It’s getting close to that most vamp-tastic season, the long-awaited return of the bittingly good True Blood on HBO this summer!

Leading up to the eventual summer premiere, HBO has already begun to vamp up its publicity wagon with a short (and I mean really friggin’ short) teaser for True Blood season 4. It appears that this season is about to get interesting, with the addition of witches to the True Blood mythology. The teaser can be found below the jump.

For those who have forgotten (SPOILER ALERT!), the end of last season was Sookie truly embrace her fairy heritage and disappear after learning that her entire relationship with Bill was a lie.

Regardless of what happens next, we can be sure of three things: More blood, more skin and a hell of a lot more violence.

Something wicked this way comes indeed …




“I’m a fairy? How fucking lame is that?,” exclaims Sookie as we begin our episode. It’s cool that the show addresses how un-cool being a fairy is on the supernatural scale…because it is. Sookie is not only sexy but witty too. Seeing her sassy ways really develop into one funny Southern Belle has been great! So it turns the reason that Fairies are so terrified of Vamps is because “Supernatural’s all believe that they were all wiped out by vampires”, exclaims Bill. It turns that abundance of Sookie’s blood that Bill had is the cause of Bill’s meeting up with Sookie’s Fairy Godmother. Bill and Sookie discuss their love and how although its origins are not pure, that it has grown into something very pure and that he loves



(Review by True Blood fan and friend to nerdbastards Rachel Hill -Twitter @thatsabigwhatev)


We open our episode with Eric in panic after killing Talbot, the King’s lover. Also we get a great fade into the intro through the wide opened mouth of a screaming vamp bartender. The king, covered in Talbot goo finally shows us some emotion and seems to make the connection that Eric has sought vengeance on him for killing his family.

We get a very sexy and bloody shower scene with Bill and Sookie. Sookie finally confronts Bill about his secret file on her. Bill admits he is just trying to find out what Sookie really is. We also see the relationship between Lafayette and his lover progressing. Jason really mans up and defends his girl Crystal when her ex tries to take her from him; And of course give us a classic Jason quote ”Dude I got the gun. Shut the fuck up”. Crystal tricks her fiancé into believing that Jason kidnapped her; However, we cannot help but think that she is trying to dupe Jason as well. We see this come to fruition when Crystal poorly ties up her fiancé to a tree and sets up the on duty officer when Jason calls in the “distress call”.



Aol news has said in an article;

Sounds like Evan Rachel Wood‘s debut on ‘True Blood’ is going to get sultry. Wood admits her character, the 1,100-year-old vampire Queen Sophie-Anne, is “pretty open” sexuality-speaking and will have a “steamy scene with someone that I don’t think you’d really expect.”

“She’s not necessarily a lesbian. Her human partner is a girl, but I’m pretty sure she goes both ways [laughs]. I think vampires are like that in general,”

So everyone knew that huh? Apparently,  Evan Rachel Wood is slated to become either a cameo, or permanent star on True Blood….with all the hot and buck naked vampire sex, I’m wondering how a lesbian vampire could be news? Hotness yes, but a shocker? Come on, when Anna Paquin dropped her laundry, it was shocking and shoulda been news……

Well I’m excited. I like EVW, so her contribution will be a cool edition to the series.

True Blood Becoming HBO Ratings Phenom

Its official. 

With just one season under their belt and the second, coming up bloody clean, it has been announced that True Blood is draining the competition.

The Hollywoodreporter:

Sunday night’s “True Blood” was seen by 4.5 million viewers, up from last week’s record high of 4.4 million. In cume, “True Blood” is averaging 11.4 million viewers per episode (by unfair comparison, original broadcast shows this summer are averaging about 5.5 million viewers for their debut episodes). “Hung” and “Entourage” both averaged 2.8 million.

As for Monday night’s ratings, CBS won with repeats, with “Big Bang Theory” (8.6 million viewers, 2.7 preliminary adults 18-49 rating) building on “Two and a Half Men” (8.2 million, 2.6) once again. NBC was second with “Great American Road Trip” (4.5 million 1.4) unexpectedly hitting a series high, though some local NFL coverage might be skewing that number, followed by a repeat and “Dateline” (6.6 million, 1.8).

With a biting finesse, the show is getting better with every episode that airs, and that can only mean more viewers for future seasons…Don’t forget I was one of the first to buy my own bottles of the actual drink Tru Blood, which you can order if you check out the post.. Cheers

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Sookie and Bill Engaged in Real Life!

Thats right, FangBangers! Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s reps have confirmed to PEOPLE magazine that the two are engaged.  The two have been a couple since Feb.24… so you know what this means… The imminent demise of True Blood! If something (pray not) goes wrong with this couple, our two leads may have trouble being on set together. Plus the age gap and the fact that Moyer has some kids of his own already…But good for the two, they have great sex together, I SEEN IT!!!

In fact most of the fans have seen it, on several episodic occasions.