Halloween is only one scant week away, and this year we get a little extra treat with our tricks: Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres on Starz that very night!  While the further adventures of everyone’s favorite groovy hero-wannabe is a long time coming, initial reviews for the show have been positive, and honestly, who can’t use a little more Bruce Campbell in their life, am I right?  Today, Starz gives its fans an advance candy-bar of a gift, even if it is a little fun-sized: they’ve put the first four minutes of the first episode online for the whole world to enjoy!



Of the many projects that Hollywood currently has in its mammoth machine the one most “flying under the radar” right now to me, feels like the forthcoming Muppets TV show, set to premiere this Fall on ABC.  These classic Jim Henson characters that many of us grew up with, are getting a modern-makeover in their televised presentation. I’m not referring to their physical appearance, but rather their stylistic approach.  The show will feature a behind-the-scenes style format that could allow the writers to do some truly unique and entertaining things with this “cast.”  Now, we at home get a chance to take a full look at the pitch video that got the series green-lit!