You may have heard about a movie called Clerks. It was the breakthrough film for writer/director Kevin Smith, who funded the simple black and white comedy with a fistful of credit cards and the profits from selling his comic book collection. Well, the film was a genuine success when it was released in 1994, and like a lot of successful movies, the money men behind it wanted to make more money off the brand. And voila, Clerks the sitcom was born. Now you may think we’re referring to the short-lived animated series, but no, there was a live-action attempt to capture the magic of Clerks, and naturally it failed. Thought lost to the waves of history, the internet has returned the Clerks pilot to us in all it’s terrible glory. (more…)


In a coup for 10-year-old me, it looks like ABC is looking to adapt the 1989 comedy hit Uncle Buck as a new multi-camera sitcom for debut sometime next season. This is part of an interesting trend lately of movie hits of the past becoming TV shows in the present, and it runs through various genres and time periods. Perhaps bolstered by the success of FX’s Fargo, and to a lesser extent Hannibal and About a Boy, there have been series or pilots ordered for shows based on 12 Monkeys, Big, and mostly recently, Rush Hour. (There was also talk of a Say Anything series, but Cameron Crowe put the kibosh on that). Perhaps TV shows based on movies will be the 2015/16 Tv season variation on comic book series. Good thing that ABC snapped up the rights to Uncle Buck early then… (more…)


Death is a natural part of life, but don’t tell that to fans of NBC’s Community, whose rabid support for the show went from admirable to stomach-turning overnight. When NBC announced that the sitcom wouldn’t be returning after Season Five, my Twitter feed was filled with enraged shouts, damning the network for taking away their precious baby and even (in some extreme cases) threatening boycott of all future programs belonging to the peacock. It was a filthy display of entitlement that showed how ungrateful its ‘cult’ supporters could be (the network did ignore terrible ratings and renewed the show four times over, after all).

Well, it seems that Dan Harmon, despite being courted by Hulu to bring the show to its streaming services for Season Six, shares my somewhat bleak outlook on going back to Greendale Community College. The series has survived so much at this point, maybe it’s time to just put a period at the end of its sentence. (more…)

I’m sure you’ve all been sitting around lately thinking, “Gosh, y’know what Game of Thrones really needs? A sitcom spin-off focusing on the hijinks of Tyrion Lannister and his mercenary ally, Bronn.” Come on, I know you were. The comradery between the little lion and his unsavory mate is a highlight of the show and novels and as crass as an actual sitcom spin-off would be, I kind of want it.

Which is why it’s a good thing Vulture put together such a spot on, funny trailer. Check it out below and let us know what kind of shenanigans you’d want to see the guys get into on a weekly, 30 minute basis?

Source: The Mary Sue

FOX to Develop Zombieland Sitcom

Did you know zombies are totally the new vampires? With The Walking Dead making cable ratings its prison bitch it’s only a matter of time before the big 4 networks try to cash in. Well, apparently that time has already passed because Fox TV is hard at work on a Zombieland TV series. That will apparently be a sitcom.

*canned laughter*


I hate almost all sitcoms. Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I’ve watched a few here and there, but they mostly just make me angry. Dorkly‘s “Mortal Kombat sitcom” however, does not make my eye twitch with hate. Mostly ’cause it parodies the ridiculous commonalities all sitcoms have.

The first episode titled “Get Over Here” aired a few months back and it was genius! Basically they put Scorpion and Sub-Zero under the same roof, and give them a dynamic that parodies those in every TV show about two single men. The videogame lines used in corny jokes, and oddly placed conversations made me laugh like a ‘tard.

Well, “Get Over Here” is back. In this episode: Shao Kahn comes to dinner. Will Scorpion get the big promotion? Or will he get his spine ripped out through his eye sockets?

If this was on Adult Swim, then there would be a total of 3 good shows on Adult Swim. Its so funny cause its such a typical sitcom.