Stan Lee’s World of Heroes

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Sometimes in the world of pop and geek culture things can get stale and over dramatic. Every now and then, taking a break from the main stream can be a good thing. And in that break you may just find something new that you can grow to like. So let us introduce to you Stan Lee’s World of Heroes network. Today, their YouTube channel premiered No Hero Now, a music video from Black Mast Studios from the upcoming artist Vy Nguyen ft. Jason Chu.


You can’t believe how active he is, bouncing right in front of you and talking about a litany of projects that make a man 1/3 his age exhausted by the prospective workload.

Stan Lee doesn’t stop, he never has, and you half wonder if he ever will. Right now, the co-creator of some of Marvel’s most well known and beloved characters has set his sights on conquering viral videos, launching Stan Lee’s World of Heroes — a Youtube channel with shows from Lee, fellow comic writer Peter David, reality TV star Adrianne Curry, journalist Jenna Busch, and others.

Lee talked about why he would start a new project, his cameos, his favorite cocktail, and what he thinks of all these comic book reboots during a brief roundtable following the World of Heroes panel at New York Comic Con. Here now is that interview:

On starting a new project after all he has done:

Oh, because it’s fun. It’s not like working. Everything I do is like playing. If you think about it, I’m with glamorous people, and we’re doing things that we hope entertain other people. People seem to love what we’re doing and come over and thanks us for it. Who would ever want to give that up?

On his numerous cameos in the Marvel Movie Universe:

Those cameos, I love them. In fact I was talking to somebody who’s connected to DC and I was saying to him just before: “You’ve got to get me a cameo in a DC movie.”

On his favorite cocktail:

Anything I drink with you on Cocktails with Stan (he says to Jenna Busch). No, my favorite drink, if you mean real drink is a screwdriver, but I ask for half as much vodka as you’d normally put in it because I can go crazy with liquor.

It was at this point in the proceedings that I could see that time was winding down — Stan had a flight to catch, so I quickly asked the Fearless Leader a couple of questions of my own.

Stan, you had a hand in creating so many iconic characters, now we’re in the era of reboots. Is there any character you’d want to go back and change if you could?

Stan Lee: Yeah, there was one character I did called Diablo, a villain, and I liked the name and we were on a fast deadline and we did the story. And I can’t remember to this day what his personality was or what his deal was or what the hell he was all about. Diablo is the only character I don’t think I did a good job on.

Quick follow up: The reboots that have been going on, do you think that they’ve had a negative effect on what you and your contemporaries did?

Stan Lee: No, I think you need those reboots because you can’t keep doing the same things over. If you stop to think, even the books; every month, month after month and so many versions. It’s not just one Spider-Man book there’s I don’t know how many Spider-Man titles that come out and it’s the same thing with all of them.

You can and should check out Stan Lee’s World of Heroes on YouTube by clicking here