Spoiler Zone


We have arrived at that special moment, kids. It’s Man of Steel Release Day, which also means it’s The Whole Internet Argues About Whether or Not Man of Steel is Good Day. So, in the spirit of promoting arguments as part of our secret plot to make all of you hate each other, we’ve created this space where our readers can discuss any and every aspect of Man of Steel that they’d like. So if you haven’t seen the flick, turn back now, because this is the Nerd Bastards Man of Steel SPOILER ZONE (imagine Michael Shannon screaming that).



It’s that time, boys and girls. After four years and a starship-load of internet rumors, J.J. Abrams and company have finally rolled out their latest Star Trek flick, and if there’s anything we know about Star Trek, it’s that it’s a place for strong opinions. The flick rolled into IMAX theaters earlier this week, and into regular screenings at midnight last night. Now it’s everywhere, and we’re betting many of you are going to see it right damn now. So, in the spirit of good old-fashioned Trekkie verbosity, we made this space for you to praise or lambast Star Trek Into Darkness.