While the flux-capacitor hasn’t been perfected, and we can’t help you fix any past holiday humbuggery, maybe we can help you get this holiday season off to a good start.

For the next 12 days (Dec 1st-12th), the staff of Nerd Bastards will be listing a few of their favorite nerdy things. Gadgets, doohickeys, thingamabobs and more – all sorts of  items that have been Nerd tested and Bastard approved. Basically, stuff you want, things you need, and everything you can’t have.

We hope you’ll  find some unique and nerdtastic gifts among our selections, and that they make their way under your tree, Menorah or Kwanzaa bush.

Hit the jump for Nick Bungay’s list of Nerdful things. Check back tomorrow for Matthew Jackson‘s list. To see archive of this feature, click HERE.

1. Ultimate Kate or Die #1 by Kate Leth

Tattoos, relationships, lesbians and guinea pigs. What does all of this have to do with comics? Everything, that’s what. This collection of comic strips from Nova Scotia artist Kate Leth is on sale now for a steal at $5 a pop, and it’s well worth the price. Featuring strips on everything from cosplay and tattoo etiquette, to the secret relationship between Spider-Man and Deadpool, it’s 32 pages of fun wrapped up in one neat, shelf fitting package. Although, if you live in the Halifax area, just go over to Strange Adventures Comix & Curiosities, they’re always holding a few issues just in case and you might even meet Kate.


Dark Shadows star and fellow Canadian Jonathan Frid has passed away at the age of 87, according to Digital Spy.

“The 87-year-old actor reportedly died of natural causes at Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario,” says the website. “Frid also starred in 1973 television movie The Devil’s Daughter and 1974 film horror Seizure. He filmed a cameo appearance – his final acting credit – in Tim Burton’s forthcoming film remake of Dark Shadows, which stars Johnny Depp as Barnabas.”

Frid spent much of his career outside of Dark Shadows on the stage, from production on Broadway to across North America. But needless to say he will always be associated with the vampire patriarch of the Collins clan from the gothic nighttime soap produced by ABC through the 60s and 70s. And naturally, the remembrances for Frid, and his place in pop culture history, are rolling in.

“The death of Jonathan Frid today at age 87 has left all of us at MPI deeply saddened,” said Malik Ali, CEO of MPI Media Group, home of the Dark Shadows Series on DVD “As a gifted actor in the role of Barnabas Collins, Jonathan was the heart and soul of ‘Dark Shadows’ and, as recently as last week, was graciously taking part in activities surrounding the series. He never tired of meeting fans and was always excited to hear about new ‘Dark Shadows’ releases. Most recently, Frid filmed a cameo appearance for Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s upcoming ‘Dark Shadows’ movie, along with fellow original cast members Kathryn Leigh Scott, David Selby and Lara Parker. MPI remains committed to preserving Jonathan’s legacy, and that of everyone who helped make ‘Dark Shadows’ an enduring and beloved phenomenon.”

Rest in Peace Mr. Frid.

Source: Comic Book Movie


Two things every Nerdbastard needs once they get their asses off the couch and away from their game systems; Mountaindew and a game controller. So you put both those hands together, add a cleaning agent and what do you have? A Mountaindew Scented Soap Xbox Controller!!

* Thanks to “Mountain Dew fragrance oils.”

One dab behind each ear to smell like a lovely, sweaty landscaper. From what do you Extract the scent of Mountaindew from? The dew from a mountain? Check out the soap at Etsy Here.

via Great White Snark


Do you love video games? I mean do you REALLY love video games? Well, today is your lucky day! You can now get down and dirty (or should I say clean) with a wide range of nintendo cartridges; anything from original NES to Nintendo 64. Whether you need to scrub off the grime from your nine to five or just rub one out to picturesque 8-bit princess toadstool this is the soap for you.


These bars of soap will run you at about $2 – $6 and judging by the pictures only comes in Lime Mint but that has yet to be confirmed. If you would like to get your greasy hands on these fine gems then head over to They don’t just stop with cartridges either. If you check out the site they have other wicked geeky soaps like twelve sided die, tri-force, domo, and many many others.

[ via NerdApproved ]