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*Please note: “Its like Juno with superpowers” is in no way official or indicative of the film, I am just trying to get a blurb on the movies poster.

Kevin Smith‘s SModcast Pictures has but one mission. To help out plucky little independent filmmakers by distributing their plucky little independent films. Enter writer/Director Jordan Galland and his quirky little movie about a underrated superhero in the middle of a few (but not infinite) crisis. Public and government support for the cape and mask crowd is at an all time low and his girlfriend is cheating on him (with his alter ego.)

Alter Egos stars no one ‘big’ (save for that one guy from That ’70s Show that’s not Kutcher or the foreign guy) making it a shoe-in for the festival circuit. Ok, I don’t want to sound like I am making fun of it, it actually does look like a fun movie.

Alter Egos will have a limited theatrical release starting this Friday (October 17th,) followed by a VOD release on November 20th. Check out the trailer after the jump.


This past Thursday night, thousands of movie goers were privy to Kevin Smith invading their theaters in a live simulcast of Kevin Smith: Live from Behind. The event featured Smith and his hetero life mate Jason Mewes doing their podcast, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, followed by an extended question and answer session. The Q&A revealed some very telling details on future projects.

As we already know, Smith’s hockey feature Hit Somebody will be his last feature length film. This is disheartening since Kevin still appears to have plenty in the tank. Anyway, Smith was hoping to have Hit Somebody ready for next year’s Sundance Film Festival, but with seven months till the submission deadline for Sundance 2013 and an upwards of 200 pages in script to sort through, Kev is not likely to deliver.

More details regarding Hit Somebody comes from film site Their article states:

-Shooting is likely to start in June or July.
-The budget will be between $15-$20 million.
-The film is too pricey to tour ala Red State, but he does hope to host special Canadian screenings in hockey arenas with the -film playing projected on the ice.
-It takes place between 1950 and 1980 and isn’t a comedy. It’ll be more like Field of Dreams with hockey.

Aside from Hit Somebody, Kev dropped news on another project that fans are sure to gush like a school girl over… Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. Yep, Jay and Bob are back! J&B Super Groovy Cartoon movie will be a blend of live action and R-rated animation helmed by Kevin and Smodcast Pictures.

While Smith never really spoke about the project Thursday night it was confirmed by /Film reader Raymond A. (Known as @smoothevity on Twitter) that Smith intends to have the animated film ready for Midnight Madness at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival.

What do you think about Smith and Mewes pairing up once again as their pop culture alter-egos?

Source: /Film

Red State has led an interesting life as it slowly works it’s way towards an official release. Kevin Smith pissed a lot of folks off when he announced he would be distributing the movie himself, or at least without studio involvement, but it seems this hasn’t soured any of his fans. Using the growing empire of podcasts and now S.I.R, Smith has done a fine job spreading the Red word. He’s also been taking Red State on tour premiering the flick in cities all around the country.

Red State is set to be released via Video on Demand in September, but now, in an Academy Award-qualifying move, Red State will have a theatrical run from August 19-25 at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. So, bully for you, Angelenos. To coincide with this announcement here’s a look at the official trailer and poster, of which you can see a bigger, prettier version below the cut.

Whoa. This is the first footage I’ve seen of Red State, and seriously, whoa. This is creepy shit. A very different film for Smith, but a welcome change on a crazy, intense subject. I’m stoked. My favorite part of the trailer might be, “From @ThatKevinSmith,” making social media a prominent part of the film’s promotion, which it was.

So now Red State‘s well in the can, and soon set for release, what is Smith doing with his free time? Oh, just watching his media empire grow. From live shows, podcasts and an internet radio station, Smith is really making a brand of himself. Well now we might be able to catch him on a daily televised talk show. Here’s what Vulture has been able to uncover,

Smith’s reps are telling celebs that the tentatively titled Kevin Smith Project will be “a daily 30-minute entertainment talk show for syndication … The idea is a Regis and Kelly talk show at the opposite end of the day for the opposite kind of audience — the 12-34 demo. Kevin and his co-host will talk water-cooler topics at the top of the show, followed by a celebrity interview and a comedy segment from the field (a la The Daily Show). Each show will feature one celebrity interview.” The message also gives a hint as to which studios might be behind the project: “The show is being positioned to air following TMZ, in the 6-8pm time period on the Fox stations in all the major markets.” TMZ hails from Warner Bros. Television’s Telepictures unit, so that studio could be a likely home for Smith; the Fox stations also could be behind the show via their sister studio, Twentieth Television.

Interesting, but I have the same concern as many others, how can you really enjoy Kevin Smith censored? I mean, he’d have to be for this show to be on FOX or any other cable station. Either that or it’ll be a show with a lot of fuckin’ beeps.

So what d’ya guys think? On any one of these topics, the Red State trailer and poster, his TV talk show, or shit, Smith in general. Sound off!

source: /Film


It seems that Kevin Smith had a good idea to self-distribute his new horror film, Red State.

According to an article on GigaOM, Smith has already made back the $4 million his production company, SMODcast Pictures, invested.

At Sundance earlier this year, Smith announced that he would self-distribute Red State, launching the theatrical release on October 19, 2011, the seventeenth anniversary of the release of his first breakout hit, Clerks. But prior to that, Smith decided to take the movie on the road, going on a 15-city tour and granting question and answer sessions after screenings of the film.

That plan has apparently already paid off, as Smith told an audience at the National Association of Broadcasters show Wednesday that while SMODcast has yet to make a formal announcement, he was happy to say that Red State was officially “in the black.” But that’s not the only milestone the film was able to achieve. As first noted in Indiewire, Red State was technically the 10th-highest weekend theater average, taking in more than $161,000 at the movie’s launch at Radio City Music Hall in March.

Smith’s plan to self-distribute Red State came after apparently being turned down by long-term backers Bob and Harvey Weinstein. The Weinsteins had for years helped to produce and distribute Smith’s distinctive brand of off-beat comedies from Clerks to Zack and Miri Make a Porno. But the two apparently didn’t have the stomach for Red State, a satirical horror film loosely based on the Westboro Baptist Church. According to Smith at NAB, the Weinsteins said they didn’t see an audience for the film.

The self-distribution plan also came in response to what Smith saw as inefficiency in the way films were marketed. Based on previous films, he estimated that it would cost a major studio some $20 million to market the film, or five times what it cost to make.

Personally, I’ve always liked Smith’s films. They are good films with a heart to them, even films such as Zack and Miri Make a Porno or Dogma. If you haven’t seen any of his films, I would definitely suggest you do.

This also shows just how loyal a fan-base can be, as Red State has not gotten the best reviews. But then again, none of Smith’s films have received an abundance of praise, and it doesn’t seem to be a flop.

So, the choice is up to you. Will you see Red State?