Skull Island


With the hype train going strong for Kong: Skull Island, March sure does feel like a long way away. It is bound to be packed all sorts of mythical monsters, dinosaurs and of course, the main attraction himself: King Kong. If you’re like us, you simply cannot wait to get your taste of all the chest-beating, Sam-Jackson-yelling action that awaits you. Fortunately, for those of you looking to get a taste of the action before it hits the big screen, you can get an incredible appetizer on the all-new Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure.



Before American audiences were taught the word “kaiju” (or, daikaiju, for that matter), they had already fallen in love with King Kong.  The 1933 film became an instant classic, thanks to its (at the time) cutting edge special effects, a strange but somehow relatable creature, and the actress who stole the heart of the beast, Fay Wray.  One of the most memorable scenes of the film, as well as its 2005 remake, is a battle between Kong and a Tyrannosaurus on the long hidden Skull Island.  Over 20 years later, in 1954, audiences would fall in love with another reptilian giant, Godzilla.  After witnessing the spectacle of Kong vs. dinosaur years before, monster movie fanatics were chomping at the bit to see the giant ape take on this new threat and in 1962, it finally happened.  Now, over 50 years later, the big screen behemoths will be sharing some screen time again, for the rematch of the century.   (more…)

A God Just Joined ‘Skull Island’


2005’s King Kong was brilliant on many levels.  Director Peter Jackson was able to create a world that seemed realistic and beautiful while giving audiences a near perfect monster to rally behind.  Considering the success of the movie, both financially and critically, it was surprising to many that a sequel wasn’t immediately greenlit.  Nine years have passed since Jackson’s new vision of the beast with a huge heart but Legendary Pictures is hoping that audiences will still flock to theaters to see what’s in store for them with the recently announced movie, Skull Island.  Months have passed since the announcement of the movie brought on thunderous applause at San Diego Comic-Con but it looks like things are beginning to move swiftly now.  Thanks to a press release from Legendary, audiences can now begin to get excited for the project with the announcement that Tom Hiddleston will be joining the movie, which will be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (The Kings of Summer). (more…)


EDITORS NOTE: Story (SDCC14: Legendary Pictures Unleashes a Hugh Surprise on Hall H) updated from 1/26/14. Update Below.

Legendary Pictures used to be tied to the superhero movie boom but lately they’ve been shepherding movies about big damn monsters (among other things) into theaters with good but not earth shattering results, though it seems clear that, in doubling down with the Godzilla and Pac Rim sequels, their aim is to win audiences over with both the largess of these films and their persistence.

Enter Skull Island, a film based on the mythical island home of King Kong and a complete surprise to the assembled crowd in Hall H and the press when Legendary ran a quick teaser promoting the project. (more…)