Snow White and the Hunstman

The Oscar nominations were announced this morning in Hollywood by future Oscar host Seth McFarlane and sidekick Emma Stone, and surprise, surprise, there wasn’t much love for nerdy movies outside the technical categories.

One nerd came out very well though. Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln got the most nominations with an even dozen, including Best Picture, Director, Screenplay and Actor for Daniel Day-Lewis. Following closely behind Lincoln is Ang Lee‘s Life of Pi with 11 nominations, among them Best Picture, Director, Screenplay and several technical award nominations.

For the more nerdy minded fair, two movies tied for the most nominations. The more prestigious was Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained, which scored five nominations for Best Picture, Screenplay, Cinematography, Sound Editing and Best Supporting Actor for Christoph Waltz, who won the award in the same category for Inglourious Basterds three years ago. The latest James Bond film Skyfall was also nominated for five Oscars including Best Cinematography, Score, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and Best Song for Adele‘s theme song.

The once mighty Oscar force of Middle Earth and Peter Jackson proved not to so powerful in the case of The Hobbit. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which received only three nominations for Best Make-Up, Best Art Direction and Best Visual Effects, a far cry from the 11 awards that the final chapter of The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King, won in 2004. Snow White and the Huntsman won two nominations, one for Best Costume Design and one for Best Visual Effects.

As for the biggest film of the year, box office-wise speaking, The Avengers, Marvel’s heroes received only one, singular nomination for Best Visual Effects, an award it also shares with Prometheus, which is that film’s sole nomination. And to all Dark Knight Rises haters, you’ll be pleased to know that Christopher Nolan’s final Batman received none.

In the animation categories, Brave, Frankenweenie, ParaNorman, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, and Wreck-It Ralph were nominated for Best Feature, while Adam and Dog, Fresh Guacamole, Head over Heels, Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare”, and Paperman were nominated for Best Short. So, for the record, in about a month its possible that The Simpsons might have an Oscar to their credit. (Possible, not likely. But I guess we’ll see.)

The Oscars will air on ABC on Sunday February 24, 2013.

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Chris Hemsworth has plenty to smile about with the announcement that he’s been cast as the lead in Steven Spielberg’s next big movie project, Robopocolypse. Hemsworth is knee deep in clovers these days with his Thor, Avengers, and Snow White and the Huntsman movies all having done well with sequels in the works for each. Now Hemsworth can add working with one of Hollywood’s greatest Steven Spielberg to his resume.


In a futuristic world where computer minds and robots are in everyday life, Man Kind finally creates the first mass intelligence computer brain; Archos escapes from captivity with the intent of preserving “life” and the world, even if this means wiping out the human race in order to do so. The story follows the events of several characters as they form the human resistance and fight back against “Big Rob” and the machines.

Robopocolypse is set for worldwide release on April 25, 2014. NerdBastards will keep on the look put for new and hopefully interesting tidbits from the production as they hit the Internet.

Even though Snow White and the Huntsman does not hit theaters until June 1st, Universal has decided the property as earned the right for a sequel. A source close to DeadlineHollywood  says the studio is in discussions with Men in Black III writer David Koepp to come aboard to write Snow White 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Why would a Universal push forward with a sequel without results from the first film? Well, production and pre-production are too separate things. Snow White and the Huntsman is poised to be a hot property. Universal is confident the first film will do well. Assuming the film lives up to its promise, they want to have a sequel with script, cast, and director ready to go.

Now, here’s the thing. The Queen dies (I assume) and Snow White gets her happy ending. The end. What is the sequel going to be about?

Snow White and the Huntsman stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Charlize Theron as the queen, and Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman. Sam Claflin, Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Graham, Ray Winstone, Lily Cole, Sam Spruell, Liberty Ross, and Noah Huntley.

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Thanks to Celebuzz, we have a new behind-the-scenes featurette of Universal Studios’ Snow White and the Huntsman.  This featurette is centered on the mirror dude (cue some Michael Jackson plzkthx) and the role it plays in the film, which will be released on June 1.  From what they’ve said, it sounds as though the mirror will play an integral part in the film – at least, one bigger than in the traditional fairy tale.

We all know the story of Snow White so a summary isn’t necessary, although I should clarify that this film is the one with Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart since that seems to be the only way of distinguishing between the two Snow White-centric movies to be released this year (to me, anyway).

Check it out below.  Do you guys think this is worth seeing?

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Out of the two upcoming Snow White films, Snow White and the Huntsman is clearly the more action-packed and probably the one more of our readers are pumped to see. Well, maybe pumped is a little too strong, Snow White and the Huntsman does star Kristin Stewart and due to her Twilight-association the movies loses a few points.

But this new television spot and behind-the-scenes clip, introduced by Thor himself, don’t focus on Snow. The TV spot gives us more reason to be excited for Charlize Theron‘s turn as the Evil Queen and the behind the scenes clip shows off an epic looking battle scene.

In the epic action-adventure Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart (Twilight) plays the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen (Oscar winner Charlize Theron) out to destroy her.  But what the wicked ruler never imagined is that the young woman threatening her reign has been training in the art of war with a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth, Thor) dispatched to kill her.Sam Claflin (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) joins the cast as the prince long enchanted by Snow White’s beauty and power.

What d’ya think? The more I see of this flick the more I like what I see, so there’s a good chance I’ll be checking it out. Now if only Tarsem Singh’s Mirror, Mirror had a bit more sword-fighting, I’d be there.

Snow White and the Huntsman releases June 1st.

Source: Geek Tyrant