In a galaxy far, far away in 1992, I rented a game from Blockbuster called Super Star Wars for the SNES. And it was one of the best games I played during my childhood. Hopefully, it was also one of your best memories. This game seemed to have it all, and more. In fact, it had more than I remembered because when I looked up some game play to remind myself what the game was all about, there were levels I didn’t remember playing. The ones I do remember, though, brought back all those feelings of fun, excitement, and utter frustration. Feelings I can’t wait to relive when the games gets re-released this week on PS4 and PS Vita.



In further proof that the Internet has the worst collective taste EVER (are you seriously still attempting to defend that POS AMAZING SPIDER-MAN sequel?), the Indiegogo campaign for Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, has met its ludicrous-sounding $450,000 goal.

The pain that just shot through my fingers while typing that was almost unbearable.

The sequel to the unplayable ’90s Street Fighter knockoff will be available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime in the future, with each sale successfully placing money in already established multi-millionaire celebrity Shaquille O’Neal’s pocket. No word yet as to how Ron Artest’s (excuse me…Metta World Peace’sKill Everything That Moves Kickstarter is going, nor what Kill Everything That Moves actually is (a home movie?).


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This week’s edition: the Grillenium Falcon, Dungeons & Dragons cake, Free Portal 2 soundtrack, Star Wars in Lego diorama, DC and Chuck Taylor team up, Lt. Data; soft spoken rapper, Pac-man created with light, Star Wars in 3 minutes with action figures, Green Lantern concept art, Marvel ladies in 80s glam, I choose you, Facehugger!, Chewie Bento Box, learn Klingon, Gamestop’s Batman: Arkham City pre-order bonus, smooth out 8-bit animation, shower with Droids, SNES style Doctor Who intro, Super Mario Bros. soda display, the Doctor’s newest companions, Indiana Jones meet Han Solo.


Image of the Day: Awesome Star Wars-themed mobile food truck

Food trucks are all the rage right now. There are taco trucks, cupcake trucks, even trucks with food based on hit television series (HBO’s Game of Thrones). But can those food trucks make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs and deliver on tasty grilled cheese? (blastr)


A 3D Dot Zelda We Can Only Dream Of


I am a Zelda purist. At age 10 I had a dog named Zelda and a ferret named Link. So there is no question that this 3D Dot Game Heroes’ character editor masterwork was on my radar. There is no doubt after watching this video, this game NEEDS to be made into Wii DLC. Seriously. I found while watching also that the game seems to be a mashup of The Legend of Zelda for NES and A Link to the Past  for SNES. It has an inkling of old school, with a slash and stab of explosive and shiny new graphix,  hence the 3D Game Heroes. I don’t know why no one has done a Zelda 3DGH sooner. Check out the video and be humbled. (Via GameInformer)

I leave you with a boggle. After all these years and countless sequels, why have they not replicated a Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link? The only side scroller of the Zelda series. It was, in the overland view, very similar to Final Fantasy 1, and the story, and the townspeople were very new at that time. So I beg the question, Why?


What a long and strange trip it has been in the realm of console gaming. What started out as blips and beeps with pixels seizure-ing across the screen (not a real word, I know), has blossomed into basically interactive movies. We have seen the arrival and the demise of so many consoles, it is hard to even name them all off the top of one’s head. I will be listing the 5 best consoles to actually own and not be embarrassed about. Systems that have copious amounts of games that have depth and feeling to them. Games that you don’t just play through once and sell back to Gamestop at a rip-off price in a week. Epic journeys with characters you love and can’t stop dreaming that you were actually them, experiencing the adventures first hand. I show you now, the 5 best consoles with games actually worth playing. (more…)