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When preparing this article I considered for a moment using the image of Alice Eve from the scene in question, especially because it was soooo prevalent in every aspect of the film’s promotion. But I reconsidered, because one, even if you haven’t seen Star Trek Into Darkness you know exactly what scene we’re talking about, and two, maybe if we focus on Carol as a character and Alice as a person we can all understand why the scene’s inclusion was wrong.

I’ll also preface this with saying I’ve got no qualms with scantily clad women, there’s just a time and place for it. For example, Kirk in bed with two sexy, space kittens. I’m fine with it. J.J. Abram‘s Kirk is a player, a bit of a womanizer, and those women were used in that scene to demonstrate that point. Sure, it’s a tired, overused trope, but I can forgive it. Reducing Carol Marcus, brilliant scientist and weapons specialist, to nothing more than mere eye candy? That’s distasteful, and judging from how often we were bombarded with the image of Eve in her bra and panties, it’s how they wanted us to remember her. Sexy lady, not integral member of the crew.

Thankfully, I’m not the only who thought the scene was out of place and it’s been brought to screenwriter Damon Lindeloff‘s attention. And, gratefully, his response wasn’t defensive or angry, but understanding, and hopefully means he’ll work against something like this happening in the future. Lindelof tweeted (read from bottom top),


And, in a MTV-hosted Q&A, the topic of the gratuitous underwear scene came up again, with Lindeloff responding,

Q: OK, down to the nitty gritty. I feel like I have to start with the biggest mystery/conversation that’s surrounded the film from the get go. Why is Alice Eve in her underwear at one point?

Lindeloff: Why is Alice Eve in her underwear, gratuitously and unnecessarily, without any real effort made as to why in God’s name she would undress in that circumstance? Well there’s a very good answer for that. But I’m not telling you what it is. Because… uh… MYSTERY?

Obviously, there is no good answer, which is why it’s a “mystery”. Maybe the flick’s creators were surprised to hear such outcry over this scene? That wouldn’t be all too surprising since scantily clad women with little to no effect on a film’s plot is the trend. A recent study by the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism has shown that speaking roles for women in films have reached a five-year low, with men receiving over 70% of the speaking roles. And, as if that weren’t depressing enough, over 30% of female roles are usually depicted with at least some exposed skin or wearing sexually-revealing outfits. It’s a sorry state of affairs, and I’m sad Star Trek has to be included. Especially for a franchise that’s broken countless gender and racial stereotypes over its long history.

And would things have been better had the men of the Enterprise been given equal treatment? For me? Yes. Where was the scene of Kirk, McCoy, and Sulu stripping off their wetsuits? Y’know, Enterprise may not have been very good Star Trek, but I’ll give them credit for showing the whole crew, men and women, in their skivvies while in the decontamination chamber after an away mission.

Apparently there was a shirtless scene for villain Benedict Cumberbatch, but it never made it into the film. Why’s that, Lindeloff?

As for the shirtless scene… we scripted it, but I don’t think it ever got shot. You know why? Because getting actors to take their clothes off is DEMEANING AND HORRIBLE AND…


My point, exactly.

What did you think of Eve’s revealing scene? Were you bothered by it? Did it come off as unnecessary?

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With Star Trek Into Darkness having already released over seas there’s not only plenty of buzz surrounding J.J. Abrams Star Trek sequel, but spoilers and leaked footage abound. This is a little of all three. The consensus among those who’ve already seen Into Darkness is Benedict Cumberbatch‘s He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Correctly-Named villain is a triumph. And I don’t doubt it, the man’s clearly made some kind of deal with the devil for his exquisite acting talent.

Warning, as if it weren’t already obvious, but this scene is one not released as a promotion clip so it definitely contains SPOILERS. Also, caution, auto-play.



Iron Man 3 kicked off the summer blockbuster season to a rousing start, and the next big movie coming our way is Star Trek Into Darkness. And now it’s coming a day earlier! Originally the official release date was May 17th, but now expect Into Darkness in theatres on May 16th. Of course, this only matters if you hadn’t already planned on seeing Into Darkness on May 15th when the film is releasing in IMAX 3D. And, the film’s still releasing overseas on May 9th so the single day concession isn’t all that radical of a change, but I’m sure a nice surprise to those stateside without an IMAX theatre nearby.

The earliest of Into Darkness reviews have been mostly positive, with many praising J.J. Abrams for again giving us a Star Trek film that pleases new audiences and the most die hard of fans. In the latest Star Trek Magazine Abrams discusses his approach,

I think certainly [producers] Bob [Orci], Damon [Lindelof] and Alex [Kurtzman] are in tune with what the fans are saying and what they want. While I am as well, I feel like those guys are more wired, or wireless, than I am. I feel like anecdotally I hear what certain people are saying. I came to this [franchise] as more of an outsider. I entered this world really intrigued by it, but not really a pre-existing fan. … While people were [suggesting] things, none of that really mattered much to me, because I felt I was coming from the point of the moviegoer who just wants to be entertained, understand, and care about the world and the characters.  I will say nothing matters more to us than the fans, and making sure they are getting something they love. But having said that, we can’t make a movie for pre-existing Star Trek fans, we have to make a movie for moviegoers, and if you happen to be a Star Trek fan, you’ll benefit because we are looking out for you, and we respect what you are bringing to the film.

2009′s Star Trek nailed that balance, and I’m hopeful Into Darkness does the same. Which brings us to Into Darkness‘ villain, John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch), and whether or not he’s a reference to a classicTrek villain as it was originally hinted,

We needed someone who would get under their skin, and challenge them in a way they could have never survived when they first came together. We always knew it was going to be more of an extreme story, pushing limits dramatically and emotionally. There would be more questions of who to trust, and of manipulation and difficulty, rather than just a raving, lunatic Romulan [as in the 2009 Trek]. We were going to have someone who could push the buttons of the crew, and test the mettle of their relationships. So we always knew we would go darker, deeper, and really see what it’s like for these people to experience that, and can they get through that gauntlet alive. … And ultimately, because of the story of Benedict’s character, Kirk ends up being challenged in a way that is very specific to his story. I think it ends up being something that does push Kirk to a place he’s never been before.

Cumberbatch’s performance has also been getting nothing but praise. I’m so excited to see what he’s brought to the villain, beyond all those teasers, and no matter who he’s really playing.

More Star Trek below the cut, like seven minutes of behind-the-scenes B-roll footage and another clip.

This B-roll footage is a nice treat, especially considering the film hasn’t even released yet, but I’d say those extremely wary of spoilers should avoid

And lastly, here’s another clip. It’s short and funny, and it’s good to see they haven’t dropped the humor in favor of more action.

Star Trek Into Darkness opens May 15 in IMAX 3D and in every other format, now, on May 16th.

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And then it leaves them hanging! This clip comes from one intense, action-packed moment of Star Trek Into Darkness, that’s for sure. Not only are Kirk (Chris Pine) and Scotty (Simon Pegg) running for their lives, you’ll also notice a few red shirts bite it. Gotta love their adherence to tradition.

Not sure exactly where this fits in the film, but I’ll guess it’s before the Enterprise crashes. Though, I’m gonna bet the Enterprise goes through hell more than once in Into Darkness. The USS Vengeance is a very large, very intimidating ship packing a lot of firepower, after all.

Star Trek Into Darkness releases in IMAX 3D on May 15th and in every other format May 17th.

Source: Trek Movie


Does it feel as if there’s been an explosion of Star Trek Into Darkness promotional material? It was quiet for so long with only a teaser or maybe an international trailer, and now, BOOM! There’s clips, viral videos, featurettes; you name it there’s one promoting Into Darkness. Today’s latest is another of the “Disruption” viral videos from John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) in where he examines communications officer, Lt. Uhura (Zoe Saldana). And more importantly, the video provides our very first look at the new design of the Klingons,

Did you catch it? If not, hit the jump for a screencap providing a better, clearer look at the unmasked Klingon,



If we’re not talking about Iron Man 3, Doctor Who, or Game of Thrones, the other big buzz around the Nerd Bastards’ office – yes, we have an office, it exits in the hearts and minds of every Nerd Bastard – is Star Trek Into Darkness. There is so much hype about this film, it’s almost unfathomable. Almost. Today, the Trek promotional team’s churning out more clips and featurettes continuing to pump us full of excitement.

In this first clip we see Kirk (Chris Pine) and Carol Marcus’ (Alice Eve) – or is it Carol Wallace? – very first meeting, the second video is a closer examination of Simon Pegg‘s Scotty, and lastly, the final video is another featurette giving us another look at the movie. Sit back and tune in!

Spock, do I sense a little jealousy? Hit the jump for the additional two videos.



Before the credits finished rolling at the midnight screening of 2009’s Star Trek there was already chatter about who’d be the villain in the sequel, and invariably, Khan’s name would come up. Since then, Star Trek Into Darkness has been plagued by the ‘Is he? Or isn’t he?’ question. When Benicio del Toro was rumored to be the villain the internet cried, “Yes, it’s Khan!” But once del Toro was out and the most English of Englishmen was in, it couldn’t possibly be Khan, could it?

With the very first international screenings of Into Darkness wrapping and those early reviews coming in, the true identity of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s villain is about to get out. Is he simply John Harrison, terrorist and scourge of the Federation, or something more?

What you’ll find below the cut isn’t exactly confirmation. We can’t make that claim until we’ve seen the movie ourselves, something we can’t do until May 15th when the film releases early in IMAX 3D, but an early review from Furious Fanboys reveals all. I don’t believe they’d lie, unless they’re in a competition to be crowned the trolliest of internet trolls, – which isn’t entirely out of the question, have you met the internet? – so I’m thinking their claim is legit.

Okay, tired of me filling time and space and just want to know? Hit the jump.



For the foreseeable future there is one man the nerds of the world better be paying fuckin’ homage to: J.J. Abrams. He has so much of what we hold dear in his hands! We must keep the Abrams pleased with us, otherwise he’ll ruin both Star Trek and Star Wars!

All right, it’s likely not all that dire. Abrams has already proven he can make a film almost universally applauded with his 2009 Star Trek. And from what we’ve seen and heard of Star Trek Into Darkness he’s about to do it again. Now, as long as he manages a Star Wars film better than Episodes I-III he’ll surpass being a nerd icon and become a nerd legend. Can he do it?

Playboy recently chatted with the director and lord and master of two of science fiction’s pinnacle series about what he has in mind for Star Wars Episode VII, and how his involvement in the galaxy far, far away effects his obligations to the Federation.

PLAYBOY: Nothing matters more to moviegoers than the stories and characters from Star Wars. In your wildest, geekiest fantasies, did you ever imagine yourself helming the two biggest sci-fi franchises in the universe?

ABRAMS: It is preposterous. Ridiculous. Completely insane. It really is.

PLAYBOY: Star Wars and Star Trek are church and state in Hollywood. Can you really be loyal to both? Star Trek fans cried out on Twitter that you were cheating on them.

ABRAMS: I mean, I get it. The worlds are vastly different. Honestly, that was why I passed on Star Wars to begin with. I couldn’t imagine doing both. But when I said that my loyalty was to Star Trek I was literally working on finishing this cut. I couldn’t even entertain another thought. It was like being on the most beautiful beach in the world and someone saying, “There’s this amazing mountain over here. Come take a look.” I couldn’t balance the two, so I passed on Star Wars.

‘Course, we know Abrams eventually relented and agreed to direct Episode VII. Hit the jump to learn what changed his mind.



Whoa, whoa guys. I know I was really excited to watch the first clip from Star Trek Into Darkness. I was still pretty excited for the second clip. But this new clip a day thing just might be overkill. Come on, save something for the theatre!

Oh, it’s more of a viral video thing than a clip? And features the sultry voice of Benedict Cumberbatch? Well, that’s all right then. Roll clip,

This is the second of three viral videos planned to be released in the lead up to Into Darkness‘ release. The first was a “character assassination” of Kirk (Chris Pine), and as you can see, Spock (Zachary Quinto) gets the same treatment from John Harrison in this one. Both videos hint at what sort of arcs we’ll see Kirk and Spock working through in Into Darkness – Kirk coming to grips with failure, Spock coming to grips with himself – and again, only further proof Cumberbatch should be narrating my life.

Hit the jump for a new Japanese trailer – same footage, re-edited, focuses on the manhunt, and features cool Japanese voice over – plus a beautiful, high resolution shot of Harrison’s starship, the massive USS Vengeance.



Only yesterday we saw our first clip from Star Trek Into Darkness, and today’s there’s another. And while that first clip sets up the crew dynamic, this clip is all action. It’s an extended look at a scene we’ve seen teased in the trailers and as you watch you can’t help but notice the Star Wars influence all over.

Kirk is Han Solo, basically, so who does that make Spock? Chewie? I don’t know. Anyway, I believe this clip combined with yesterday’s sneak peak give a very good impression of Into Darkness. There’s a sense of camaraderie and adventure, just what I want out of Star Trek. What have you thought about the two clips we’ve seen so far?

Also, interesting to note none of these clips have featured John Harrison, hmm? Where he does show up is in these seven new character posters. Check ’em out in gallery below,

Star Trek Into Darkness release in IMAX 3D on May 15th and in every other format May 17th.

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