Silicon Valley


If you’re not watching Silicon Valley then you are missing out. Seriously, while most folks are paying for some form of an HBO subscription so they can watch Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley is the icing on that Dragons/FullFrontalNudity/JonSnowStabbing cake. Silicon Valley is well written and the actors are killing it. We can wholeheartedly recommend this show without reservations… you’re gonna like it. There’s math to prove it. (more…)


Called ‘flat-out-brilliant,’ and the ‘funniest out-of-the-box  comedy in a good while,’ the smash HBO hit Silicon Valley. Season 1 is being released to DVD/BluRay March 31st – just in time to catch up for the April 12th season premiere!

Ahead of the premier of season 2 HBO has released a new trailer for the smart and irreverent series. Check it out below: (more…)