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Patrick Stewart is nothing if not adventurous. If you haven’t been watching his new series Blunt Talk, you’ve missed Stewart at his goofy best, doing outrageous things and loving every minute of it. His latest bit of zaniness took him straight from the season two set of Blunt Talk to a screening in Los Angeles, in full drag along with costar Adrian Scarborough. (more…)

X-Men "Days of Future Past" poster -- exclusive image

Entertainment Weekly brings us these magnificent X-Men: Days Of Future Past teaser posters just released by FOX.

Above is Sir Ian McKellen as Eric Lenscherr AKA “Magneto” in a composite with Michael Fassbender (in the red “X”) as the younger version of the mutant supervillain.

X-Men "Days of Future Past" poster -- exclusive image

And here is the same concept with Sir Patrick Stewart as the aged Professor Charles Xavier and James McAvoy as the “X-Mentor’s” youthful iteration.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past is due for theatrical release in the summer of 2014.

Source: /Film

stained glass iron man

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ABOVE: While preparing today’s column, I had a thought: “What if I went into Etsy’s ‘Geekery’ category and sorted by ‘highest price?’ The answer is this stained glass Iron Man panel. It will set you back $3,500 with 10% of that going to charity. It’s certainly not in my budget, but it’s rather awesome to look at.



As filming continues on X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Sir Patrick Stewart has been living in Brooklyn NY. Actually he’s been calling the place home since last summer. I know that doesn’t really seem much like news, but get this: He tweeted about his lunch today, it was pizza. It was his first slice of pizza ever.

Yes, the captain of the Enterprise – D (and – E,) who is 72 years old, waited until today (May 29) to try a slice of the most popular food in North America. You’d think after seven decades on this planet he would have stumbled into a slice or two, even if by accident.

Yes, I am aware he is British, but they do have pizza over there, right? Probably have some weird name for it though like meaty sauce flatbreads or cheese and banger pie.

You can check out a screen cap of this history making tweet after the jump.



I’m sure, sitting in some dark corner of the Internet, there’s some slash fan fiction about Magneto and Charles Xavier hooking up, maybe even getting married and raising mutant powered babies. In a delightfully reality bending twist Sir Ian McKellen is going to marry Sir Patrick Stewart . . . to Stewart’s fiancee, jazz singer Sunny Ozell.

McKellen recently appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show, where he announced:

“I’m going to marry Patrick [Stewart]. I am going to officiate at his wedding.”

Ross then asked McKellen if he was legally able to marry Stewart:

“I don’t know, but in Massachusetts, in the middle of America somewhere, you get a friend along, and I read out the words, and Sunny and Patrick will then be married. … I’ve done it once before with two guys having a civil partnership. I was crying my eyes out.”

Massachusetts’ Secretary of Commonwealth does offer a service that allows a family friend or relative to perform the couple’s wedding ceremony for a fee of $25. When asked what he might wear, McKellen replied that the last time he officiated he wore:

“a white gown which I bought in India. You mustn’t upstage the bride.”

Imagine Gandalf officiating your wedding, how cool is that. Can you imagine the guest list at this? Most likely the actual ceremony will be a low key affair, Stewart isn’t known for big publicity seeking type events. The reception however, should be a fan boy or girl’s dream convention. I’m sure there will be Stewart’s friends from Star Trek, X-Men, as well as many others in the entertainment and music business.

Stewart, 72, has been romantically linked to Ozell, 35, since 2009.

Via: THR

Sci-Fi/Comic conventions are fun as hell, but sometimes, weird things happen. In addition to breaking the record for the largest gathering of Star Trek fans anywhere, the latest UK Trek-themed convention gains a place at the top of the “WTF?” list and has surely become a legendary moment for actor John Barrowman.

While hosting this past weekend’s Destination Star Trek Five Captains panel – where all five Star Trek captains were under the same roof answering fans’ questions and such – the Doctor Who and Torchwood star asked former Enterprise captain Scott Bakula to sign one of his butt cheeks. Being the sport that he his, Bakula proceeded to semi-permanently sign Barrowman’s torpedo bay under the watchful eyes of fellow Sci-fi captains Sir Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and captain James T. Kirk himself, William Shatner.

We can’t see everyone’s faces, but judging by the image posted by the @Team_Barrowman twitter page, at least Shatner is having a grand old time of it all.  It’s something like this that could only happen at a convention.

Special thanks to Blastr for sharing the background image to every Torchwood fangirl’s computer for the next six months.

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart  is most recognized for playing the best captain in Star Trek (he is the best, don’t try to argue) and teaching mutants how to behave accordingly as Professor X in X-Men. In regards to the latter, it was thought that X-Men The Last Stand was the last time we’d see him play the telepathic mutant; considering the characters unfortunate demise in the middle of the film.

Well, a news report from Newsarama is saying he will return to the wheelchair once again in a future X-Men movie.

At this year’s Montreal Comic Convention, a fan asked Stewart about his chances of returning to the film franchise to which he replied, “I think there is every possibility,” and then began to say the names of his female co-stars, “Halle Berry! Famke Janssen! Rebecca Stamos! Anna Paquin!” All these leading ladies have returned to reprise their roles in the X-men film franchise, Stewart went on to say, “Yes, I’ll be reprising…”

There’s no word yet on whether or not Stewart was making an official announcement or he had just gotten away with the best fan trolling of the year. It may have been his way of saying he’ll make a return in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but that’ll have to wait until some kind of official statement is released.

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I’m telling ya, true story! See it all here, caught on film by Funny or Die. Sir Patrick Stewart is the Godfather of scalping. Maise Williams is the young street urchin who helps him steal a ticket from Olympic Gold Medalist, Ryan Lochte, which they then turn around and sell to actor, Simon Pegg. For Stewart, it’s the role of a lifetime and I for one hope this isn’t the end of Ticket-Tooth Phillip.

For real, can this get picked up for series?

Source: Topless Robot

Wether it’s captaining the Enterprise, training X-Men, or getting tapped on the shoulder with a sword by the Queen, Patrick Stewart always seems to come out on top. You can now add Olympic torch carrier to his long list of personal accomplishments.

Stewart is one of many fine people honored to participate in the London Olympic torch relay, which has been steadily moving through England. After passing the flame to the next runner Stewart stopped to talk about the experience.

“I didn’t realize how much it meant until it started, I didn’t realize until we gathered here at the school this morning and then went out in the bus and saw the thousands of people on the streets. The sense of exhilaration that that brought. And the evident pleasure in everyone who was witnessing it and feeling that they were sharing in something extraordinary, which they are.”

Stewart joins a list of sci-fi actors including Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and James McAvoy (Professor Xavier, X-Men First Class), who’ve each run a leg of the Olympic torch’s path to the stadium in London. The final runner of the Olympic torch has not been announced publicly. Check the news Friday to find out who will carry the torch the final leg of the journey. My money is on Prince William or Henry.

Watch Stewart make his run in the video below and also check out what Matt Smith had to say when he stared off the torch’s journey:

This past weekend at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation took to the stage in what was surely a momentous occasion for all Trekkies in attendance. The reunion marked the show’s 25th anniversary and included LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn and Sir Patrick Stewart. I know, you’re already shaking with jealousy over the fact you weren’t present to witness what must have been an evening of true Star Trek awesomeness. Never fear, this is the internet age where anything and everything is recorded for posterity. Below you’ll find a full 66 minutes of the reunion that’s been uploaded to Youtube thanks to cid388.

But first! I’d like to highlight this moment extra special and extremely heartfelt moment. Wil Wheaton gave his own touching tribute to the crew of the Enterprise and I dare you not to get even a little teary-eyed. Note, not recommend for the easily emotional. Especially if you’re at work. Do you want to try and explain why you’re crying like a little girl about Star Trek to your co-workers?

Hit the jump for the all the videos recapping the reunion.