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Bleach Anime May Be In Its Last Season?


Ichigo vs. Aizen may be the last battle that Bleach anime fans may see as a recent blog post has some fans questioning the status on the TV series.

ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D recently blogged how the anime will start using their song as the new ending theme and commented how the song is fitting for the anime’s final season. The blog post was removed later on, but the wonderful world of internet was able to retain a web cache of the post.

With the manga still setting up the new story arc and the anime catching up in a quick rate, it does become something to think about. What I would like to see, since you know, I am the anime guy, is that Bleach go on a hiatus like the Gintama anime did. This way, we can at least prevent the filler hell that Naruto fans went through before Naruto: Shippuden started.

Who knows what will happen as no official announcement has been made. Either way, I don’t want to see a filler episode where Ichigo pees on somebody just like Naruto did when he pissed on Ino… yeah, that happened.

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Bringing some anime love to the site by reporting some anime news that may interest some of you folks. First news is that next month, Adult Swim will start airing new episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood once again as shown on their online TV schedule. Adult Swim has already aired 26 of the 62 episode series and that folks can buy up episode 1-39 off the iTunes store.

The next set of news is that Gintama will be making a return to Japanese television (and hopefully on Crunchyroll as well) after ending in March earlier this year. The new series will start airing in April and it seems that most of the cast will return. If anything, it may return with a new title.

The Shonen Jump news doesn’t end there as we will see two new anime as both Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal and Toriko anime series has been announced. Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal will be the fourth series of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise and it seems the new show will coincide with the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! movie that features all three main characters from the past series. The new show seems to be target towards a more younger audience.

Toriko, is a comedy/action series about bishoku-ya (or Gourmet Hunters ) who hunts down rare animals and ingredients to make the best gourmet meal around. The anime will start airing in April of next year in Japan and will take place Dragon Ball Z Kai‘s time slot. As for what will happen to DBZ Kai, nothing has been announced so far as the series is currently at the beginning of the Cell Games arc and it would seem impossible to finish the Boo arc by April.

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An Official One Piece Restaurant Set To Open


It seems every month, Japan opens up some sort of themed cafe/restaurant that is targeted towards a certain audience… ok, I do mean weirdos. Well, it seems that this fat weirdo is ready to pack himself in a crate and send himself to Japan due to Fuji TV announcing that they are opening an official One Piece theme restaurant.


As shown, the restaurant, Going Merry-Go, will have food based from the series such as “Luffy’s  favorite meat on a bone” to “Sanji’s ‘Terrible’ Soup” from volume 8, page 99. The restaurant will also be decorated like the interior ship it is named from and will hold events that will involves fans getting to meet the voice actors. The restaurant is set to open on December 11th until May 31st.

Seriously, who wants to send me to Japan because it would be AWESOME to go as One Piece has surpassed Dragon Ball/Z as my favorite anime/manga series of all time last year. Okay, I’ll stop begging as long as you all comment about what type of themed restaurant you would like to see open up and go to.

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Shonen Jump To Reboot For The New Year


Back in January of 2008 (or December of 2007 for some folks), Viz released the monthly Shonen Jump to the US audience. It was a way for the fans to show their support for the titles they liked in a legal way but it of course never stopped the scans that would find its way on the internet but nonetheless, it was a start. talked senior editor Joel Enos about Viz’s attempt to revamp the monthly magazine, both paper and online. In the four page Q and A session, Enos revealed that the upcoming January 2011 issue, which will be available to subscribers December of this year, will feature the reboot by adding in few new manga titles such as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s and Psyren.

Enos also revealed that subscribers will get special access on Shonen Jump’s website but didn’t reveal completely what it would be but that Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (Nurarihyon no Mago). While the print version will feature a 2 chapter preview in the February issue, subscribers will be able to read new chapters online every month.

This is just a few things that Viz will be doing in order to keep the manga business alive here in the states and I think it’s heading in the right steps by adding an internet service to it. How about you manga readers? What would you like to see Viz and other publisher do in order to have you support them and the business?

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Straw Hat Pirate Pre-Time Skip

Last month, One Piece celebrated its 13th year anniversary and Eiichiro Oda ended it with fans wanting to know what will happen next before he took his month long break, which was the first time he has ever done since starting the series. The only thing fans knew was that for the first time, the story was going to time skip forward to two years and start the “New World” saga.

Well, the month has passed and this week marked the return of the manga and while I do my best to support the franchise, I had to at least check out the title page as I was told it was a full color spread of the crew with their new look. While the image is available after jump (since it’s a spoiler for folks out there who only follows the Viz’s release of the manga), I can’t help but get excited by it. Ever since late last year, One Piece has surpassed Dragon Ball as my favorite anime/manga of all time and the series has done nothing but make me love it more.

Check the image out after the break to see the more older Straw Hat Crew!

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One Piece is an extremely popular series over in Japan and it’s an anime about pirates. It may also be the only show I know that had its fans cry because of the death of the crew’s first ship. Anyway, like any action shonen, the show has its characters with some unique fighting abilities. Most of them acquired their ability by eating the mysterious Devil Fruit. Of course, they lose the ability to swim by eating one of these and that isn’t a good thing for a pirate but it’s a small price to pay for the power one gains from it. With these fruits, people can either become some sort a superhuman, an animal hybrid, or have a power of  a natural element. Check after the jump to see just some of these ridiculous abilities being used awesomely.