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Whether you like his politics or not, President Barack Obama is a unique president. OK, let’s get the obvious one out the way, he’s black. However, another unique feature that he has that not many presidents have had, is that he’s the first “millennial” president. He uses social media, he listens to current pop music, and he’s a loud and proud nerd.



We’ve had to settle for that blurry image above from the 6 seconds of Star Trek Into Darkness that J.J. Abrams trotted out a few months ago. Now we’ve got another small piece of the puzzle. The official website of the upcoming J.J. Abrams‘ movie Star Trek Into Darkness went live yesterday with the image of the first movie poster after the jump.


“He’s dead Jim.”

Most of you will recognize at least one of the two names, John Scalzi and Jonathan Coulton. One is a fantastic Science Fiction writer / commentator and the other is a terrifically nerdy musician, put the two together then add a creative pinch of Star Trek fan Trekpropguy and you get the wonderful video below. It all started with Scalzi’s new book Redshirts. Scalzi then got Coulton involved.

Coulton explained on his blog site:

“A while ago John Scalzi, one of my favorite sci-fi authors (and a pal as well) asked if I would write a theme song for his new novel, Redshirts. I said yes, mostly so I could get a chance to read it. You can read about and listen to what happened next and listen to the song over at as of this morning. You can also check out the whole series of chats about other sci-fi-themed songs of mine that John and I did leading up to today. I’ll be putting Redshirt up in my store soon, and the band and I will be playing it on our June tour. Hooray!”

Then Trekpropguy heard the song and:

“This video was made in tribute to an awesome new song from Jonathan Coulton called “Redshirt” After the song stuck in my head for several days, I decided to make a video using clips from Star Trek to go with the music. I think I did pretty well. No copyright infringement was intended. All these clips were used from clips available on Youtube. Feel free to share, comment, embed, just don’t modify the video!”

Blend the three together and you get Musical Star Trek magic n a bottle. This NerdeBastard has been a long time fan of Scalzi’s writing and Coulton’s music. This merger of the two has made my day. I’m gonna watch it again once I get this dust out of my eyes . . .

There is a bonus video as well. You see, Scalzi has been learning to play the Ukelele. Who better to perform the first Internet Ukelele cover of “Redshirts” than the author of the book? He’s pretty damn good for an amateur.

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56 Channels & All Of Star Trek TOS Is On

YouTube user twilight1138 is one of those creative nerds with lots of time on his hands. Not satisfied with the “Single Episode” experience of watching Star Trek, twilight1138 smashed all 56 episodes of the first two seasons of Star Trek (TOS) onto one screen, playing simultaneously with sound!

It’s like being in a crowed Star Trek Mall with voices all around you. Could this be what schizophrenia feels like?

You have to watch,

some small corner of your brain must know . . .

is there ever a time,

when all the screens show the same image?

George Takei Talks Cameos

J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot storyline pretty much put the kibosh on any further cameos from the original cast besides Leonard Nimoy’s “Old Spock” by simply changing the timeline and replacing with a younger cast. 

Now even though most of us came to understand that simple fact, there was always the hope that one of the original cast could play another part, maybe an older relative of their original character or a new character altogether.

We all kinda liked the thought of seeing those beloved original Trek actors make some kind of appearance in the next Trek movie and/or the next one after that.

That’s not gonna happen.

George Takei, the origianl Hikaru Sulu on TOS and in six feature films, has always been vocal about Star Trek and it’s various incarnations is letting everyone know what he thinks about J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot and the possibility of any future cameos:

“I thought it was a terrific movie. It really had pace, and rhythm and action, and it had to be done with a younger cast. All of that running in the corridor, I can’t imagine Bill Shatner running.
Leonard (Nimoy) made a cameo in the first one, and I thought they would include the still-living one of us in the subsequent ones, but I think they made a policy decision they’re going to try to get away from that confusion, and the story track of bringing an old ancient Spock back.”

“So they don’t have any cameos for any of us in the next one, and from what I understand, should there be another J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie (beyond the one currently being filmed), it will be without any of us.”

Now this doesn’t mean that there might not be cameos from some of the other actors involved in the Star Trek Universe. Don’t forget that Scott Bakula of Star Trek: Enterprise was directly referenced in the 2009 reboot. A cameo from Admiral Archer would make good sense. Another might be Star Trek: Next Generation’s Brent Spiner as Arik Soong (Data’s creator), That would be a nice nod to the fans of Next Gen.

What cameos would you like to see? This NerdBastard is hoping for a visit from none other than Sparks McGee . . .