Silver Surfer

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ABOVE: A Christmas Story in a galaxy far, far away…  Gordon Tapley created this fantastic Star Wars twist on the lamp from A Christmas Story. [ObviousWinner]



Sometimes, the internet astounds even me with some of the stuff that appears on it.

For some unbelievable reason, British tattoo artist, comic book fan and apparent Volkswagen enthusiast Mark Hunter has mashed some of his favorite superheros and villains using Photoshop with the classic 1950 VW van. Frankly, how one can come up with the concept mystifies me, and yet, some of them are just incredibly well done!

My personal favorite – The Silver Surfbus, the Batvan, and the Dub-Mariner. What are yours?

Check out the gallery below for all the amazing, and yet bizarre, drawings!


imtvGrowing up I have seen many TV sets that have some theme, like a Spongebob or Disney Princess theme (which BTW, check out todays list of Doable Disney Princesses), and I felt bad for one friend who was always got hand downs from his older brother and sister and ended up getting his sisters Barbie Theme TV/VCR set. Well, too bad we are not kids of today because these HDTV will totally redeem that Barbie crap he had in his room. RTC23 is releasing a line of LCD & LED HDTV that features Marvel Super Heroes. Not only does the frame of the TV shows the character but when you turn the TV on as well, you see the featured Marvel Super Hero. The TV comes in various of sizes and the price ranges from $338.88 (22″ LCD) – $1988.88 (46 ” LED). You’ll notice that Spider-Man is missing from the bunch, in which, you can thank Sony for that. Check after the break to look at other Marvel Themed TVs. (more…)