Rescued from cancellation by Yahoo! last spring, Community may yet realize its implied promise of six seasons and a movie. This despite the fact that it’s lost almost half the original cast (Yvette Nicole Brown departed in the off-season to deal with family issues), but with a majority of the cast remaining, and some new recruits coming onboard, Greendale will now live on, on the internet, as it should be (I guess). It was a big gamble to get recruited by Yahoo, and a big gamble for Yahoo to enter the getting-more-crowded original content game, and with the premiere of Community coming very, very soon now, it seems that the show is doubling down on fan interest by evoking another new “Age.” (more…)

Community Season Six Premiere Date Announced


Community has had quite the history, and it’s a major feat that the show has managed to stay on the air despite the struggling ratings and behind-the-scenes malarkey that has been thrown in the show’s way throughout its run. Surprisingly, the show has remained a resilient cult favourite, fulfilling the “six-seasons-and-a-movie” doctrine. The show has seen Chevy Chase falling out with series creator Dan Harmon; Harmon then getting fired; Chase deciding to leave; Season four losing its way due to the departure of Harmon; Harmon being reinstated. And, just when we thought things were copacetic,  show favorite Donald Glover announced his plans to leave, with Yvette Nicole Brown following suit after season five. You have to admire the tenacity of the remaining cast and crew and the respect they uphold towards the fans. (more…)

Dan Harmon Talks ‘Community’ Season Six


It finally happened.

After five tumultuous seasons, Community was finally given the axe last Friday. After surviving disastrously low ratings, two major stars leaving, and its creator getting fired and then re-hired, the show was finally put to rest. It was a great run and fans were “outraged” (more on this in a second) that NBC would cancel the series, peppering Twitter with the now infamous #SixSeasonsAndaMovie hashtag and even threatening to boycott the network in some instances. The darkest timeline had finally arrived and it was an ugly day for avid fans and passive viewers of the show alike.

Like clockwork, talk regarding the show being picked by and continued on by another network was instantaneous. Could Netflix “save” the series, a la Arrested Development? What about Hulu or Netflix? Could it land on TBS, like Cougar Town did? Now recently rehired show-runner Dan Harmon is weighing in on the possibility of a sixth season and his words may shock the show’s rabid fan-base.



“Ass-crack Bandit?” “Chair walkers?” “Benjamin Franklin Chang?” “All hail, Britta?!?!” Has the world gone topsy-turvy or does it look like Community’s back in fine (Dan Harmon-shaped) form for season five? Following up on a teaser released earlier this week (which I couldn’t see because I live in Canada. Thanks NBC.) comes a trailer epic enough for fandom on the eve of the release of the new Hobbit movie. #sixseasonsandamovie never seemed so plausible. (more…)

Earlier today, on another site, I wrote that Community creator Dan Harmon was content with the show “living fast, dying young, and leaving a pretty corpse”, infering that the show, under Harmon’s watch, had refused to pander, refused to jump sharks, or alter itself in an effort to find mainstream acceptance. This was proven by episodes like last nights outstanding Digital Estate Planning, an episode that almost wholly took place in an 8 bit video game.

Well, apparently either Harmon decided that he had said his piece and fought his last war in the name of Community, or the network (or the studio) decided that they wanted someone else to run the show, because according to The AV Club, Dan Harmon is officially out as show runner, and Community, as we have known it, may have actually died last night after all.

Taking over the show will be David Guarascio and Moses Port, formerly producers on ABC’s splendid Happy Endings, and two guys with an immense challenge on their hands. See, not only do they have to keep Community on the air, but they also have to live up to Harmon’s incredible standard and not lose the show’s extremely vocal and engaged fan-base who will salt the earth if they even sense a hint of the show straying from it’s base.

As for Harmon, well, he’ll remain as a consulting producer in a move that reeks of NBC and Sony begging, “fandom, please don’t send us truckloads of black felt goatees”, and he also has Rick and Morty, and a new-found ability to stir up feuds with Chevy Chase.

So, Community fans, are we willing to give the new guys a chance, or did the heart of our fair show just walk out the door, taking the dream of #sixseasonsandamovie with it?

In my opinion, the show will get a full season, meaning the initial 13 episodes and the back 9 (because NBC’s new slate of comedies is something worse than onerous) but it will be a shell of it’s former self and that’s less a shot at the new guys than it is an appraisal of Harmon’s value and skill. #AFullSeasonAndAShellOfItself is not as catchy a hashtag as the one the Community fans are working on now, #SixSeasonsAndWeLoveYouDanHarmon

Let us know in the comment section below what you think about all of this, and be sure to welcome Community to bastardom.

UPDATE: Yeah, Harmon got fired and Sony never tried to negotiate or let him know that they were moving in this direction and he has never spoken to Bob Greenblatt of NBC, the man who said Harmon would still be involved in some way. Harmon will have a title, but does not seem at all interested in being involved with the show in any way, and honestly, why the fuck would he. This all from Harmon’s statement on Tumblr, which you can read here. It is long, and it is funny, and it is sad.

Dan Harmon got did dirty so Sony and NBC can make a desperate stab syndication by broadening Community’s appeal, something they new Dan Harmon would never go for. That’s what makes Dan Harmon the hero of this particular story, and honestly, with regard to making the show accessible or broadening it’s appeal. F-U-C-K accessibility. I understand the business sense of it, but really, if things are too smart for dumb people, dumb people should get smarter, not get dumber things that drag down everyone else’s happy. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to build a blanket fort now and wish for another timeline.

Source: The AV Club