Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens


With the pending release of the 3D Collector’s Edition of Star Wars: The Force Awakens we’ve already had one revelation and it was about Kylo Ren’s character defining scene in the film thanks to a preview of the commentary by director J.J. Abrams. Now, in a new preview, Abrams is offering a glimpse behind the scenes of a key moment for Ren’s equal and opposite, the heroic Rey played by Daisy Ridley. You’ll of course recall the moment in the film where Rey’s finds an important artifact from the past, which led to a little self-discovery for the Jakku scavenger, but as Abrams explains, there was an art to getting that “Forceback” just right. (more…)


One thing about The Force Awakens that Original Trilogy fans wanted more of, was our favorite Wookie Chewbacca. He and Han Solo came back to help Finn and Rey fight the First Order, showing them the ropes in a “passing the torch” fashion. However, most of the grunt work was performed by Han and he’s the leader of the two. Fans weren’t too happy when Leia hugged Rey instead of Chewie either. Rest assured fans, Star Wars has some Chewbacca action that was unfortunately left on the cutting room floor.



Almost a year after its release, we’re still talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It changed our lives! It made us believe in Star Wars again! It became another cash cow for Disney! (Good thing too because that company’s been suffering from just regular profits for years, and not super profits.) Taking a page from the Book of Lucas, Disney will be double-dipping for fan dollars next month with the release of the 3D Collector’s Edition of The Force Awakens, but it that there is some insight. Director J.J. Abrams, during his commentary, lends some personal insight into what maybe the most pivotal scene in the entire sequel trilogy. (more…)


In The Force Awakens, audiences are first introduced to Rey’s home world of Jakku. Because it is similar to the desert planet of Tatooine from A New Hope, it took a few moments for us to realize that this was a completely different world. One key difference noted is that the planet is littered with remains of a grand battle between the Rebellion and The Empire. Thanks to The Force Awakens companion novels, we know that the final battle of the Galactic Civil War ended on this planet and it is known as “The Battle of Jakku” where the Rebellion Finally defeated The Empire.


Arguably one of the most shocking moments from Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens was the heartbreaking revelation that one of the galaxies most cherished romances, the star-crossed love between Han Solo and Leia Organa , had come to an end (off screen no less!) Ok, maybe not as shocking as Kylo Ren, the movie’s big black cloaked emo bad guy, being their son or his eventual patricide (we can openly talk about Han Solo being killed in the movie, right? The statute of limitations on it as a spoiler has to be up and besides, talking about it will help us all heal…)

Nearly a year after the film’s release fans are still left to wonder what ended the marriage between a smuggler and a princess general. Well, wonder no more! This weekend at the Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo, headlining guest Carrie Fisher revealed the root cause of the relationships demise to a packed house. When asked what lead to the termination of their marital alliance, Fisher gave this (most likely non-canon) explanation: (more…)


So we’ve put Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the rearview, and we’re are now looking forward to Rogue One, and Episode VIII. The film made almost a billion dollars in North America, which is a pretty good indicator of success, and even though a lot of people latched on to the idea that The Force Awakens was an imitation of A New Hope, they nonetheless embraced it for bringing back the energy and excitement of the franchise even if the originality was lost. You know who respectfully disagrees though, James Cameron. Recently, Cameron took a break from eternally developing a great number of Avatar sequels to talk about someone else’s work. (more…)


Ten years after George Lucas directed the last installment of the Star Wars prequels, Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, a still untitled film, needed a director. It couldn’t just be any director either, this one needed to set the tone for the return of the beloved franchise. Unlike the previous Star Wars films, Episode VII, for better or worse depending on who you ask, no longer had its creator at the helm. LucasFilm made the decision and entrusted the responsibility of directing Star Wars VII to none other than Star Trek director J.J. Abrams.  How exactly did Abrams come to sit in the director’s chair, and end up producing the Star Wars movies that would follow? The answer comes from… Mr. Steven Spielberg.



When the newest iteration of the Star Wars: Battlefront  video game came in 2015, it was a certified hit. Of course, everyone remembers the commercials with everyone “force-ghosting” into the video game, but it took the industry on by storm this past year. The video game sold more than 14 million copies and went on to be the 4th best-selling video game in 2015. Thanks to downloadable content and expansion packs for the game it continues to be a top seller. With such a massive success on their hands, it’s almost a no-brainer that Electronic Arts (EA) would make a sequel to this game.


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Let’s make something clear: Of all the complaints and grievances that have been fired at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren should not be one of them. The films titular villain has been criticized for being weak and whiny (and that’s using less colorful language/speech than what one would see in Internet comment sections). He is anything but those things.  A very powerful force user able to stop and freeze blaster shots mid-air, Kylo can also use the force to pilfer thoughts and information from weaker minds. In his personal chambers, he has a resting spot for his helmet… a mound of ashes from those that he’s killed. He took a direct blast in the gut from Chewie’s bolo (a shot that had been shown to easily kill Stormtroopers) and still managed to fight off two attackers. And do we really need to say what he did to his own father?

For those that have recognized and accepted Kylo Ren as the new villainous force (no pun intended) in the Star Wars Universe, there are many toys and merchandise available for which to purchase, collect, and cherish (head to Toys R Us, you’ll see em’). None perhaps as spectacular as the 1/6th scale Kylo Ren figure from Hot Toys Star Wars line. Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles, NB was given a sample to review. Unlike Mark Hamill at the end of Force Awakens, we’re gonna do more than stare at it intensely. A slew of pictures, honest thoughts, and at least one joke about actor Adam Driver’s ears will, in fact, follow. (more…)

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Okay let’s play a game. Name this film… There is a war taking place in a galaxy far, far away. A small  droid that interacts exclusively in beeps and boops. An antagonist with a respiratory problem. The  rugged hero. Unassumingly innocent protagonist. A big moon (or space station.) A plan to destroy the  space station (or moon.) Red and yellow targeting system. One sweet shot. Sound familiar? If you  said Star Wars IV: A New Hope or Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens you would be right. JJ Abrams  has been under some criticism for the similarities between the two films that open up separate  sections of the saga. The question is, are these similarities justified or just lazy? (more…)