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Remember when we earnestly rejoicing when it sounded like Joe Cornish might be behind the lens for the third Star Trek movie? Ah, the good ol’ days of…two months ago?

Then, just a few weeks ago, it was reported that writer/producer Roberto Orci was lobbying for the director’s chair for the as-of-yet untitled, Abrams-less installment. Today, Deadline is reporting that Orci has entered negotiations with Skydance Productions and Paramount to helm the film and is the frontrunner for the position.

Quoth Gary ‘Jonesy’ Jones: “I’m filing this in the “Who Gives A Shit” section of my Memory Warehouse.”


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There’s already plenty of speculation concerning what’s going on with the inevitable third installment of the Star Trek reboot.  So far, J.J. Abrams’ involvement is somewhat of a mystery, given that he’s supposed to be doing the new Star Wars flick.  But one thing is almost certain, and that’s the return of a couple of alumni writers to pen the script for Star Trek III.

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci look like they’re both coming back.  They wrote the first one back in 2009 and did their fair share on the second, so they might as well return for the third, right?  It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing the return of Damon Lindelof, however, a fact that may actually cause more happiness than grief among Star Trek fans.

The two are currently in negotiations, no doubt trying to milk it for what it’s worth, so there’s still a chance they might bolt, but it’s not likely.  The upcoming Star Trek III is a big one as well, being as how 2016, the proposed release year, also happens to be the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise.  No pressure at all, Kurtzman and Orci, really.  Just don’t fuck it up or you’ll have mobs of angry Trekkies burning your houses down and pissing on the ashes.

So what does the peanut gallery thinks about all this?  Are these two up to the task of ringing in the 50th?  Or are we going to see rivers of blood?


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.