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Spider-Man to Shoot In ATL, Tom Holland Speaks


There’s some great news, spider-fans. Marvel’s new take on their flagship character is set to begin filming soon, judging by all the info that’s been leaking. Spider-Man is finally ready to swing into the good ol’ MCU. No word yet on when shooting will actually start, but thanks to the NEW Spider Man himself, Tom Holland, we know where it will be shooting.  The actor also has some words on why Peter Parker is different from the rest of the heroes in the MCU. (more…)

Peter Parker

By now, everyone knows that the Spider-Man franchise is being rebooted… again. This time Sony has bent over for Disney and given them the opportunity to use Spidey in their own version of the Marvel Universe. This gave rise to a lot of fan outcry that Marvel should give one of the other favorite incarnations of Spider-Man a chance – namely Miles Morales. But according to MCU overlord Kevin Feige, they’ll be sticking with the familiar face of Peter Parker. (more…)

It seems as if by now fans have seen as much of the new Amazing Spider-Man as is humanly possible without actually watching the film from beginning to end.  The internet is spammed with trailers and clips from a marketing team that just doesn’t seem to know when to quit.  I’m guessing their strategy is to get people to watch 75% of the film so they feel obligated to spend the money to see the rest of it.

Today we at Nerdbastards bring you the latest in the campaign to get you to buy tickets.  One scene features three minutes of Spidey stopping a crime and mocking a bad guy:

And the other is yet another trailer for the film, this time the German version: 

Personally, I would have liked it better if all I ever saw was this German TV spot.  At least then I wouldn’t know how half the movie goes down a month before it’s out.  Anyone else getting as sick of the spam-trend as I am?


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It’s no news that this summer’s Amazing Spider-Man movie is going to make some significant changes to the original story.  If fact, that’s probably a good thing considering that one of the trials of watching a reboot is that you’re essentially watching the same damn origin story over and over.  In a recent interview with MTV News, director Marc Webb decided to drop a few hints as to what these changes might entail.

He discussed the new origin of Spider-Man and a few other things, including the increased presence of Peter Parker’s parents (say that 10 times fast) in this and subsequent films.  Some of the more interesting bits went as follows:

“This is probably a reveal, but there is no wrestling match in this movie. The character is evolving in a different way. It’s about finding a balance between iconic elements of the ‘Spider-Man’ mythology—like how Uncle Ben’s death transforms him emotionally—but it happens in a different way.”

He also had a few things to say about the radioactive spider that fans have grown to know and love:

“He’s bitten by a spider, but maybe it’s not a radioactive spider. Or maybe it is! You’ll have to see. There are elements that we were very conscious of, but it all emanated from [the idea of] this kid who got left behind by his parents many, many years before. I thought that was interesting enough for me to explore.”

So far, other news about the film has been mostly positive and the trailers show it shaping up to be what might be the best Spidey-story to date.  Some people may end up screaming bloody murder over the changes, but as long as you’re not a hard-core anti-revisionist when it comes to comic-to-film adaptations, you might be able to get onboard with Webb’s interpretation of the character.

Hell, if Stan Lee is putting up his good name and doing a cameo, he must be okay with it, right?  What right do YOU have to question the God of Comics?


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The first film in the new Spider-Man franchise won’t be released for over a year, July 3rd 2012 to be exact, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from ordering development on it’s sequel. James Vanderbilt, screenwriter of The Amazing Spider-Man, has be signed to write the sequel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vanderbilt, “had a meeting with the Spider-Man filmmakers and studio execs yesterday outlining his take, getting a thumbs up, and will now begin writing.”

Even if you’re not excited for the upcoming reboot Sony obviously is and wants to take this series to the bank. Vanderbilt was originally attached to write Spider-Man 4 back when Sam Raimi and Toby Maguire were still on board for more web-slinging. Of course, we all know how that went sour. Sony didn’t leave Vanderbilt out of the loop though, when Spider-Man 4 was a lost cause they asked Vanderbilt to write an alternative Spider-Man story. This of course became The Amazing Spider-Man and apparently when Vanderbilt presented it to Sony he also had drafted an outline for a trilogy. So it comes as no surprise they felt Vanderbilt was the man to write the sequel to the yet to be released Spider-Man flick.

I’ll have to see The Amazing Spider-Man before I can sign off on Vanderbilt being the golden writer for the new Spider-Man franchise. But considering most movie-goers will be comparing it to the terrible, over-stuffed laugh that was Spider-Man 3 I think Vanderbilt’s Spider-Man will be full of win. For fans and the execs at Sony.

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In nerdbastards compendium of Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man news we got two brief updates.

As you all know, Anne Hathaway was cast as Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, in Christopher Nolan’s TDKR,. While I have been too busy fantasizing about tongue punching her fart box, other fans were wondering if we might actually get to see Hathaway in the Catwoman costume, or if she would appear as Selina Kyle only. Recently on Oprah ( I kinda want to have sex with the bags under her eyes and maybe her arm fat) Hathaway actually referred to her role in the “Catwoman” sense. She doesn’t say much, but it is the first time anyone associated with the movie has used the name.

How she’ll play into the Nolan’s Batman narrative still remains a mystery. Villain? Love interest? We dunno. With a mighty filled cast –Christian Bale obviously as Batman, Tom Hardy as Bane, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Michael Cain as Alfred,  Joseph Gordon-Levitt in an Unknown role.- there is fear that Nolan might be biting off more than he can chew. For the final film in his trilogy the story and it’s characters better be goddamn good. Time will tell, but in Nolan we trust.

Now, in what seems to be one of the number one movies to have spy photos constantly leaking from set, comes more photos of Spider-Man in costume, from Marc Webb’s upcoming Amazing Spider-Man. These photos of Andrew Garfield in costume don’t show much. Just Spider-Man being held at gun point as well as web head sportin’ some over costume clothing. Sweat pants and serial killer jacket.




Ya gotta love the internet. When it comes movies, speculation and spoilers across the Web erode the element of surprise. Rumors, script leaks, press releases, trailers and so on, every facet of a flick is dissected months before it comes out. You gotta wonder how different movies these days would be if we didn’t know EVERY little detail going in to see it. We could avoid reading such info, but how many of us really have the will power to look away?

With that said, lets talk The Amazing Spider-Man rumors. Well, one in particular. Apparently, one of the reboots crew members has leaked details on a fight scene that sees Spider-Man take on a whole group of (Spoiler Alert)…..reptilian villains!

Here the description of the scene…

One of the primary important crew members (who shall remain nameless) recently let it slip to one of our readers (a trusted one at that) that many of the stunt actors in the film have been spending time in heavy make-up for hours on end because of a fight scene in the film where they’re turning all the S.W.A.T. team guys into reptilian creatures… which I’d assume is some nefarious work of The Lizard.

Hmmm, that’s an interesting twist on the villain. On the other hand, it kinda of makes sense. As you know, the Lizard’s alter-ego is Dr. Curt Connors who is a scientist that studies genetics, so why wouldn’t Connors be able to mutate other people with the same serum that turns him into a Lizard?

Again, today’s rumor is just a rumor. It’s best to take the spoiler with a huge pinch of salt. Though, assuming it’s true, tell us how you feel about it.

Andrew Garfield (THE SOCIAL NETWORK) is playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Emma Stone (EASY A) is playing Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans (GREENBERG) is playing Dr. Curt Conners/The Lizard, Martin Sheen is Uncle Ben Parker, Sally Field is Aunt May Parker, Iffran Khan (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE) is Nels Van Adder, and Denis Leary (RESCUE ME) is Captain George Stacy. The Amazing Spider-Man is set to be released on July 3, 2012!

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Drum roll please . . . “The Amazing Spiderman”!!!!!

Oh . . . OK . . . Yeah . . . Well I guess I lost that bet on the title being “The Unbearable Lightness of Being Spiderman.”  Dammit, I hate clipping my friends toenails.  He has this one pinky toe that . . . “Shudder” goes kinda like . . . I just threw up a little in my mouth.

In a move that could only have ended in about three ways Columbia Pictures has announced the title for Marc Webb‘s 3D Spiderman reboot starring Andrew Garfield.  There were only three or four real choices, The Amazing Spiderman, Spectacular Spiderman, Ultimate Spiderman, or Peter Parker – Spiderman.

Columbia Pictures also released a new photo of Andrew Garfield in the new Spider-Man costume, head to toe, mask on. That’s it at the top of the post. What do you think? I think it’s pretty peachy. Read the full press release after the jump.



Spiderman, Spiderman
Does what ever a spider can,
sticks his butt way up high.
Makes the girls point and sigh,
Look out, here comes Spiderman’s rump,
Wow, that’s tight and nicely plump,
There goes the Spiderman!
Wait . . . that’s just Kim Kardashian in a Spiderman suit.

Personally I like the costume design of the new suit in Marc Webbs’ upcoming Spider-Man reboot. It’s sleek, while still nodding to the past.

I know there has been a lot of set photos and videos coming out of the Spider-Man set, but this is one worth watching. It features Spider-Man actual footage of Spidey swinging through traffic on a wire. Also, looking at the video confirms that Penske Truck Rental won the truck rental placement battle.  Unlike the musical stage crew, the filming crew could get the stunt man off his wire in much quicker.

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Spider-Man’s Stan Lee Cameo Revealed?


Stan Lee has had a cameo in almost everything Marvel has released to the public masses. From his first cameo in the Hulk TV movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk to his recent cameo in the upcoming Thor movie. You can’t watch a Marvel movie with seeing Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, he’s like the ex-girlfriend of the comic book universe, everywhere you’d least expect. Now he has one more cameo notch to add for his ever expanding belt of 10 second appearances with the upcoming Spider-man reboot.

What will Stan be this time?

Nukethefridge.com said they have a good source that revealed Stan’s cameo for the Marc Webb directed film.

Here’s their statement: 


A very good source has given Nuked the Fridge details on Stan lee’s cameo in the “Spider-Man” reboot. 

“The Lizard and Spider-Man will be involved in a huge battle inside a school library. Stan Lee is a librarian fixing up the books.”


Ok, Lee as a librarian, that’s understandable for what he’s done. Since this is all hearsay however, their has been no official statement on Lee’s participation in the project.

What do you think? Truth or faker then Emma Stone’s hair?

Spider-man is scheduled to be released in 3-D on July 3, 2012.

Source: Comic Book Movie via Nukethefridge.com