Shogun Warriors

New Mazinkaiser Anime In the Works


You like giant super robots? Did ya like the Shogun Warriors? Did you also happen to remember Tranzor Z? If you say yes to at least the first two, then your in luck as it seems like Go Nagai (Mazinger series, Devil Man) and his company is busting out a new Mazinkaiser OVA. It’ll be titled Mazinkaiser SKL and not only will we get an anime out of it, but a manga and novelization of the new Mazinger’s adventure. In 2001, Mazinkaiser came out as a continuation of Mazinger Z/Great Mazinger in a seven episode anime series. It was a short, fun, full of action and yes, boobs filled series and I think the animation is still good today. If Mazinger Z-Hen is any indication to what this will be, then we may be getting a more gory and action filled giant robot series. No release date has been set. Meanwhile, check out this clip to see the kick ass debut of Mazinkaiser back in 2001

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork


I’m sure many of us has a collection of something we been collecting for years, either something new or something from out childhood. No matter what, they are treasures to us and something that should be kept forever. Well, an unfortunate Japanese husband came home one day to find his treasures gone. His collection of Chogokin Figures, which some were released in the U.S. as Shogun Warrior figures, were thrown into the trash can because of his wife. Why you ask? How could someone, more or less, the significant other, could do such a thing. Well, to her, she was disgusted by his behavior and so called hobby and decided to throw out the “pathetic dolls” when her husband was at work. Now, the wife is asking for advice because she doesn’t think she did anything wrong and wants to put the blame on the husband because as soon as he found out what happened, they got into an argument which she thought was very childish of him to even get upset about.

Wow, not only does she believe she didn’t do anything wrong but she wants advice from the internet, in which the internet is full of folks that can relate to her husband and not her. I’m at least glad that all the people that comment on the post has pretty much said that she is wrong, heartless, cold, and a wide range of sad and mean things were said as well. If there was one thing I always told my friends and also did myself, was make sure that the person you want to be with for the rest of your life understand your hobbies and lifestyles or else it’s not going to work…unless you want a sad life. I’m sure we can all give this women, a big middle finger to her face.

Source: Kotaku, Yomiuri (Japanese)

Shogun Warriors Movie On The Way?


So last week, here on NerdBastards, we reported on how Toei was working on two CGI remakes of Captain Harlock and Gaiking. As reported, it will indeed be Light Stage, the fine folks that worked on Avatar and Benjamin Button, will be working on the Gaiking project. After the Tokyo Animation Fair, we learned that what was suppose to be a show will now be a full length CGI/Live Action film and apperently Ain’t It Cool News got some more info about the project as well. They report that all this will now somehow lead to a Shogun Warriors movie. Shogun Warriors was Mattel’s line of Giant Robot toys based on anime from Japan from the 70’s (which also included Godzilla, the King of Monsters) and also a Marvel Comic line came out of it as well. Shogun Warriors consisted of Gaiking as mention above, Getter Dragon (Dragun in SW), Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and more.

Now I’m all for a Giant Robot movie since I love them growing up and have watched a few of the Japanese anime as well as played Super Robot Wars games because of this. The big news is that they will be building life size modes of the Robots for the movie in order to make scenes more realistic as it can be. Japan has recently last year built a life size Gigantor and Gundam statue and it was awesome but to see a life size Mazinger Z would¬†literally¬†be orgasmic to me. What do you guys think, any of ya’ll interested in a Shogun Warriors movie or is Giant Super Robots something of the past. One last thing, the treat we get is that two images that we posted last week, well, the footage the images are from has been released as a teaser trailer and check after the jump for it.