Super Hero Round Up? All the little Superhero movie and news bits that you should know about, but just don’t make a full post on their own. So tighten up your belt, rub some dirt on your hands, and get ready for some fast and furious Superhero news!

Mark Strong (Sinestro) Talks Green Lantern Easter Eggs and the after credits movie scenes:

That was shot speculatively, I think. There was an idea that there would be an introduction of the idea that the yellow ring corrupts him. Perhaps it was felt in the body of the film, it wasn’t the right time to introduce it. So actually the thing to do is introduce everybody to the mythology and the story, and then give them that little taste. Certainly the fanboys who know about it will be excited, and anybody else, at least they have an opportunity of understanding where it could go from here.
I couldn’t do any research on aliens. I don’t know any aliens, so I didn’t know what kind of a guy he was. All I could do was use human characteristics, and it was very obvious to me he’s a kind of military commander-type figure who is very wary of this new Lantern and feels like his priority is the Corps, and if this guy’s going to be the weak link in the Corps, then he’s going to have to do something about it. The way he’s drawn, it’s a muscular drawing, you have to try and bring an element of that to the way you play him. That’s what I tried to do.

What’s interesting about these statements is that they lead me to believe that a major part of the second film in the Green Lantern series will deal with Sinestro turning against the Green Lantern Corps he once loved so much. I would love to see that story unfold. Now on to the probability that there will even be a second Green Lantern film.

Source: Crave Online

According to The New York Times, Green Lantern– after marketing – ended up costing Warner Bros. $300 million and is tracking for about a $60 million opening. Which wouldn’t be particularly good for a film costing that much. The slow economy explains a lot of that number. People just are not spending much money. So could this kill any future Green Lantern movies? No matter how good the film, if it doesn’t make money there is no chance of a second.

Green Lantern opens next week and to keep your interest piqued Warner Bros. has released a slew of clips. Eight clips in total are available and they give you a very abridged version of what we can expect from the flick, each one covering a specific point in the film. Obviously, these tend to be pretty spoilery, so if that’s not your thing I wouldn’t check these out.

I’ve brought the final clip, and by far the best, up to the front to make sure you give it a watch. This clip comes from the what I’m guessing is the final battle of the film. So again, duh, spoilers. What’s great about this clip is we get to see Hal (Ryan Reynolds) creating some constructs. The constructs are what the Green Lanterns are known for, their incredible imagination to create just about whatever they need to get the job done. In the clip below Hal makes a catapult, a spring, and a giant turret gun. Badass.

After watching these clips a lot of my fear and trepidation about this movie is lifting. It looks like a lot of fun, and that’s what a summer action flick, and a Green Lantern movie, should be. Plus, I think some of the final post-production work they did on his suit and mask have payed off, it looks a little less fake. Green Lantern opens nationwide June 17th.

For the other seven clips, hit the jump.


If there is one thing Green Lantern won’t disappoint us with it’s their aliens. Fans of the corps know the interstellar police are teeming with all sorts of different races and it looks like Warner Bros. new movie is chocked full of diverse aliens. MTV’s Splash Page is releasing summer movie goodies all week and their first exclusive is a preview of the corps’ line-up.

The promotional banner features 12 members of the elite Green Lantern Corps including Hal Jordan, Sinestro and Kilowog. Click the above image for a larger, hi-res version. Can you name the other nine lanterns?

I’m really digging how they’ve individualized each Lantern’s costume and I’m impressed with the little skin the lady aliens are showing. Shocked, in fact. I guess they’re not Star Sapphires so of course they’re more conservative of dress . Sheesh! Can you imagine what those CGI outfits will look like when and if they introduce the Sapphire to the film series!?

Green Lantern opens nationwide June 17th.

source: MTV’s Splash Page

The first Green Lantern trailer didn’t ‘wow’ us. The second, with the included Wonder Con footage, blew us away. Warner Bros. is trying very, very hard to make sure this movie doesn’t suck. And they’ve got a lot working against them considering how much of what makes Green Lantern spectacular will be in the special effects. Too add to their ever swelling post-production budget Warner Bros. is throwing in another $9 million.

We shouldn’t be worried though, this sudden influx of more cash doesn’t mean Green Lantern is a heaping sack of crap. Chris de Faria, Warner’s executive VP of digital production, animation and visual effects said,

There is no problem on Green Lantern … We try to add things to make the movie better until the 11th hour. That doesn’t mean we’re risking the movie up to the 11th hour. When the bar is raised, we can’t refuse to jump over it.

Well, hopefully they know what they’re doing. We won’t know for sure until Green Lantern opens in theatres across the country, June 17th.

Click the jump for awesome new posters featuring Kilowog and Sinestro. The Kilowog one is perfect, can’t wait to see the big guy on screen!

source: Blastr, MTV’s Splash Page



Yesterday we saw the release of the most recent DC Animated film, All-Star Superman (which I reviewed over here) and boom, just like that we’ve got the trailer for the next film. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights will be an anthology of tales, much like Batman: Gotham Knights, and will tell the stories of six of the most famous Green Lanterns. And apparently if any more animated films come out with ‘Knights’ in the title expect much of the same, at least that’s my guess. Most importantly this film is finally giving us Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, something fans have been squawking about for some time.  I understand he’s too old to play Hal in a feature film, like the new Green Lantern coming this summer, but come on! Ryan Reynolds already had a super hero movie he needed to make, Deadpool. Which I hope still happens even with him putting on the green ring.

This trailer is heavy with the animated action and looks like it’ll be great collection of Green Lanterns, including Abin Sur (Arnold Vosloo), Sinestro (Jason Issacs), Kilowog (Henry Rollins) and Arisia (Elizabeth Moss). I’m really impressed by this line-up of actors, especially Arnold Vosloo as Abin Sur. He recently did the voice of Black Adam in Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam and was phenomenal. You may know him better as the Mummy from The Mummy films, go figure. And who plays a better baddie than Jason Issacs? Come on, Lucius Malfoy, that dick British officer in The Patriot, he just makes villains so easy to love.

Watch the trailer below and lets us know if you’re as excited as I am! I mean, this looks way better than the summer release of Green Lantern, just saying.

source: ComicsAlliance