Even Batman loves a good, nerdy podcast!

Maybe you’ve found some time on your hands. Maybe you like to listen to something other than talk-radio on your drive to work, lunch break, or traffic-laden drive home. Maybe you need something new for the office radio. Or perhaps you just love the sweet, sweet sound of nerds talking. Whatever the case, you’re wondering about nerd-centric podcasts to add to your life. What better than CELEBRITY nerd podcasts??? We’ve collected podcasts by names nearly every nerd knows that you need to be introduced to today. So, dive into 5 nerd podcasts to add to your playlist and get listening!


Kevin Smith, left, and Jason Mewes arrive at the L.A. Batman Live Premiere on Thursday Sept. 27, 2012, at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. (Photo by Todd Williamson/Invision for Warner Bros./AP Images)

It is fairly common knowledge now that everyone hates Kevin Smith. People hate his stupid movies. People hate his stupid attitude. People hate his stupid voice. People hate his stupid beard. People hate Kevin Smith, is the point. Look at the comments of any article centering on Smith and you’re bound to find comments criticizing his movies or his face or his beard or whatever else people may complain about in comment sections. Yes, it would be easy to get caught up in the tsunami of hate that is swelling off the coast of Kevin Smith, who is now a beachfront metropolis to make this clumsy analogy work.

The point is, the coastal city of Kevin Smith may not make sense to you. It may be weird or disturbing. Maybe you loved it at first, but as you spent more time there, you realized that it wasn’t home. Regardless, there are countless millions who do enjoy the coastal city of Kevin Smith and many more who would enjoy a return trip, if only they would make the time. Whatever group you fall into, there’s no sense in joining the tsunami of hate, because tsunamis only destroy and kill people. That’s why a wall had to be erected against the tsunami. That’s why this article is written in defense of Kevin Smith.



Now that Clerks III is apparently back on track thanks to a mysterious benefactor not named “Weinstein,” Kevin Smith is now free to do what he does best, talk about it! And while talking on one of his plurality of podcasting platforms, The SModcast, Smith confirmed what was perhaps the second most obvious piece of casting news for the film, that Jay & Silent Bob would be back for part III. The hetero-lifemates have been a part of many of Smith’s comedic efforts, including his first five films, plus the 2006 sequel Clerks II, so if you thought there would be a Clerks movie without everyone’s favorite, unionized Jersey pot dealers, you were really, really wrong. (more…)


When I was young, my dad used to constantly relay an old maxim. “Son,” he’d say, “the loudest guy in the bar is always going to be the least tough.” Outside of providing me with an essential bit of sage wisdom when it came to assessing the chances of getting my ass kicked, this brief aphorism doubled as one of my first lessons in the art of storytelling. Essentially, what my father was relaying was a tutorial in how to determine intent — to pick through a story’s delivery and try to understand just why it was being told. Keeping this truism in mind, I’m having a tough time deciding just why in the hell Kevin Smith decided to make Tusk, his latest foray into the world of horror filmmaking. While the New Jersey writer/director is certainly stretching outside of his comfort zone with this demented slice of body horror, it ultimately is nothing more than another juvenile descent into nonsense. To borrow from another tried and true expression (whose zoological roots seem fit for a movie about a loon transforming another man into a walrus): “a leopard cannot change its spots.”  (more…)

After much self-released events, Kevin Smith is finally set to arrive in theaters, but it is promised to be a unique experience. The press release from gives all movie-goers a sneak-peek of what to expect:

“On Sunday, September 25, Red State will screen at select theatres nationwide through a unique partnership with the Emerging Pictures theatre network, announced David Dinerstein, whose D Squared Films is overseeing the films distribution for SModcast. “Red State will be made available as a ‘One-Night-Only’ event which mirrors the format of SModcast’s record breaking Red State USA Tour from earlier this year. For this screening event, Smith’s trademark post show Q&A will be digitally streamed live from Tarantino’s New Beverly into all of the participating theatres, allowing audience members to interact directly with Smith utilizing Twitter. Smith will be joined on stage by a special guest who will moderate the Q&A,” said Dinerstein.

Written and directed by Kevin Smith and produced by Jonathan Gordon, Red State stars 2011 Academy Award winner for Best Actress Melissa Leo, Golden Globe winner John Goodman, and Michael Parks. The film debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival to much notoriety when Smith ended studio bidding by buying his own film for $20 and declaring he would be self-distributing the film theatrically. Smith has since toured the film around the country to enthusiastic audiences, grossing $1,065,429 to date at the North American box office from only 22 single show engagements and its Academy-qualifying run.
Following Smith’s original mandate to maximize the potential audience while minimizing the excessive marketing costs normally associated with distribution, he and his team have devised a unique distribution plan that will make the film available on multiple platforms simultaneously, including today’s debut of the film on Video-On-Demand (VOD) from Lionsgate. Lionsgate has previously announced that the DVD and and BluRay is set to be released on October 18 to coincide with the 17th anniversary of Smith’s debut film Clerks.

Red State tells the story of a group of teens in Middle America who receive an online invitation for sex, but soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda.”

By all means, Smith has been running on full cylinders promoting this film and its shown in ticket sales. After SModcasts (Smith’s company) released the film March 5, it kick started the 15 city Red State USA Tour. This tour allowed the film to unexpectedly become one of the few films to become the 9th highest per screen average film of all time.

This past weekend Red State secured the highest per-theater-average of any film in release for the past two weekends, averaging of $25,800 and $10,000 per theater, respectively. So will you be making it to theaters to check out Kevin Smith’s new movie or will you wait until it goes to Netflix?

ZZ7050B2F2(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier are not just in the film industry anyone, their now part of the Sirius/XM satellite family. That’s right, it looks like Silent Bob and friends have signed a deal that’s gonna net them more than $15 little man (put that shit in my hand).

On the Opie & Anthony show, Kevin announced that ‘SModcast’, Kevin’s weekly podcast, will be coming to Sirius/XM family. Comprised of a mix of classic podcasts and new monthly material, that can only be heard on satellite. Smith and Mosier will also be broadcasting uncut episodes from Smodcast to be accessed on the go from The Virus, channel 202 on XM and 197 on Sirius.

As a special present for those who will be listening, this saturday, at 1:00 PM ET, Kevin and Scott will debut a brand new, never-before heard episode. Followed up on sunday from 7:00 AM to midnight ET, on both channels, it’ll be 17 straight hours of SModcast! Uncut and nitty gritty. Stay tuned every week at 1:00 PM every week for new and classic SModcasts, along with other brodcasts set to be announced.

Check out the press release for yourself and don’t you worry, those who subscribe to the SModcast on itunes will still get free weekly episodes. Just don’t forget to listen to the nerdbastard cast while your online too.

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What has every one’s lovable fat guy, writer, director and all around pervy bastard been doing since the release of “Cop Out” (besides constantly tweeting about his wife’s perfect asshole. Which I never get tired of hearing about)? Well, the little dicked (or so he claims) bearded wonder of the world has been quite the busy bee.  He’s working on a television special (yay), building a theatre in Los Angeles (awesome), and will finally begin shooting his long awaited film Red State (fuck and Yea!).


Kevin Smith Vs. SouthWest Airlines

kevin-smithI’m not going to lie, I’m a pretty big guy, I’m pretty much short and big like Kevin Smith and maybe I would have been treated just like he was treated this past weekend. Kevin Smith, himself, tweeted how he was taken out of the plane because he was a “Safety Hazard” in a full plane in which he was able to switch to since all he wanted to do was get home early and get it on with his wife. (more…)