Showroom Floor


[Editor’s Note: Yesterday, Shawn Schillberg, one of our on the ground reporters,¬†wandered through out San Diego Comic Con capturing photos of the sights. There’s a little cosplay and a little bit of the off site activities surrounding the convention center. In the slide show below I’ve pulled out only a taste of what he saw, like the Silver Samurai’s armor from The Wolverine on display in Petco Park. Or The History Channel’s Vikings setup where you can row a viking ship. OR the dozen or so Axe Cops wandering around promoting the upcoming FOX series. Yeah… there’s a lot of stuff you’ll wanna see in here. Hit the jump for the full gallery.]

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[Editor’s Note: Manny Lozano, one of our embedded journalists, who’s been courageously trudging through the San Diego Convention Center bringing you everything he can from the Comic Con experience, has just sent in a collection of photos from the showroom floor. What you’ll find below is an amazing collection of super cool shit, most of which is probably too expensive and you’ll never hope to afford, but it’s still great to look at and drool over. Enjoy the slideshow, or, hit the jump for the full gallery.]