Spider Man: TUrn Off The Dark

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Some time back, Stan Lee formed a group known as Stan Lee Media Inc. That financial enterprise was short-lived and ended in a fiasco that had shareholders grabbing for bits and piece of anything they could find, including the rights to Lee’s characters. Since then, legal battles aplenty have ensued (no pun intended). Now, yet another fight between lawyers without super powers is going down as Disney, SLMI, Marvel and a Pennsylvania-based Broadway revue try to figure out who the hell owns what. (more…)

It’s no surprise that the Broadway adaptation Spider-man: Turn off the Dark was going to be a success. Even with their delays in production, going several million dollars over budget and the removal and replacement of former director Julie Taymor the production has been successful enough for a Tony nomination for Julie Taymor. Wait…my spider-sense is tingling.

Spider-Monster: The Musical

Even Sesame Street has taken to making fun of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, the upcoming Broadway musical, which officially raised its curtains today after a lengthy preview period and a performance on the Tony’s last night.

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark is a rock musical with music and lyrics written by U2 members Bono and The Edge — based, obviously, on the Spider-Man comics.  It is the most expensive Broadway production to date.  Did all that money pay off?  According to early critiques of the musical from the preview period… probably not.  I bet Spider-Monster The Musical would do a helluva lot better; Sesame Street’s got the right idea.

Check out the hilarious Sesame Street parody below; the kids are sure to love the flying Spider-Monster:

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*Note: The above article was written by Nerd Bastards contributor Christa D. @bitchyface

Holy shit, the Spider-man musical might not be complete and utter crap. After receving some serious rewriting and tweaking from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Hey, would you look at that, a comic book writer with experience writing the character. Why didn’t they think of that before?), Spider-man: Turn of the Dark has been transformed into a halfway decent musical. Spidey fan and writer of the upcoming, The Amazing Spider-man, Dan Slott recently reviewed the revamped show via Twitter,

Yep! I just came back from the ALL-NEW ver of @SpideyOnBway… and, WALOPING WEB-SNAPPERS, it IS new and IMPROVED! WOO-HOO! You know who’s the hero who saved Spidey? Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, that’s who!!! Roberto’s new book and lyrics for @SpideyOnBway are FUN! 🙂 Now, when Spidey fights during TURN OFF THE DARK, he QUIPS!!! He didn’t B4, and now that he does: it’s SPIDEY again! YAY! @SpideyOnBway

Great to hear Spider-man is fun and wisecracking again. His humor is a really important element of his characters, it’s kind of appalling he was portrayed so serious before. In addition to the show lightening up, Slott also raved about the improved stunt choreagraphy, tweeting, “No stopping. Not even once. All good, all the way through! 🙂 And all the stunts and ADDED flying sequences were AWESOME!” You can’t help but be swept up in Slott’s childlike enthusiasm. He’s like a little girl screaming with glee over their favorite teen idol.

The lesson here: Want something fixed? Use a comic book writer! 🙂 In TURN OFF THE DARK, know what Peter says after Uncle Ben dies? “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!” He DIDN’T B4! They FIXED IT!

Peter didn’t originally say the freaking most popular Spider-man quote!? What the hell were the original writers even thinking?! Hadn’t they even watched a commercial for any of the three Raimi flicks where that phrase was peppered incessantly? Come on, people! Sounds like we have a lot to thank Aguirre-Sacasa for, “the hero who saved Spidey.”

Make sure you read Slott’s entire tweeted review, smiley faces, caps and exclamations galore, over at Comics Beat. The future sounds promising for Spider-man on Broadway. Now if they can keep the cast out of the emergency room, things should be okay.

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George Takei Offers to Beam in and Save Spider-Man Musical!

George Takei has graciously offered to step in and save the Spider-Man musical train wreck, Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark. I for one think the producers should take him up on the offer. George certainly has the “Whole Package” in that Spider-Man suit. Without more pictures of George in tights I’m not sure if that is natural or if George might be “socking.” Can’t you just picture it though, Green Goblin yells, “I’ll get you yet Spider-Man!” and George replies, “Oh My!”

Now George is really just pimping for his upcoming musical Allegiance, staring Lea Salonga & George Takei in an epic story of love, family and heroism during the Japanese American internment.

What did you think? I would pay to go see that. Maybe they could get Shanter to play the villain, and then let the venom flow.

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Julie Taymor, the director of Broadway’s modern version of the voyage of the Titanic, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, spoke out for the first time about the train wreck $65 million musical, admitting that she is “in the crucible and the fire of transformation” as she and others desperately try to improve the accident prone show.

She recently attended the TED2011 event as a speaker, I’m guessing that she was booked by the organizers of TED with the hopes that Julie would speak as the director of the hugely successful musical Spiderman Turn off the Dark. No such luck. All I got out of this is a lot of creative gobbledygook double speak. Julie seems to want to dazzle you with what’s in her left hand while selling you the crap that’s in her right.

Click through the jump to read her thoughts and some more of mine.



Ah . . . the glory of seeing something you didn’t really care much about implode in a $65 million dollar boondoggle. The gloriously disastrous musical that is Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, now the butt of every Broadway joke, has decided to drop back and punt by bringing in  Broadway veteran Paul Bogaev. Hired to “help improve the performance, vocal and orchestration arrangements,” Bogaev has his hands full. Bono and the Edge are currently writing new music and the musicals producers are talking to, but have not signed, Spider-Man comic book writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to re-work some of the book (That’s Broadway for “script” . . . Now you know as much as I do about Broadway). Contrary to blog reports, the production has not hired a new director. Three weeks to go before the show’s fifth scheduled opening on March 15.

Fifth times the charm! I’m sure of it!
Just click those ruby red shoes and say,
“There’s no musical like Spiderman,
There’s no musical like Spiderman!”


Now for the salt that’s gonna get rubbed into Julie Taymor’s and Bono’s $65 million dollar wounds. Justin Moran, humorist and playwright, has launched “Spider-man Smackdown”, a guerrilla theater project to write, compose, choreograph, cast, rehearse, and perform a complete musical based on the character Spiderman in New York City before the March 15th opening date of the fifth attempt to open Spiderman: Turn of the Dark on Broadway.

You can check out Moran’s blog for updates and videos about the project like the one below.

“How important is $65 Million in making good theatre?” jokes Moran. “We’re going to develop a story, write a complete musical score and script, design sets and costumes, cast, rehearse, advertise and ultimately mount the production on March 14th, 2011 at the The People’s Improv Theatre in NYC.”

That $65 million is very important, without that you can’t buy enough doughnuts to keep the Unions happy. There are many theatre unions, Actors Equity Association (for actors and stage managers), the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC), and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE, for designers and technicians). Many theatres require that their staff be members of these organizations.

New York City
Two Musicals Enter
One Musical Leaves
Welcome to Musical Thunderdome!
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With Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark turning folks away from any kind of superhero stage (If you’re the one guy/gal excited for this then please give us some of that crazy ass medication you’re on.) show I dunno why we would even acknowledge this ‘Batman Live’ shenanigans. Batman: Turn Off The Dark… Knight ‘Batman Live’ being a live stage show that will feature classic characters such as Alfred and even Batman’s trusty sidekick Robin, and villains like the Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, and the Penguin. It is planned to premiere in Manchester this July, and which will then embark upon a tour of arenas in the UK and Europe before moving to US arenas in summer 2012.

Producer Nick Grace (Walking With Dinosaurs, Mamma Mia!) has been flapping his gums that they went all  huge scale and went with arenas because they can accommodate “pyrotechnics and large video screens and lots of action.”

Backing up his statement comes some set designs, which give us a better sense of what kind of direction this production is taking. Take a look after the jump to to check em’ out, as well as see more details on the show itself.


If there is one thing I’m always looking forward to watching on the internet (other than porn)  are these awesome CG news done by Taiwanese folks. From reporting about the Tiger Woods fiasco from last year to the whole iPhone 4 problem, they cover any news that will get worldwide attention.

This time, they reported on the news of the recent injuries from the Spidey musical set. Like most of their videos, the animation is hilarious and the portrayal of certain folks is done well. Check the video out as I’m sure something on it will make y’all chuckle and remember, no matter how much we crap on this musical, it’ll never be as good as this.

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