Space Ghost


Everyone loves it when modern creators take classic characters and stories beloved by millions and update it all to fit in better with the modern artistic palate. That sentence, of course, is sarcasm. In any event, in a move that will surely divide people along strict partisan lines, DC Comics has announced that many of their top creators including Jim Lee, Jeff Porter, Amanda Connor, Howard Porter, and Evan “Doc” Shanner, are bringing back brand new versions of classic cartoons from Hanna Barbera. The Flintstones, Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, and Scooby Doo will all be back in new stories from DC Comics, and wait till you see the artwork! (more…)

Ten Cartoons Ready for a Reboot


Saturday morning, a bowl of half eaten Captain Crunch cereal, Spiderman footy pajamas, watching cartoons.  Those were the days.  Well . . . really that was last weekend.  HEY!  As long as they keep making Spiderman footy pajamas in my size I’ll keep wearing them.  So the big thing in Hollywood these days is to dig through our past to find small nuggets of goodness to reproduce/repackage/reboot today.  Name recognition in the market is king these days.  If something has fans and at least everybody has some idea what that thing is, then you don’t have to spend as much to market it.

I figure if Hollywood is gonna reboot everything from the past before they take a chance on something new, than I could at least help them out with a list of some cartoons that I think are ready for a reboot.


4185720891_5d4efe49d8Once again there are people out there with skills I can only dream of since probably the only “artistic” thing I can do is cos-play as either Choji from Naruto or Yajirobe from Dragon Ball (Haha, fat joke). CubeDudes has a Flickr stream that showcases some individuals awesome skills at making LEGO Cube-esque characters and people we love, such as the Spider-man & Amazing Friends one shown above. Check some more awesome characters that other people has made and guess who is who after the jump and also check out CubeDudes stream (heh) out for 300+ more awesome cubed characters. (more…)