For your Monday morning…err afternoon enjoyment here’s video of sexy women being painted to look like some of our favorite super women. Plus, they’re Brazilian, and being painted up for Rio De Janeiro’s Carnival. The video is NSFW, nipple can been seen on more than one these lovely ladies. Watch over at io9 and if you need even more super-powered, body-painted eye candy click over to Globo (sign-in required). Bleeding Cool also managed some screencaps, which are below the jump, which are again NSFW. Unless everyone else at work wants to look at titties, then I think your all right.

Body painting adds a hint of realism to what are usually outrageously designed costumes. And these women, just like women in comics, have the ability for their boobs to defy gravity. It’s just not fair! You’ll never see Wonder Woman or Elektra have a saggy day, never. Grr. Of course for me, personally, I wouldn’t mind if they had painted up a few fellas. Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern costume already looks painted on, they should just skip out on the CGI and paint him up.

source: io9, Bleeding Cool



“Hello, American fanboys, look at your Supergirl,
now back to me,
now back at your Supergirl,
now back to me.
Sadly, she isn’t me,
but if she stopped wearing that tired Red, Yellow, and Blue Costume,
and switched to the Red, Yellow, and Black of Spiderwoman,
she could look like she’s me.
Look down, back up, where are you?
You’re in a cave with the woman your Supergirl could look like.
What’s in your hand, back at me.
I have it, it’s an over sized foam rubber boulder.
Look again,
the boulder is now an empty box holding your hopes and dreams.
Anything is possible when your woman looks like Spiderwoman
and is called Supergirl.
Now I’m a strange man wearing an over sized top hat.”

Indonesia- Where Supergirl looks like Spider-Woman, and men wear silly sized hats

OK, no one in their right mind would believe that the Indonesian “Supergirl” now showing on MNC TV produced by Soraya Intercine Films did not totally rip off the costume design of Marvel Comics Spiderwoman.  Just check out the original cover of Spider-Woman vol. 1, 1 (Apr, 1978). Cover art by Joe Sinnott.  Anyone have any doubt where the costume idea came from?

IO9 commenter Rossum translated Soraya Intercine’s PR agent’s response to allegations of plagiarism: