It seems like the perfect combination: take the guy who directed Snatch, Sherlock Holmes (the Robert Downey Jr. versions), and RocknRolla, and let him make a spy movie that stars Superman and The Lone Ranger.  Oh, and set it in the 1960s, where men were men and you had to rely on your wits and your talent instead of letting technology do your dirty work.  Sounds pretty badass, right?  Well, movie-goer, you’re in luck – because The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is an amazingly-cool movie that’s fun to watch and easy to enjoy.


Top 7 “Any Pointer” Movies


            There are some movies that start and you go YAY! And you go and sit, even though you need to be somewhere else, and while your foot is out the door, you are trying to pry your eyes away from said film. Then there are the movies that you turn on, and NO MATTER WHAT scene it’s on, you will follow through and watch it until the end. I’ll call these “Any Pointers”, while they are not your favorite movies, you hold them to a different gold standard then some movies. Here’s my quick list of some good ol’ boys, and I would love to hear your faves! Slingem’my way. (more…)