Song Of Ice And Fire


We’ve recently gone over the news of the inevitable delay of George Martin‘s latest installment in the hit grimdark Song Of Ice And Fire series, which vexed the author and legions of nerds alike. Its delay caused considerable controversy (and some conspiratorial whispers) about the possibility of the HBO series veering too far away from the source material, which was made worse by the cryptic and downright grim Season 6 teaser that was recently released. However, the author recently decided to ease his fanbase’s fears by making a pretty bold statement…



Grim fantasy. Now there’s a term most nerds never expected to make it into the mainstream. By the early 00’s, if you ever told a fantasy nerd that the dark and pessimistic Song Of Ice And Fire would become a mega-hit series and make mainstream incest jokes a thing, you’d have been laughed off every convention but now, with Game Of Thrones ready to break new ground (what with the Song Of Winter‘s irrevocable delay) everyone is waiting for Season 6 to take the biggest narrative leap of faith yet! At least, if the recently released teaser is anything to go by…



With Winds of Winter officially and irrevocably delayed after a formal statement made by author George R. Martin, seasoned fantasy nerds of The Song of Fire And Ice series are considerably worried about the direction that the HBO mega-hit series, Game Of Thrones, might possibly take. Most fear that the story might diverge too much from the books and offer them a sub-par experience and others worry that the network might sacrifice a lot of the grim and gritty feel of the source material.

Thankfully, Sophie Turner (the actress portraying Sansa Stark) had great news for everyone involved as apparently, Season 6 promises a lot of really, really good things.