Epic Mario Banner at Soccer Game


So what kind of overalls did Mario wear to the soccer game??…”denim denim denim!”  Get it, the Mario dungeon music?  Fans recently showed their support for their fútbol team as well as Mario at a recent match.  Now being a soccer fan myself, what could be better?  Soccer and my favorite mustached plummer…a winning combination!  Check out the video here!


District 11: World Cup Aftermath


Although most of ya’ll probably don’t have any interest in the World Cup or soccer, it’s giving some people to drink at any time of the day. Anyway, the folks at Atom came up with this clever spoof of District 9 by making it World Cup related. It’s done really well and it made me laugh here and there. Check it out yourself as it’s only 3 minutes long and you may end up appreciating it like I did. If not, you could always watch a 3 minute video of some one using the Vuvuzela and kill your ears (and insanity) with that.

Source: Neatorama