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Enterprise D Comes to VR

Star Trek: Bridge Crew has been one of the most well-received VR games yet. GamesRadar ranked it 25th on their list of the best games of 2017.  While it wasn’t the commercial success that Ubisoft hoped it would be, it still has the company’s support as Ubisoft has announced Star Trek: Bridge Crew – The Next Generation, a new expansion for its co-op multiplayer experience. (more…)

George Takei Talks Cameos

J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot storyline pretty much put the kibosh on any further cameos from the original cast besides Leonard Nimoy’s “Old Spock” by simply changing the timeline and replacing with a younger cast. 

Now even though most of us came to understand that simple fact, there was always the hope that one of the original cast could play another part, maybe an older relative of their original character or a new character altogether.

We all kinda liked the thought of seeing those beloved original Trek actors make some kind of appearance in the next Trek movie and/or the next one after that.

That’s not gonna happen.

George Takei, the origianl Hikaru Sulu on TOS and in six feature films, has always been vocal about Star Trek and it’s various incarnations is letting everyone know what he thinks about J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot and the possibility of any future cameos:

“I thought it was a terrific movie. It really had pace, and rhythm and action, and it had to be done with a younger cast. All of that running in the corridor, I can’t imagine Bill Shatner running.
Leonard (Nimoy) made a cameo in the first one, and I thought they would include the still-living one of us in the subsequent ones, but I think they made a policy decision they’re going to try to get away from that confusion, and the story track of bringing an old ancient Spock back.”

“So they don’t have any cameos for any of us in the next one, and from what I understand, should there be another J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie (beyond the one currently being filmed), it will be without any of us.”

Now this doesn’t mean that there might not be cameos from some of the other actors involved in the Star Trek Universe. Don’t forget that Scott Bakula of Star Trek: Enterprise was directly referenced in the 2009 reboot. A cameo from Admiral Archer would make good sense. Another might be Star Trek: Next Generation’s Brent Spiner as Arik Soong (Data’s creator), That would be a nice nod to the fans of Next Gen.

What cameos would you like to see? This NerdBastard is hoping for a visit from none other than Sparks McGee . . . 


You look out the window and see the night sky is an interesting kaleidoscope of purple, gold, and green; the dark swirling clouds threaten storms of untold proportions. An alien mother ship hangs ominously over the burning city in the distance, spewing laser beams and attack crafts to the ground. The zombies outside beat a steady rhythm on your front door…wait a minute, is that Betty White? In the next room the TV anchor is droning on about the meteor headed toward earth bound for impact in eight days; as if it mattered. You grab the remote and flip through the channels, the meteor . . . zombies . . . aliens . . . man-eating frogs . . . zombies . . . Jersey Shore . . . meteor . . . tornadoes . . . some kind of western about four weird guys on horses . . . yeah, nothing on, at least that much hasn’t changed.

Not much else to do but go nail another board over that window, grab your baseball bat, a bottle of Tequila, your favorite snacks, and watch:

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