Think Geek is the top purveyor of the geeky goods that keep us nerds humming along at a happy pace. Whether it be t-shirts, gadgets or bacon flavored…well…everything, Think Geek provides. This year’s newest batch of products is top notch. Announced today, here’s the skinny on all the new gizmos and treats Think Geek will be selling out of by day’s end.

Hey, did you get it? Today is April 1st, better known as April Fool’s Day, making all of these awesome goodies hoaxes, pranks, fake-outs, but still great examples of things we’d love to see Think Geek selling in the future. And it could happen! Popular products like the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag and the iCade all began as April Fool’s Day pranks. Whose to say the same couldn’t happen with these hilarious ideas,

Angry Birds Pork Rinds are the ultimate in high protein snacking. Since the only other green meat we’ve encountered has been a breakfast meat paired with green eggs, we’re calling these “The Other Green Meat.” Much like green ham, you can eat Angry Birds Pork Rinds here or there. You can eat them anywhere. You can eat them with Red Leader. You can eat them from a bird feeder. You can eat them on a date. You can eat them on a Shirt Plate!

These crispy delicacies were painstakingly collected from the wreckage of exploded green pig flesh by the Pork Remnants Collectors Union 1337. After a bath in a vat of boiling oil, they are seasoned to perfection and packaged in snack sized bags. Break one open and taste the crisp, salty, savory flavor that only green pigs can produce. A truly succulent treat for the discerning mobile gamer.

So when we spotted this amazing Apple Store Playset from PLAYMOBIL™ we were admittedly in a bit of a conundrum. On the one hand, it’s a product designed for children much younger than ourselves. On the other hand, it’s a tiny representation of the store which sells us all the shiny Apple goodies we can’t resist. Then we noticed that the PLAYMOBIL™ iStore includes amazingly tiny iPhones, Macbooks, and iPads. Our resolve began to waver. A quick peek at the miniature Genius Bar and we were feeling a bit woozy. Then we saw the tiny Steve Jobs presenting in the Keynote Theater on the top floor and that was it. Our wallets popped out faster than you can say Jonathan Ive and we plunked down whatever money was needed to own this amazing playset.

Of course, once we had the playset, we had to get the optional Line Pack to simulate our own exciting Apple product launches. Since it comes with a tiny Woz on a tiny Segway, it was a no-brainer. We decided that Apple & PLAYMOBIL™ together is the most unlikely and awesome collaboration ever. It changes everything.

Visit Think Geek’s homepage to indulge yourself in all their April Fool’s Day products like De-3D Cinema Glasses, Edible Gummy iPhone Cases, Star Wars Lightsaber Popsicles and an Arsenic Based Sea Monkey kit. See something you really like and wish you could buy it? Think Geek is listening! Just click Buy It Now and you’ll be whisked away to a page where you can cast your vote for what product you’d like to see become a reality. Like I mentioned earlier, some of our favorites started as pranks. So get voting, I want a Chocolate Zombie Bunny this Easter!

Evolution of a Cylon

"Evolution of the Cylon"

Where did the Cylons come from? SyFy writes that QuantumMechanix shows us the evolution in this new poster to celebrate the upcoming “Battlestar Galactica” prequel series “Caprica.” After buying this, you’ll think twice before putting that Pop-Tart into your toaster.

After the jump, check out a few other “Battlestar Galactica” goodies to round out your holiday gifting list — or your own wish list.


I’m a girl. I wear skirts, I have boobs and dainty feet, and I like to spend an hour straightening my hair. That doesn’t preclude my love of nerd crap, though. My bookshelves are filled with Star Wars tomes, comics are piled up on the ottoman and Wind Waker Link sits atop my tv stand. Where I have trouble, however, is shopping for clothing.

I 3 nerds.

I <3 nerds.

You might react to that with, “What? A girl has problems shopping? Isn’t that, like, in your DNA or something?” If I were complaining about looking for a new trench from Macy’s or yet another slinky tank dress from H&M, you’d be right. But nerdwear? It’s a man’s world, baby, and we ladies can only walk through and sigh.

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I’ve always been a low-end shoe kind of girl. I couldn’t tell you why Louboutins have that red sole; I’m too busy scouting Payless for my buy-one, get-one-half-off deal. But if I were a boy, and I had big feet, and I cared about brands, and I could actually wear tennis shoes to work, you bet your sweet ass I’d check these out next year:

Star Wars kicks by Adidas Originals

Star Wars kicks by adidas Originals

Cinematical reports that adidas will be launching a whole line of Star Wars-themed shoes and clothing next spring. Only a few photos have been released, but in addition to the Stormtrooper shoes, there also will be Darth Vader, Yoda and Skywalker varieties available. Is that it? “No. There is another…”

More Star Wars shoes by adidas Originals

More Star Wars shoes by adidas Originals

Seriously. SERIOUSLY! Even though I love me some Star Wars, there’s no way in hell I’d put shoes that could be mistaken for a 1989 TrapperKeeper on my feet.