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We are only a little over a year away from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and while George Lucas may not give a damn about the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, the rest of the world is in a frenzy for any bit of information they can get. After an absolutely titillating teaser trailer (really, has 88 seconds of footage ever set the internet on fire like this before??), many are waiting with bated breath for more details on the franchise.  Well, thanks to a recent communication between TFA director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, fans now have a bit more meat to chew on. Not a lot, of course, considering J.J. Abrams’ obsession with secrecy (*cough* Khan *cough*), but enough to make fans of the series a little happier today.  But first, let’s roll that teaser ONE MORE TIME!!! (more…)


Unless they were in the first three Star Wars movies, we have no idea who anyone in the Star Wars Episode VII cast is playing in the film. Until the day comes that someone at Disney and/or Lucasfilm decides to let us in on the secret, we’re going to have to rely on rumor and intuition to guess who’s playing who in the film. But today’s bit of speculation seems to hint at the idea that one of the film’s new female cast members: Daisy Ridley, Gwendoline Christie and Lupita Nyong’o, is playing a villainess in Episode VII. (more…)

Each and every week we scour the internet for nothing but the best in nerd based art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every net based nook and cranny. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly Nerd Art Dumps.

ABOVE: There will always be a Stark in winterfell – they just never figured it would be one wearing half a billion dollars around his body. James Zapata is a god with a computer, just look at the Stark crest imprinted into Tony Stark’s armor and the overall badassery you feel out of this. [James Zapata]

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New York Toy Fair 2012 has come and gone. While we thought we featured everything in our NYTF: Toy, Toys and Oh Yeah, More Toys  post, news is still coming out of the “Big Apple”.  Hasbro has announced it’s line figurines, collectible items and game pieces for their upcoming Star Wars line. They presented a plethora of plastic fun things, which are representative of the original trilogy, prequel trilogy and the expanded universe. In other words, more Star Wars shit we can’t help but buy. As much as I hate putting more money in George Lucas’ pocket, I must own that Darth Star display with all the wee little figures (above).

Check out the full gallery of images (with shots supplied by Pietro Filipponi) and descriptions after the jump.

Hey, it’s Star Wars. “Shut up and take my money”, right?

This NerdBastard has watched a lot of Star Wars Fan-made movies and shorts over the years. It’s always a coin flip when you start each one. Will it be good? Please let it be good. Often there are a jumble of parts that just don’t fit together to complete the puzzle.

Good story – atrocious acting.

Good acting – horrible effects.

Good idea – lousy writing.

 Great effects – confusing editing.

So when you come across one that stands out, it usually makes the Internet rounds and is quickly brought to this NerdBastard’s attention. Now, out of the Internet blue comes Dark Resurrection Volume 0. The prequel to Dark Resurrection Volume 1.  

How the hell have I missed these two?

Don’t worry, an investigation is under way. Stones will be turned, light cast into dark corners, someone out there will be brought before my terrible swift justice.

Just a couple of notes before you NerdBastards dive right in. The film is in Italian with English subtitles. I found that this helps the overall impact of the film. I don’t speak Italian, so I miss any stilted acting that might have occurred. The language might as well be “inter-galactic” and that adds an additional other worldly element to the film. 

Once you get the time to watch the entire film, come back and give us your comments in the section below. I’ll be interested to hear your insights into the two films. 

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If you were near Washington Square Pare in New York this passed Saturday night you might have witnessed almost 1,000 people battling it out under the famous arch with lightsabers. Why, you might ask? Well, I’ll ridicule you for asking such a stupid question, like you must ask why a lightsaber battle could or would occur (’cause it’s totally awesome), here’s what the hosts, Lori Kufner and Kevin Bracken of Newmindspace, had to say,

Last night’s lightsaber battle was phenomenal! 500 lightsabers were reserved in advance, and easily 1000 people showed up. I am happy we can put on big family-friendly events; so many parents and kids last night. The Arch in the park made for an epic backdrop, and my favorite moment of the night was setting up an epic Braveheart-style skirmish with deafening cheers from each side.

See, Newmindspace is dedicated to hosting free, massive events in cities all around North America. Kufner and Bracken are just two crazy artists who have been “organizing free, fun, all-ages events like parties on subway cars, public pillow fights, giant games of capture the flag on city streets, massive bubble battles, public art installations” since 2005. A giant public lightsaber battle is completely within these parameters, and dude, are we happy they thought of it.

Below check out slew of videos and images from the fantastic event.


Little padawan, Sariah Gallego truly understands the power of the Dark Side. While training at the Jedi Academy in Disneyland Gallego was tempted and turned. When told to fight Darth Vader in order to complete her training, she refuses, says she will instead join Vader and then bows before him! Evil Empire FTW! The future Sith was quickly expelled from Jedi Academy but not before creeping into our black, dead hearts with her adorable evil rebellion.

Would you be proud of your little girl making the most evil career choice and joining the Sith? Yeah, I probably would.

source: Topless Robot

Nerd Art: Disney Princesses Turn Sith


Thanks to JosephB222 and his deviantART page, I think he created a new fantasy for some folks on the internet. JosephB222 has been working on the project for three years and and I say it’s worth it as they are all drawn well and hell, I got to see a Sith Jasmine which makes it a win for me.

So click the jump button if you want to see more of the Disney princesses showing their dark side (no, not that dark side) and see if your favorite princesses is there and check on JosephB222’s deviantART profile as more Sith princesses are to come.

Source: Geeks are Sexy, JosephB222 deviantART page