Spider-Man: Homecoming

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the incredibly successful reboot to the Spider-Man franchise, Spider-Man: Homecoming will be getting a sequel. Granted, the first film just came out in theaters, but that doesn’t mean the studio isn’t already in high gear working to rake in as much cash as they can with another entry. One of the things that made the film so successful had to be director Jon Watts, and while fans were hoping the director would return, there was nothing solid in the works until now.


Be warned, True Believers! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

If you haven’t yet seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, you do not want to continue reading this. Go check out the flick and return here as soon as possible because the producers responsible for the massive hit have finally commented on the long-speculated rumor about the character portrayed by Zendaya. At the conclusion of the film, the students involved in the academic decathlon are gathered around to hear that Michelle, Zendaya’s character, will be taking over as the group’s leader. She will only acquiesce if her new friends simply call her…


Fans have been wondering what role Jennifer Connelly would play in Spider-Man: Homecoming since her casting was announced, but there was little to go on as only her character name was listed. Now the cat is out of the bag as the movie hits theater screens and unless you want to keep this little nugget spoiler free until you see Spider-Man: Homecoming, don’t click-through. Those of you that don’t give a fig, check out how cool that unknown role actually is below.



The deal reached between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures to share the movie rights to Spider-Man was quite unprecedented, but in the midst of fan excitement over having Spidey home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there was a lingering dread that such a thing was not meant to last long. In the back of our minds has been the idea that once the present Sony deal has expired, then that’s the end of Spider-Man in the MCU, especially if he becomes a huge success under the co-supervision of Kevin Feige. The head of Marvel Studios seems to be thinking the same thing too.  (more…)

To reboot or not to reboot. That was the question facing Sony Studios just three years ago. After The Amazing Spider-Man 2 left almost no one excited for a third go-round with Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield’s bumming brooder, Sony had little choice except to continue down the same road, with diminishing returns and eventually reboot the series with a new director and actor or reboot now (or rather then), teaming up, superhero style, with Marvel, bringing everyone’s favorite web slinger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), where Spider-Man has belonged since Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created him more than five decades ago. There was a risk too, of course, of miscasting, of hiring the wrong director or writers, of playing up too much fan service, both to Spider-Man’s comic-book roots, or too story-dragging world building to connect the new, latest, and greatest Spider-Man to the ongoing MCU and its increasingly complex mythology. All those risks? More than worth taking, especially when the result, Spider-Man: Homecoming, doesn’t just succeed in making moviegoers forget about the last two, disappointing missteps, but delivers arguably the best, true-to-his-comic-book roots Spider-Man on film.  (more…)

Being one of Marvel’s biggest and most popular characters over the years, Spider-Man has had plenty of exposure throughout mass media. In addition to the comics, we have seen Spider-Man in multiple cartoon shows since the 1960s, live action tv show in the 1970s, and multiple iterations in the movies. We first saw him in Sam Rami’s Spider-Man trilogy in the early 2000s. Then Sony opted to reboot the character for the Amazing Spider-Man films. Unfortunately, the reboot was not as well received as Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe proved to have a great formula that is now pretty much the standard for superhero movies.


As we get closer to the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, it seems that Sony‘s desire to develop its own Spider-verse of films only grows stronger. Making the news today is further developments on the matter of Sony’s proposed shared universe within a shared universe, a plan that begins next fall with a movie featuring the antihero Venom and will be followed by the team-up of Silver Sable and Black Cat in Silver and Black. Now into the comic book movie news inbox is the not-so-uprising revelation of whom Venom will fight first, and what other Spidey foes are about to get their own movies. (more…)

With it being almost June, the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 almost feels like a distant memory as all eyes now turn to the next big Marvel Cinematic Universe film: Spider-Man: Homecoming. For those looking forward to seeing life in the MCU after the fallout of Captain America: Civil War, it looks like this is your chance. It’s also your chance to see more of everyone’s new favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man in action alongside Iron Man, on this new adventure where the two heroes have a mutual enemy in the Vulture, whose motivations and goals are the subject of this latest international trailer for the film.  (more…)