Last August, when Patton Oswalt took to Twitter to make a point about reactionary observers, I wrote an article lauding the comic for the deft way that he played with the form and those observers. Last Thursday, when Oswalt used the medium to once again to poke fun at the same lot by apologizing for inflammatory tweets that he never actually posted, Daily Dot writer Miles Klee wrote, “Why I Unfollowed Patton Oswalt — and You Should Too”, an article that took Oswalt to task for his “almost pathological need to confuse and belittle that ubiquitous Internet specimen, the Easily Outraged Commenter.”

Later in the article (which was swiftly re-published by Salon.com), Klee went on to ask,”is there anything remotely amusing about watching a guy using his considerable talents to simultaneously mock the stupid and needle the allegedly ‘humorless” online?'”, and to that I say yes there is, but this is about more than entertainment value. (more…)

SDCC 2011: The Amazing Spider-Man Panel

We’ve got some great footage from the Amazing Spider-Man panel at the San Diego Comic-Con of 2011!

This first video is actually the same video we posted not long ago, of Andrew Garfield‘s super passionate Spidey speech, but of incrementally better quality. I could watch that thing over and over again and not get tired of it because he is really putting his heart and soul into that speech (and, believe me, I get tired of shit really quickly; I have the attention span of a fruit fly).

The second video includes bits of the panel speaking about the movie — primarily Marc Webb, and Emma Stone. And, y’know, Spidey hugging the Lizard… no big deal. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that director Marc Webb’s got a very prominent and unfortunate bald spot, and should cover that shit up with a laurel wreath or a toupee or something. I’ll let it go, though, only because I do believe he’s invested in this film in all the right ways.

Yeah, so Rhys Ifans really wanted to come and so he busted some po po ass to get there for the panel.

Source: Geek Tyrant

For a lot of Spider-Man fans, Tobey Maguire is still considered, Peter Parker. But maybe some of those fans will warm up to the new web-slinger, Andrew Garfield after they give a listen to this passionate speech. It was given during The Amazing Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con when Garfield approached the mic dressed as any other Spidey cosplayer, (please not the totally appropriate fanny pack) only to then reveal himself as the film’s star! Which was then followed by much screaming.

The whole speech is very touching and you can’t help but feel endeared to the skinny Brit. Even cynics will find it hard to call this out as some ploy to sucker in fans.

Now, in a less sentimental and more, “what the fuck!?” bit of Spider-Man news, Rhys Ifans who portrays The Lizard in the upcoming flick was arrested yesterday at Comic-Con for getting into an argument with a backstage security guard. According to Reuters,

“The Amazing Spider-Man” villain Rhys Ifans was arrested and cited for misdemeanor battery for shoving a female security guard before Friday night’s Comic-Con panel for the film, police tell TheWrap.

Ifans, who smelled of alcohol, became irate when a member of his entourage was unable to enter the hall for lack of proper credentialing, police said. They said he shoved the guard in order to pass through, and was allowed to participate in the panel, but the guard subsequently made a citizen’s arrest.

A spokesman for Sony said that Ifans “deeply regrets the incident.”

“He was aggressive and belligerent,” Lt. Andra Brown said of the Welsh actor. “He was… berating everyone from the security staff to the United States of America.”

Ifans was cited and then released, and it is still up in the air whether or not the San Diego attorney will press charges. Lesson learned, don’t show up at your panel drunk. Unless you’re the fun drunk everyone wants to take pictures with, which, clearly,Ifans was not.

There’s your The Amazing Spider-Man Comic-Con update, Andrew Garfield is a sweet kid living out his dream of portraying a childhood hero and Rhys Ifans is a drunken douche.

sources: GeekTyrant, BleedingCool