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Now that the most wonderful time of the year for us gaming nerds has come and gone, I think it’s high time to get into the biggest hits and misses of what was, without question, a truly exceptional show. It’s difficult to think of another year (without any new console announcements) that was even close to matching this one in terms of excitement and excellent game announcements, and that’s really the best thing that could possibly be said about it. And so ladies and gentlebastards, without further interruption, I give you the 17 biggest hits and misses of E3 2015! (more…)

As gamers, we live from one reveal to the next, eagerly eating up any information thrown at us about what we’ll be playing next. This appetite for more tends to lead to leaks which, to be fair, are sometimes little more than excellent photo-shop jobs. This particular leak has an air of authenticity to it however, as Square-Enix has done little to hide the fact that it has indeed been working on a new game in the Deus Ex franchise. It’s not surprising at all given the success of the previous title, Human Revolution, but it’s really cool to get this early look at the next Deus Ex title all the same.


The game that is. Yes, we are now rebooting video games, welcome to the future.

The classic 90’s action adventure game that turned a few hundred polygons into a sex symbol (it was a simpler low-res time) will be coming back to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 5th of next year. Simply titled Tomb Raider, the game will focus on the gritty beginnings of fictional English archaeologist/tight shirt enthusiast Lara Croft. The tale of how she went from a young and innocent girl in a muscle shirt to a hardened woman bent on survival in a torn muscle shirt.


So, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics took to the games official Facebook page today to reveal a dozen new screenshots. As much as I want to groan at the thought of a video game reboot, I do have to say it looks pretty. I would go so far as to say it looks like they are taking the franchise into Uncharted territory.

Yea, I meant it that way. Check out the pics after the jump.


The trailers just keep pouring in, and E3 is less than a week away. With this plethora of trailers, we’ve once again compiled them all in our roundup. From sexy and improved Tomb Raider, down to fly mobsters with guns, we’ve got the anticipated and random trailers for games coming out soon. Now let’s get started!

Tomb Raider Trailer

Tomb Raider gets a new look and attitude that has all the boys wanting to come over to her yard, whether she has milkshakes or not. Square Enix’s reboot of the once invincible Lara Croft, now shows her as youth stepping out into the world only to face the cruelty of nature. After watching the trailer below, I can’t help but be astounded by the graphics and a part of me is more excited about this Lara Croft than the other one. The games release date is still unknown, but take a gander at the new Tomb Raider in this cinematic trailer.

Game Plot Synopsis:
Fresh from academy and in search of lost relics, a 21-year-old Lara Croft journeys to an island off the coast of Japan aboard the Endurance, a salvage vessel helmed by Captain Conrad Roth. Before anchoring at bay, the ship is cleaved in two by an unforeseen storm leaving Croft separated from any other survivors and washed ashore. She must endure physical and emotional torture in order to survive the island.


Nothing like waking up on a Monday morning to find some refreshing video game news.

First up, in an interview from The Sun Herald newspaper, Rocksteady developer Dax Ginn revealed that The Penguin would be one of the villains showing up in Batman: Arkham City. Ginn stated that the Penguin will be portrayed more brutal and nasty then his usual aristocratic portrayal.

Next up is news regarding the classic car combat franchise, Carmaggedon. It seems that during the weekend, Carmmageddon.com revealed a countdown and nothing more. Of course, this being the internet, nothing gets to stay as a secret forever.  Apparently some independent benefactor has bought the rights to the game from Square-Enix and that Stainless Games, the original developers, are busy with other franchise and won’t be part of the reboot. The countdown is set to hit zero on June 1st, 5 A.M. EST and hopefully more will be revealed then.

Lastly, we finally got some gameplay footage for the upcoming open world zombie killing game, Dead Island. As Games Radar says, the game seems to be a nice mix of zombies in a Far Cry 2-esque world. The 11 minute, yes 11 minutes, of gameplay shows how tight the melee combat is and hopefully we see more at E3.


There you have it folks, did any of these videogame news make your Monday just a bit better or are you still rolling your eyes at the day?

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When Final Fantasy XIII was released, there were many gamers who expressed (whined) their feeling towards the game and the whole JRPG genre. When it was all said and done, FF XIII was just another standard RPG that can be enjoyable as long as you put in hours (like 45-50 of it).

Thanks to internet folks that likes to monitor domain names being registered, cause you know that’s a cool hobby, noticed that “Corporation Service Company” has registered the domain Finalfantasy13-2Game.com. Seeing how CSC also registered Finalfantasy13Game.com as Square Enix’s official hub of the game, it’s easy to see what the company is doing here.

Now I got no problem with Square Enix making a sequel for FFXIII but how about we fucking see Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII come out before XIII-2 since those two game are part of the whole Fabula Nova Crystallis (don’t ask me how I remember this) universe. Or how about fixing Final Fantasy XIV so that it’s playable and likable.

Oh right, I’m calm now. If we do see XIII-2 come out, would you want it to be a straight up sequel or would you like to see it take another spin like X-2 did with the dress spheres? Or should they pull a Dirge of Cerberus… or maybe not.

Source: Destructoid


Early last month, we got a look at the cover of a Game Informer mag that featured a new Tomb Raider game that showed a dirty and younger Lara Croft. While there were a few folks who were open to the new look and style, we did get the “Eww she’s dirty and looks like a man” and the “Where’s her boobs?” comments.

If you were one of those folks that complained, well, it’s time for you to shut the fuck up as the new details for the game sounds pretty damn good. Here are the details:

Lara will be 21 in this game; There will be “brutal” death tracks, including a “deranged” man stabbing Lara in the chest and a boulder trap that crushes her head; Concept art shows a bow, shotgun and pistol; Aiming is now free and not locked onto targets; The linear paths are gone, with Crystal Dynamics saying the player “can literally go any direction” and “carve [their] own way to the finish line;” There are “base camps” in the game which act as areas to combine items and improve skills, and also unlock fast traveling; You’ll need food and water to survive.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a cool adventure-survival vibe and if Crystal Dynamics does this right, we may see a proper revival of Lara Croft. If the new details don’t help, then click the jump button to check out some awesome looking pictures for the upcoming game, especially the first image since it’s a dirty and wet Lara on her knees (you know you’ve all imagined her in that position).

Source: ComicBookMovie.com



(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Final Fantasy developers Square Enix have revealed it’s first details on an all new Tomb Raider series from Crystal Dynamics. The series made famous by the now defunct Core Design is getting an upgrade in the form of a rebooted series and redesigned Lara Croft. The femme fatal of video games, movies and comic books (remember the Witchblade crossover?) will still be just as sexy as her original 1995 self but only with a more youthful appearance. Here’s the first details on this genius breakthrough series:

After a brutal storm destroys the boat she was traveling on, a frightened young woman is left washed ashore on an unknown beach. On her own but not alone she has only one goal, to survive. Here begins the first adventure for a young and inexperienced Lara Croft in a story which charts the journey of an ordinary woman who finds out just how far she must go in order to stay alive.

Darrell Gallagher, Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics had this to say about the new take on an old favorite:

“Forget everything you knew about ‘Tomb Raider,’ we are exploring things that have never been done before in this game. This is an origins story that creates Lara Croft and takes her on a character defining journey like no other.”

Sweet Jesus all mighty, start your pre-orders now people. If they want you to forget all that we knew, like the dreadful Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, then this must be big. I’m having boyhood flashbacks just thinking about the legendary false nude codes of the late 90’s. With the technology we have now, with motion capture and story telling, this could be the top selling game of the year. Suck on those berries Super Mario, all you’ve got is a mushroom that makes you bigger (video-game viagra).

The Tomb Raider worldwide debut is part of the January issue of Game Informer magazine. The cover story will feature 10 pages of exclusive material and content. The issue is available beginning today for subscribers and will be on newsstands December 11.

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