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The film rights to Ready Player One have been owned by Warner Bros since the day Ernest Cline finalised his deal for the original novel with publisher Random House, a full year before the book was even released. In the five years since then, the book has won multiple awards and hype for the film has only built and built. Cline himself wrote the screenplay, with rewrites provideded by Eric Eason and Zak Penn. In 2015, Steven Spielberg joined the team as a director, along with John Williams composing the score. Olivia Cooke, Simon Pegg and Mark Rylance have all secured a place in the cast. (more…)

Twitter Hints at ‘The Flash’ Movie Villains

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Since the Flash made his first, lightening fast appearance in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the speedster has been a wonderfully mysterious point of discussion for fans around the world. Warner Bros‘ announcement of a new addition to the DC cinematic universe, due in 2018, while the CW television series The Flash is still going strong, has certainly piqued interests as people try to figure out what they could to do to make it feel fresh. Though a number of the big names involved in the project have already been announced – with Rick Famuyiwa directing, Ezra Miller donning the iconic golden lightening bolt and Kiersey Clemons portraying Iris – there’s still a lot we don’t know. (more…)


Much of professional sports is built on the inherent drama of the long-running rivalry: the Yankees and the Red Sox, the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens, and dueling quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Let’s add to that Arrow and Stardust, or rather make that Arrow star Stephen Amell and the WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes, AKA: Stardust. The simple Twitter-fight has persisted despite many fans wondering just what the point of it was, and while everyone thought that this was all leading up to face-to-face at SummerSlam, we’re actually going to get the Amell/Stardust showdown much sooner. This coming Monday to be precise. (more…)


We all know that Olivia Munn is playing Psylocke in the upcoming mutant movie X-Men: Apocalypse, but what are some of the distinguishing things about that particular X-Woman? Well, she’s got telepathic powers complete with a “thought knife” she can use to directly invade the thoughts in your head. She’s an expert martial artist. Her brother is Captain Britain. And, perhaps most strangely, she’s an English woman trapped in an Asian woman’s body. Psylocke, AKA: Elizabeth Braddock, does have another trait that sets her apart from the pack, a certain follicle affectation that immediately makes her noticeable as the X-Men’s tertiary telepathic character. So know that it begs the question, what is Olivia Munn hiding under that hood. (more…)


Twitter was sent atwitter this week when Joss Whedon left Twitter. The Avengers: Age of Ultron writer/director might be forgiven for deleting his account after a hectic few years of making and promoting a huge studio-driven blockbuster; the job was done, so the feed is dead. But something slightly more insidious entered the picture. Rumors started flying that Whedon had left the social media platform after being inundated with death threats and other negative posts concerning developments in Ultron, specifically the depiction of its lead female character as a damsel in distress. But did so-called “Militant Feminists” push Whedon to leave Twitter behind? The director himself says no. (more…)


You kids and your social media! It’s been a very busy couple of days in the news business with reveals of new trailers for highly anticipated projects both official (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and unofficial (Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice). Maybe the gang behind Warner Bros.‘ other upcoming comic book movie started to feel overshadowed, or maybe some people out there are just messed up folks with nothing better to do than jerk our chains. We don’t know. For whatever reason, Jared Leto decided to interject himself on fans, on a very buys nerd news day, and posted a picture of himself going about two-thirds full Joker for Suicide Squad on Snapchat. (more…)


Social media has been a great tool in general, but where as once getting in touch with our favorite artists and celebrities required writing a letter, sticking it in the mail and a) hoping that it makes it to its destination in tact, b) somehow managed to get read and c) said person is able to find the time to write back. But now it’s as easy as sending a Tweet, and as three recent Harry Potter fans learned, sometimes it is just that simple. While considering some of the lingering mysteries of the book and film series, inquiring minds decided to go to the source. author J.K. Rowling, and by the miracle of Twitter Rowling provided some insight into those mysteries. (more…)

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 18, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been shooting for 100 days now, and to mark the centenary of the sequel’s principal photography, director Marc Webb made one of his characteristic postings to social media in the form of the embedded video you’ll see below.

Now on the surface of it you might think that perhaps Spider-Man Andrew Garfield has been pushed to the literal edge, but it’s really just a set-up for a very cool looking shot. Cue up The Drifters classic “Up on the Roof” on the jukebox and enjoy a Spider-Man’s view of the city through Marc Webb’s camera.

Not sure how I’d feel about sitting on the ledge of a tall building with nothing cord attached to the back of my shirt for safety, but Garfield looks like a pro out there.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out next May.

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Blum’s list includes some folks we mentioned in our post — Weird Al Yankovic, Star Wars, MythBusters, among others —  but he also gets deeper into nerdy celebrities and science entities. Now that Blum’s list has brought them top-of-mind, I know I’ll be following Jane Espenson, NASA and more.

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