Sonic Spinball

SONIC-ROOM-1-RINGSDid you ever wonder if Sonic was just as fast in bed as he was running, no, I guess it’s only me. Anyways, couple weeks there was reports on Sonic’s first themed roller coaster ride, well this past weekend, the roller coaster ride and hotel room opened up to the public at Alton Towers. The gals over at Girl Gamers UK got invited to the opening and shared their experience online, with some pics to show as well. Click after the jump to check out the pics of the room. (more…)


People of U.K. will get there chance to ride on Sonic the Hedgehog…as in getting to ride on the first ever Sonic the Hedgehog roller coaster. Sega Europe Ltd. and Alton Towers Resort announced their partnership for guests to experience Sonic in a whole new way. The ride will be named Sonic Spinball, just like the videogame that came out for the Genesis, it will be a pinball themed ride. There will also be a Sonic themed room for guest getting the chance to play Sonic the Hedgehog games, in which hopefully they get to play more of the older titles than his later titles.

Both the room and roller coaster ride will be made available February 13th of this year and the partnership is said to last for three years. I’m a huge Sonic fan and I think its pretty cool that the Sega mascot is getting his own ride. All I can hope for is for the roller coaster ride to be better than the recent videogames of the blue hedgehog or else it’ll be just as disappointing as the Shadow the Hedgehog game.

Source: girlgamer