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Last night, Sega held a 25th anniversary party for their famous brand character, Sonic the Hedgehog, as part of their presence at San Diego Comic-con. During the event, they had promised to make several reveals about the future of the character and share those reveals with the world at large; many had suspected that Sega would announce a new game in the Sonic series. To everyone’s surprise, however, Sega didn’t announce one new Sonic game—they announced two. Now, we’ve got trailers to show off, so buckle in and get ready to go fast, because the blue blur is coming in at top speed.  (more…)


Way back in the 90s, the Console Wars were a tight fight between Nintendo and Sega, and their primary warriors were Mario and Sonic respectively. When Sega went down after the dual failures of the Saturn and Dreamcast systems, Sonic continued life on other platforms becoming just another licensed character, but something happened when Sega wasn’t exclusively in charge of Sonic’s fate anymore, the games he was featured in started sucking. That’s simplistic of course, but one can’t deny that while Mario continues to enjoy life with a variety of fun and innovative games, Sonic is still stuck in the glow of past glories. Now, Sega is saying sorry. (more…)


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Above: Taking a cue from Bioshock Infinite, this Marioshock Infinite by Creative Outpouring features Princess Peach and Mario in the lead with a nice nod to the Nintendo power ups of old. [Gamefreaks]

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Sega Brought to the Brink

You can blow into the cartridge all you like, it seems like Sega is fried. The software company known for Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtua Fighter, House of the Dead, and numerous other console faves has seen it’s lineup reduced to just 4 titles — Sonic, Football Manager, Aliens, and Total War. The re-orginization has also lead to widespread layoffs according to Topless Robot by way of Kotaku, and the suspension of development on several future titles.

You damn well better recall that once upon a time Sega tussled with Nintendo for console supremacy thanks to the 16 bit Genesis, sadly later consoles like Sega CD, Saturn, and Dreamcast turned into commercial busts despite their technical advances and superiority. After the company prematurely pulled the plug on the Dreamcast due to increasing competition in the hardware market the company switched gears and focused only on software, a market that now seems cool to them as well.

If you think about it, Sega killed the Dreamcast, which came with a built in modem, killer graphics, and some ground breaking peripherals and titles around the same time that Microsoft entered the fray and Sony pushed out the PS2. Those were both dominant systems that served as precursors to today’s baddest bitches on the block, but both of those systems didn’t come close to matching Sega’s unique creativity and their parent companies have never shown Sega’s hunger for technical advancement and risk taking. One wonders what Sega would have done if they would have shown some faith in the Dreamcast and future systems. Sadly we’ll never know, and while news of a deep downsize and product cull is sad, it might not have been necessary had the company continued pushing the boundaries instead of just churning out shitty Sonic games year after year. Sega isn’t dead yet, but it’s soul has been for a long, long time.

So, do you agree about Sega being truly dead since they gave up on consoles, and which Sega game do you love the most? My vote goes to that double sized, yellow tabbed EA beauty, NHL 95 — two dozen wrap-around goals with Tony Amonte in one game when I was a little lad, the force was strong with me on that day.

Pixelated Mark Messier is about to show Kirk McLean what the what what is.


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Witness what might be the greatest costume…ever. For a dog anyway. Meet the Wampug.

Chubbs is owned by uber Star Wars fan, Star Wars Chick. She says,

Every year I make a new costume for my girl Chubbs and this year was no exception. This year she became the dreaded Hoth Wampug! Here she coming directly from her photoshoot and looking cute as can be!

I take  back everything I’v ever said about how dumb and pathetic animals look dressed in costumes. Because this is too awesome, too adorable, and guys, she’s a Wampug. Fuck, if they could collect the DNA of the fictional creature, the Wampa, and blend it with a pug’s, it would be the single greatest pet ever. (Laughing Squid)


Have You Seen These ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Fatalities?

Nothing is better then firing up the Nintendo Wii and beating your friends senseless with animated violence. No game did that better then Super Smash Bros. Brawl, right?

Wrong suckers!

The game was fun for it’s time, but what the game really needed wzs a set of blood spurting Mortal Kombat style fatalities, to own your friends with. Fatalites would have made the experience so much better. Maybe then people older than 12 would play it more than once. Come on, what would you give to have a fatality that makes your opponent shit blood. That’s makes a game truly worth playing.

Via: Topless Robot

Get In The Zone, The Sega Zone.

162356-forgodssakeOh Sega, why do you toy with my feelings for years with Shadow and other dumb side characters that was never needed, and just when I thought you were going to redeem yourselves with Project Needlemouse and releasing Yakuza 3 in the states, you pull this off. It seems the lucky people in Europe will get the Sega branded Zone Wireless Gaming Console, which is a Plug-In and Play “console.” Not only will there be 20 playable Sega games, probably from the Genesis era, there will be 30 other games and some will utilize motion control, such as Darts.. I don’t see why anyone would want this, the Sonic Ultimate Genesis collection has twice as much Genesis and Master System games than this for a good price of $20. Also, my local drug store has the original Zone, and its a bad looking Wii knockoff for $40. I f there is one good thing about this, at least you get to play a good Sonic game on it.

Source: Destructoid

Sonic Hat

Article by future NB writer, Mason Hartung.

There is a girl completing the dreams of thousands, or just mine. No, not Hannah Montana and her increasingly skimpy outfits *insert fantasy here*… But a 19 year old on What might this angels name be? Sugarcoatidli3z… I know, pretty lame. But regardless of this girl’s horrendous spelling, deep within her lies the key to eternal life. But really it’s the ability to crochet and knit the most badass hats and plush figures around. After the unveiling of her Pikachu mask, she has been swamped since. With new additions; a Cthulhu mask, Sonic the Hedgehog mask, and all the more creepy a Flapjack mask, from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. LOOK THAT SHIT UP. I have no idea how she has down time. Sugarcoatidli3z has also made quite a few other items. This includes an assortment of shoes, other unimpressive hats, and this crazy sweater thing. All in all though, I would marry this girl if she wore one of these at all times. So look her up on to take a gander at what all she has to offer.