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We’re heard a lot about New Mutants lately, and we’ve heard a lot of about Deadpool 2, but weren’t there three X-Men movies being lined up for release next year? Oh yes, there were. The third one has been billed as Dark Phoenix, a continuation of the X-Men story established in X-Men: First ClassX-Men: Days of Future Past, and last year’s X-Men: Apocalypse that will, you guessed it, feature a new spin on the classic X-Men story “The Dark Phoenix Saga.” Well breaking news, a major Hollywood media outlet is reporting that the saga is on, and they have revealed who all will be a part of it.  (more…)

Logan leaves the X-Men movie universe in an odd place. With it supposedly being Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart‘s swan song, it definitely feels like an important turning point in the history of the franchise, both the end of something, and the opportunity to start something else. But what does the future of the X-Men look like? Well, if only person can know it would be Simon Kinberg, the writer/producer who’s had his hands in every X-Men project for over a decade. We’ve heard all the rumours, but in a new interview Kinberg elaborated on how Deadpool, Cable and others all fit into the big picture going forward in this cinematic universe. (more…)


The Merc with the Mouth has been a little quiet lately, as the behind the scenes production ramps up towards shooting Deadpool 2 in early 2017. The first big superhero hit this year has continued to shine during the DVD and Blu/Ray sales phase raking up another $56 million putting the fourth wall breaking Merc into the $800 million range. Producer Simon Kinberg recently talked with /Film and had an update on what the Merc with the Mouth might target when he breaks the fourth wall in the sequel. (more…)


This time last year, 20th Century Fox still had the idea that 2016 was going to be the year of X-Men with the February launch of Deadpool, followed by the summer sequel X-Men: Apocalypse, and wrapped up in the fall with a solo Gambit movie. But a funny thing happened on the way to 2016. Gambit, it turned out, was a mess being rushed to meet a release date and even its original director, Rupert Wyatt, couldn’t hold on to this wild ride. Since then, Gambit has disappeared altogether on the Fox schedule, but just because the Ragin’ Cajun is out of sight, that doesn’t mean he’s out of mind. (more…)


Much news has come to light about the final Hugh Jackman Wolverine film recently. Along with the sad news that this will be the final outing for Jackman as the Canadian bad-ass, we had casting news just a few days ago. Now we have confirmation from producer Simon Kinberg on the movie’s rating as well as a few hints regarding the plot of the film. (more…)


This time two years ago, the hype for X-Men: Days of Future Past was so intense that the producers were already openly discussing the next X-Men film, Apocalypse. Of course, things were in the works long before May 2014 because the stinger at the end if Days revealed Apocalypse in his Ancient Egypt days, suggesting that 20th Century Fox was already thinking well ahead to the next episode. So what about the next movie to follow X-Men: Apocalypse? Is Fox already thinking about that? Why yes they are! And one of the main creative forces behind the movie X-Men universe have established a timeline. (more…)

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Few can argue that the theatrical version of Deadpool needs much, if any revision.  And apparently director Tim Miller agrees.  The film that is reshaping how comic book movies can be made, is apparently getting no director’s cut, says Miller in an interview moderated by Collider.  That probably makes some sense, since the film is already rated R and both a commercial and critical success.  But that doesn’t mean the fans don’t want more.  One of the biggest critiques of the film is that, coming in at around an hour and forty-eight minutes, it wasn’t long enough.  However, just because there won’t be a director’s cut, doesn’t mean the Blu-ray won’t hold some deleted scenes, and hopefully a gag reel. (more…)


There’s been some renewed interest in rebooting Logan’s Run, the 1976 Sci-Fi flick based on William Nolan and George Clayton Johnson‘s 1967 novel of a dystopian society that capped age limits to 21. Simon Kinberg is the current driving force behind this latest attempt to bring Logan’s Run back to the big screen. Kinberg recently made some comments about the reboot that worked the Internet rounds and eventually found their way to William Nolan’s Facebook page. Actually, fans were posting it to William’s page just as soon as it started and Nolan had some interesting things to say about it, and all the other attempts to reboot Logan’s Run. (more…)


When you’re the movie expected to break box office records for opening weekend tickets sold, expect to get some extra attention. This is the case for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the long-awaited, and hotly anticipated, continuation of the Star Wars saga. Of course, if you can’t be the one to make that Star Wars money, perhaps you can be the one to take advantage of all those eye balls on opening weekend. That’s what 20th Century Fox is thinking. A reliable source close to the production has revealed that the first trailer for the big, sixth movie in the X-Men series, X-Men: Apocalypse, will be one of the previews in front of The Force Awakens. (more…)


Thanks to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, movie studios around Hollywood have been doing their best to recreate that golden goose by creating a shared universe between their properties.  Marvel has a hell of a head start but with the DC Expanded Universe starting to ramp up and with the Universal Monsters doing their best to share some screen time, it may only be a matter of time before the Marvel formula becomes a staple for Hollywood blockbusters.  Over at FOX, the men behind the curtain are finally getting on board with this idea, and not a moment too soon.  FOX happens to own many of Marvel’s most popular characters and, until now, each of those franchises has remained in their own sandbox.  It appears that producer Simon Kinberg, who produces many Marvel properties for FOX, has a grand plan for Deadpool, Gambit, and X-Men to crossover.  Feel free to cheer. (more…)