or two.  Kevin says, “Red State is done. Next step is the hockey movie, Hit Somebody. Then I’m done. There’s possibly a Clerks 3. If I have something to say in my late 40s about being in my late 40s, I’ll think of [Clerks’] Dante and Randal. Shy of that, I don’t have any more movies I want to make.”

Pretty big news, but then who wouldn’t want to retire in their 40’s?  Kevin’s taken as much or maybe more shit from people and critics during his career as he’s had fans “pissing down his backside” in praise one minute, then grabbing torches and pitchforks the next.  (I’ve been on that bandwagon.  Kevin made Batman pee himself . . . Kevin made the Goddamn Batman squirt his drawers!  I was heating up the tar in the backyard after reading that.)

Something that anyone can see when reading or listening to Kevin speak about his body of work, is that although he sometimes plays the “I don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks.”  Kevin does give a shit about his work and the effort he put in to make things happen.  Anyone else around here want to have your life’s work scrutinized and picked over like that leftover turkey in your fridge?  Didn’t think so.

Most nerds think of Kevin as “one of us.”  A fanboy that snuck into the stadium, took his turn at bat, and cranked one out.  (No Zachy Legend, not that kind of crank one out, that will still get you arrested, like a batter that really knocks the ball out of the park.)  As a fanboy gone pro we could all think yeah, “I could do that!”  Guess what, 99% of us can’t.  We don’t have the creativity, the balls, or that spark that turns one from a fan to a creator.

So does that mean that Kevin has eaten the last movie Twinkie in his box?  (Hey, My fat ass can make that joke, you skinny fuckers can sit the hell down, shut up, and eat another carrot stick.)  What did Kevin really say?  “I don’t have any more movies I want to make.”  I am betting that a year or two down the road, Kevin will find that movie he wants to make.  Everyone always says, “Writers write, you should always keep writing.”  Bullshit, sometimes you need to step back from the keyboard and just look around.  Kevin has the means to enjoy life.  Why the hell shouldn’t he?

Now about where you can stick that fork . .

(The above article was written by nerdbastards contributor Mark Poynter, a.k.a Mordrun)

Bruce Wayne Drops a Batman Bombshell


Read comics much? Yes, no? Either way there is some huge Batman news to get you bastards talking around the water cooler.

Bruce Wayne is…..BATMAN! Wow, consider your mind blown. Haha, OK hears the real shocker:

In the final issue of Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin, which is being herald as one of the best Batman comic series since Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns in the 1980s, billionaire Bruce Wayne makes public something that has heretofore been one of the great secrets of DC Comics Batman myth.

SPOILER ALERT (like seriously stop reading if you don’t want to know. Reveal in 3…2….1)

Featuring artwork by Cameron Stewart and Frazer Irving with a cover by Frank Quitely, Batman and Robin #16 sees Bruce Wayne confess to a crowd of fellow Gothamites that he has been personally financing the Batman’s war on crime, that he’s been doing so for many, many years, and that in his capacity as Bat-benefactor, Wayne will be expanding the operation on a global scale — Batman, Inc.

The fictional news broke first in a story from the Associated Press, who spoke with writer Grant Morrison about this most novel myth twist.
“We’ve sidetracked the media that he has actually been financing Batman all these years,” Morrison explained of the long arc he’s written that has seen the Dark Knight plunge through time and space and have his mantle taken up by former Robin Dick Grayson. “He is the man behind the Batman, but he is not Batman.”

In doing so, Wayne is free to take his crime fighting international by building what Morrison calls a “global, international army of Batmen. Batman in China, Batman in Japan, Batman in Russia. Expanding the Batman brand to areas where he really hasn’t been before.”

So, does this mean all the villains can sue Wayne Enterprises? On a more serious note I think this is just as bad as when Spider-Man revealed his identity to the public in Marvels ‘Civil War’ series. Batman is, as a whole, a dark and mysterious vigilante figure. While we’ve seen many modifications to the character through out the years, this I feel makes the character lose a lot of his street cred. Take the mystery away. Then again this is new. This is different. Moving the legendary character into new possibilities. It could play out well.

The important question is : What Do You Think of Bruce Wayne’s Batman Funding Reveal?

Please share your comments and also CHECK OUT THE FULL COMIC PANEL OF BRUCE WAYNE’S REVEAL below.

source: comicsalliance


Dennis Hopper Dead at 74


Sad news in the nerd verse. Legendary actor and director Dennis Hopper died yesterday morning of complication from prostate cancer at the age of 74. Hopper died at his home in Venice, Cali., where he had lived for many years, the Los Angelas Time reported.

Hopper is most known for his starring and directing role in the 1969 film “Easy Rider“, which ushered in a new era for U.S. movie industry, it was a game changer.

Hopper was the type of actor who didn’t let his success define the roles he chose. Though, usually pegged as the bad guy he was a working actor that brought an appreciated level of intensity  to every role. We will remember him as the ex-cop turned mad men in Speed, the smoking outlaw in Waterworld and of course the slicked hair evolved dinosaur in Super Mario Bros.

While Hopper was indentified with the 60’s counter-culture shock he became the most dependable and creepiest villain in cinema. He will be missed.

Feel free to share remembraces in the comments below. Click after the jump for a video of the life and times of Dennis Hopper by film critic Matthew Zoller Seitz (courtesy of slasfilm). It will make you sad. This bastard did so much and did what he did better than anyone else.


As if any respectable Nerd needed further convincing, that supposed archival, documentary footage in alien abduction, fright flick ’The Fourth Kind” is  bogus. An insider from who worked on the film told the following:


I can assure you it is totally fake. The interviews were shot in High Def on a soundstage with actors and then made to look like bad home video. The college logos and video break-up was added by a visual effects team.

Well I for one am shocked, shocked I tell you! I don’t think I can believe in anything anymore. (sarcasm folks learn to love it)