Sneaky Zebra


There’s enough crazy stuff going on every day to drive you to the brink of insanity, or at least drive you to curse at someone in your life who really doesn’t deserve it. We all need something to put a little smile on our face and help us stay out of the red zone of daily hectic life. That may be why there are so many cat videos on the Internet. If you couldn’t find a cat video to help lower your blood pressure today, how about this new video from the Prop Wars series by Sneaky Zebra. It’s just the thing for someone who’s having a rough week so far. (more…)

I might be late to the game on this, but something is troubling me. Men In Black 3 is coming out this weekend, right? Will Smith is staring in the movie, right? Why have I not heard his song to go with it yet? Yes, I know he hasn’t rapped in any of his movies in a decade (the last being from the last MIB movie, “Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head).” Yes, I know his more recent movies don’t lend well to a jaunty funky rap song (but damn it, he could have tried.) And yes, I know I have cracked a string of cynical/sarcastic jokes about him getting songs shoe horned into soundtracks, but I really thought we were due here.

I wanted him to.

After an exhaustive 38 second internet search I have found out that Pitbull is doing the theme to MIB3, and that I am not alone in wishing this wasn’t so. The fine funny folk from Sneaky Zebra have created a PSA on the topic, calling for Will Smith to rap once more. He must, damn it. This was promised to be the Willenium after all.

Funny ha ha PSA after the jiggy…. I mean jump.