It looks like all that hard work Jason Segel did for The Muppets movie is paying off once again, this time in the form of a continental partnership of science fiction and puppetry.

Sadly, this isn’t the long awaited Muppet’s “Pigs in Space” feature film we’ve all waited for, but it does mean Kermit and company are coming back to television — sort of.

Pairing with the United Kingdom’s highly popular BBC network, the one that does the show about that time traveling doctor (perhaps you’ve heard of it?), the Jim Henson Co. will be creating content in the form of No Strings Attached. The show will reportedly be based on the original Muppets Show, where various celebs will show up each week taking part in a series of sketches and games. The catch? Well, these will be different Muppets — no Kermit, no Gonzo, not even a measly Pepe the Prawn.

Here’s a release from the BBC on their partnership:

Danny Cohen, Controller BBC One and Karl Warner, Executive Editor Entertainment Commissioning, have commissioned BBC In-house Entertainment to make a pilot for BBC One. The project is a co-production with The Jim Henson Company.

In No Strings Attached (working title), a brand new cast of puppet characters will invite two celebrity guests to enter their world. The guests will go head to head in a series of unique games run by the cast of characters and take part in a variety of sketches, in what will be a warm, cheeky, family affair fuelled by a healthy dose of off-the-wall, madcap fun.

Danny Cohen said: “It’s wonderful to be working with The Jim Henson Company and a writing team led by Danny Baker.”

Derek McLean, Creative Director, BBC In-House Entertainment, said: “We are delighted and honoured to be providing both desk-space and an original idea to such a powerful array of showbiz talent, in what promises to be the longest credit roller in history.”

The creative team behind the show includes Brian Henson as lead puppeteer and Danny Baker as lead writer. The puppets have been created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in Los Angeles.

Executive producers are Derek McLean and Andrew Westwell for BBC Entertainment, Brian and Lisa Henson for The Jim Henson Company and Martin Baker and Peter Coogan for Baker Coogan Productions, long time Henson collaborators.

Filming will take place overseas with the new cast of puppets created out of Henson studios in LA, with Jim’s son and current chairman of the Jim Henson Company Brian Henson serving as executive producer of the show. Journalist, radio DJ and screenwriter Danny Baker will be covering all the written material and comedy.

Hopefully this new show will translate well for those of us on this side of pond, otherwise the comedic aspect will be lost on us trying to figure out where No Strings Attached is funny. Oh yeah, did we mention that the celebrities will obviously be British? This gives us hope for the day we’ll all be expecting: The Doctor, any Doctor, in a Muppet’s sketch! Based on that thought alone we should be happy with what we are getting.

Source: /Film


We here at Nerdbastards are all about trying to crack a good joke here and there, but now isn’t the time. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and this is one of those situations. For Hillaire S., a young woman living in a Texas, the justice system is second to the high school sports team.  Here’s Hillaires’ story (*Spoiler: a nerd angel comes to her aid):

At the age of 16, Hillaire S. was sexually assaulted by Rakheem Bolton, a basketball player and football star from the school. She did the right thing and reported her attacker to school authorities. However, they  responded to this sickening attack on a student by telling her to “Lay low”, stay away from the cafeteria, and not go to Homecoming. Rakheem admitted to the crime and was charged with misdemeanor assault, if this were an episode of Degrassi this would be the part before the credits where he gets kicked off the team.

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Alternate Ending – Back to the Future – Biff is Dead!

College Humor has come out with a new, sympathetic, and understanding view of Biff Tannen. You remember Biff, the bullying bastard that always ended up covered in Horse manure, or some kind of manure. I was never really sure what exact kind it was. That would be an epic nerd arguement, what kind of manure was Biff covered in? Horse or Cow? Ready? WRESTLE!