Smallville ending

Smallville Fan Finale Fwapping!

Maurice Anthony Simmons recently posted his “reaction video” to the finale of Smallville. A long time fan, Maurice has some strong feelings about the shows finale. I’m hoping he only does this at home, because I’d hate to sit near this guy in a theater after paying to see the movie. Now at home, I think he would be a hoot to watch television with. Can you imagine how he took the Battlestar Galactica or Lost endings?

What do you think, genuine emotion or high school drama class reaction? I must admit that at one point I would have called 911 if I was his neighbor hearing this through the wall. One last question to ponder, was he touching himself as well?

Smallville Ending Next Season


After 10 seasons, The CW’s Smallville train is finally grinding to a halt. Averaging a fantastic 2.35 million viewers this season, though in its prime, averaged 6.30 million viewers an episode, the show is making it’s formal announcement today.

The show has a serious fan base, dedicated and loyal, including Howard Stern and big time affiliates keeping the show alive all this time.

I’ve watched several episodes of the show and couldn’t get into it. The Smallville universe appeared to me to have a young Clark Kent, literally, surrounded by other people with super powers and a seemingly endless amount of local and easy to find krytonite. He never flies and always seems to forget he can punch through the center of the earth, so maybe, just maybe, it’s time for young Kal-El to become the man we all know as Superman.

They have not announced why the show is ending, but I’m assuming in their formal proclamation that they will let us know that the 10th season will be the final because well, it IS time for Clark Kent to fly. It IS time for him to leave Smallville and become Superman.

…Only other thing I can think of is changing the name to Metropolis and start some super escapades…