Snow White & The Huntsmen

Snow White The Huntsman Directors

Once upon a time, there was a shortlist of directors being considered to helm the prequel to ‘Snow White & The Huntsman.’ One was Frank Darabont, a wizened old sort with an affinity for Hawaiian shirts and actor Tom Hanks. Another was Gavin O’Connor, helmer of warriors and possessor of the wry smile. The final participant was a wayward fellow with a blank, ghostly stare named Andy Muschietti. Of the three, none had reportedly committed liaisons with the original film’s star Kristen Stewart, an affront that cost the first film’s director Rupert Sanders his return appearance. But in the realms of fantasy and wonder, small men shall surge on, whistling while they work. And lo, a chosen one shall lead them. Crack the seal, weary traveler, and let thou click “more” to read on! (more…)

As Spring settles in for its short stay, Summer films begin their PR rounds in movie theaters and on TV. The next three films have released detailed film plot’s and longer commercials set to air on Television nationwide. Dark Shadows, Snow White & The Huntsmen, and Prometheus are only a glimmer of what is to come in what will be one of the standout summers for films.